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I’m sat on my bed, my 4th, maybe my 5th coffee is on the go … and my second outfit . Let’s just say the weather put play to my first one. I’m listening to David Bowie and the heavy rain that is pelting against my window. Today June feels more like October [ sigh ]

I’m giggling because earlier , at the ripe old age of 49 , I discovered Penguins have knees. Who knew eh? I thought that was the reason they shuffled – because they didn’t have any [ knees] and they couldn’t bend their legs. Sounds a bit silly when I think about it!

I should be in Lisbon right now with my lady-friends . A long weekend of fun, frolics and exploring a new city had been carefully planned …. the Universe however and the ‘shit show’ that is 2020 had other ideas. Sheffield in the rain it is then!

I’m mourning that I’ve come to the end of ‘Vampire Diaries‘ all 8 glorious seasons. I wonder what I’ll do without my Salvatore brother fix on an evening. Pure unadulterated escapism of the sexy vampire kind. I’m trying to get into ‘ The Originals‘ but you know … it’s lacking some Damon and Stephan action

After a week of soul searching and education … I have amongst others things been questioning where my blog is heading and what I actually have to offer the reader ? Truth be told after the last few weeks, the events un-folding in America following the awful death of George Floyd and the important message the Black Lives Matter movement has been sending across the world … my little space felt very irrelevant.

I’ve questioned a lot including what am I passionate about ? Where am I going ? What makes me tick ? I’ve taken myself right back to when Liz and I first set up the NFD and pondered these questions ?

Irrelevant or not , the answer was quite simple ; we both wanted to amplify the voices of the 40 plus’s, document that life didn’t have to stop once you hit the big 4-0.

As I approached my 40th birthday I can remember SO very many people [ mainly the men I worked with at the time ] jokingly telling me my life as I knew it was over … that I actually started believing it might be. A life of twin set & pearls, hot sweats and knitting awaited me. I never had any attention of quietly fading into the background . Life was for living no matter what your age.

As I reach the next milestone 50 later in the year it has given me the kick up the arse / reminder / boost that I need to carry on; highlighting the highs and lows. Showcase life in my 50’s doing what I love best – writing… and living a full life. Something my mum had been a big advocate of . She never let her age stop her doing anything she wanted.

We are still relevant [ even if others don’t agree & wish us to feel otherwise ] and we aren’t going anywhere quietly. It’ll not be ground-breaking reading just my random musings, a little more of my grief journey, style, beauty with a hint of travel . It will be an honest account about aging and how we are seen … or not seen as the case may be. I’ll have to change the blog name and Liz is no longer around but apart from that it’s … all Systems go

So that’s my little life update over and a summary of what’s been going around in that tiny head of mine . Today I’m going to share with you 3 small independent jewellery brands I have discovered on Instagram.

I love my jewellery as much or maybe a little more than my beloved Freddo Frog chocolate bars . I swear I’m half human – half magpie , especially in the summer months when my skins slightly tanned and there’s lots of skin on show. I Layer the necklaces & stack the arm candy. Bling-tastic

Just an average day below … oh how fabulous they would have looked in the Lisbon sunshine !

She never looked nice . She looked like art and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something ” – Rainbow Rowell

Lipstick – ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ by M.A.C co-ordinates perfectly with my recent purchase Top Shop dress * aff link*

You never really know a person until you’ve seen their jewellery


Handmade meaningful jewellery made to order

I purchased the beaded necklace that I’m wearing in these photos a few weeks ago; it’s perfect for layering and screams summer . As a way of a saying thankyou [for the mention on my various social media which I was never asked to do – I just share good finds ] Emma then gifted me the ‘LOVE’ bracelet.

What can I say … I love it. It’s the perfect addition to my ever increasing stack. I say ever increasing a few years ago it was half way up arm. I seem to lose bracelets like I lose pens !

Beautiful pieces at very affordable prices.


Boho inspired jewellery

Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique ” Elizabeth Taylor

The rainbow bracelet that I wear everyday without fail [above] was gifted to me by Wish Jewellery . 25% of the proceeds of each bracelet was / will be donated to the NHS Charities ‘Together Fund‘ . To date they have raised over 2 thousand pounds which I think you’ll agree is pretty amazing

The bracelet is colourful, fun and for a good cause.


Hand-crafted jewellery , cards & gifts

Helen takes old / preloved /unwanted pieces of jewellery to make into new items of jewellery. I guess you could say she breathes new life into old pieces AND I love that concept !

Wearing my pink earrings above that were gifted to me last year. I wear them loads but my hairs so unruly at the moment you rarely get to see my ears !

If you like quirky jewellery , she’s the lady for you . Una the unicorn [below] is one of her latest pieces

Jewellery balances a woman’s outfit and completes her style ” Elisabetta de Simones Niquesa

So there you have it , please pop across and show them all some love .

I’ve not been asked to write this but I’m sure as small independent brands they will appreciate it and you never know you may find something utterly divine that makes you heart sing

Until next time ,

Tracey x

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