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Breakouts at any age are a bloody pain in the backside but at 49 … I’m like Jeez Mother Nature give us a break !

I can’t actually remember a time when I had spot-free skin. They have plagued me all my life.

I had acne quite late on in life ; during my early twenties. My doctor at the time put me on the pill because it was proven to help with this type of acne [ cystic ] I never got to find out if it did or didn’t help .

The pill played havoc with my hormones and sent me slightly bonkers. My dad said I was like the ‘work of the devil ‘ ! For my sanity and everyone else’s safety I came off them. I decided people could live with spotty Tracey , but Tracey who wanted to kill everyone … maybe not so much!

Before I start it is worth remembering that what works for me might not necessarily work for you. I have sensitive, combination skin that’s prone to breakouts and I’m 49.

Here are some of the essential products I reach for when the old skin decides to play up . Products that I find work for me.

As I write this to you today I am currently Spot free [touches wood and hallelujahs at the same time ]

Acnecide Spot Cream

Acnecide was recommended by another doctor when my acne was still evident but not as active. Not the same doctor who put me on the pill … I’d lost trust in him!

He advised me it was the only product he could recommend that didn’t need a prescription, one I could buy over the counter that he felt worked. He didn’t believe my breakouts warranted prescription drugs.

I usually purchase mine from Boots, but it’s also available from Superdrug.

I have on occasion got carried away and applied too much. It is very drying and can leave you with dry , flaky , tight skin – so use sparingly to avoid this.

Medik8 Blemish SOS – 5ml sample size part of discovery kit

During lockdown I ran out of the above and wasn’t prepared to venture to Boots to re-stock . Browsing online and after reading great reports I ordered some bits and pieces from Medik8.

It gets a lot of love from the Instagram skincare community so thought it was worth a shot.

Blemish SOS is REALLY good. They describe it as a rapid action target gel . I’ve found it is not as drying as the Acnecide. I’d go as far as to say I prefer it for that reason and because it seems to act on lumps and bumps quicker, without the dry flaky skin.

You apply to dry, clean skin morning and evening and leave to dry . It does tingle slightly on application which is normal.

I received the Blemish SOS in an introductory kit which included 3 sample sizes for £25.00. I always try to do this with a new product/ brand , to see whether it works for me. I have wasted so much money in the past on products that just didn’t suit or work for me. If you can try and do the same , it will save you £££’s in the long run.

Always ask at beauty counters for samples – most are obliging. The days of stuffy , unapproachable beauty counter assistants are thankfully over !

Medik8 Clarifying Foam – 40ml sample size part of discovery set

This is a no frills cleanser.

Deep cleansing, antibacterial and lightly exfoliating. It smells quite clinical but I don’t mind that. If you are after a relaxing , luxurious, sweet smelling cleanse you’ll not get that with this.

My skin feels extremely clean but not overly dry which I have experienced with cleansers of this vein in the past.

Dalton Marine Cosmetics – Oyster Skin Balance Mask *

Before I continue and for total transparency I am currently working with Dalton on an #AD campaign over on Instagram. I would however NEVER recommend a brand just because I was getting paid to promote it [ I have not been asked to write this post and I am not getting paid for doing so ]

I would rather turn down an opportunity than rave about something that was rubbish. Pennies are precious especially at the moment with the pandemic and people not working, being made redundant and losing their jobs.

I have been using a range of products by Dalton Marine for the past 2 months.

Please be wary of people [ especially influencers!] who rave about a product after a few days. It takes atleast 4-6 weeks to get the benefits from your skincare and see results … or not see results as the case maybe.

I have been using this mask twice a week for the past month. I absolutely love it. It is an anti-inflammatory Face Mask for Blemish-Prone and Combination Skin.

It has a thick, blue-grey consistency that has a pleasant scent. I apply to my face and neck and leave for 15 minutes before removing with a warm cloth. It tingles slightly on first application but this soon subsides and is normal.

Once removed my skin feels wonderful, it feels thoroughly cleansed without any dryness. It cleanses the skin pore-deep and helps prevent the appearance of blemishes and inflammation. It has definitely made a difference to my complexion. I have hardly experienced any new spots over this period and any I had felt ‘calmer’ and any redness diminished slightly.

Marie Reynolds London – Restore

This mask is AMAZING . It is slightly on the expensive side at £68.00 but you will get around 19 applications.

Anti bacterial, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating & brightening. It is just a wonder mask. You’ll find that it is sold out a lot of the time and I can see why.

I have previously reviewed it HERE [when it was called Dermabiome]

Dalton Marine Cosmetics – Oyster Skin Balance Pipette Concentrate *

Mattifying Anti-Aging Concentrate to reduce pores.

I apply this in the morning by patting onto dry cleansed skin. It is mattifying and helps prevent shine. It just leaves my skin feeling lovely and moisturised but like I said previously without the shine.

I do not layer many products because I find it can make my skin feel over-loaded and leads to congestion. I apply my spot cream [if required ] and leave to dry. I then apply this concentrate and maybe follow with a moisturiser depending on how my skin is feeling on that day and that is it. Less is more in my humble opinion.

Just because everyone else is applying 67 layers doesn’t mean you have too. You do you and do what works for YOU.

Gua Sha *

Gua Sha works with the epidermis and dermal layers underneath, it has the potential to help clear chronic blackheads, whiteheads, and prevent hormonal breakouts.

You can use on your acne/spots as long as the skin is not broken. I had a few bad breakouts on my chin and after watching a tutorial on Instagram found it was great to calm any inflammation.

You place the Gua Sha in ice water for a minute then hold the flat side on the breakout for a minute or two. It works ! Please remember to never use your Gua Sha over broken skin or pustules as it will aggravate and make the breakout worse.

Drink Water

It helps rid the body and skin of toxins and plumps the skin. I guess not everyone will agree whether it helps or not, but it certainly can’t hurt. I don’t know about you but I always feel better when I am fully hydrated.

So there you have it the products and procedures I feel are making a difference at the moment. I think it is important to remember that things take time and there are no overnight miracle cures … but by using the right products you will start to see results.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any fabulous blemish busting product recommendations ; I am always keen to try new products.

Until next time,

Tracey x

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