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I’m sat on my bed, my 4th, maybe my 5th coffee is on the go … and my second outfit . Let’s just say the weather put play to my first one. I’m listening to David Bowie and the heavy rain that is pelting against my window. Today June feels more like October [ sigh ]

I’m giggling because earlier , at the ripe old age of 49 , I discovered Penguins have knees. Who knew eh? I thought that was the reason they shuffled – because they didn’t have any [ knees] and they couldn’t bend their legs. Sounds a bit silly when I think about it!

I should be in Lisbon right now with my lady-friends . A long weekend of fun, frolics and exploring a new city had been carefully planned …. the Universe however and the ‘shit show’ that is 2020 had other ideas. Sheffield in the rain it is then! Continue reading

Gone … but not forgotten. Mums cancer journey

I’ve ‘hummed and arrhhed’ about posting this for fear of offending people , for fear of coming across depressive. I’m not here to conform, and it is just my thoughts, my musings of the last few months.

I braved it and hit publish.

* * * * * * * *’

As regular readers  will be aware my mum died on July 10th 2017.

The official cause of death Endometrioid Carcinoma of the Upper Vagina and end stage Kidney Disease. 

I was there as she took her last breath.

Just like that … after 2 weeks in palliative care she gave up the good fight.

It took me a while to be able to say it and not feel terrible… but it was a relief.

To see somebody you love who had always been so active –  bed-bound and in pain, with no prospect of getting better is gut-wrenching. The helplessness you feel, the aching, the love, the anger, the sadness … it a real mix of emotion, it’s confusing.

It caused me anxiety, sleepless nights and pangs of guilt. Continue reading

This weeks favs and a fitness update …

This post is brought to you by aching limbs – legs, arms and oh my back  … Basically an aching body!

Saturday’s Boot Camp has almost … but not quite finished me off.

My bodies no doubt in shock …what with the ‘Pretty Muddy’ 5k (that’s 3 and a bit miles!) that I ran a couple of weeks ago and then this!

For the past few days I’ve been walking around in what can only be described as  ‘crab-fashion’.

I get some form of relief when I lay down and stretch. I’m talking really stretching.  It feels wonderful.

I’ve been laying down a lot… and stretching.

Despite my body feeling like it’s been through the mill and I’ve  discovered muscles I never knew I had…I actually enjoyed it.

Yes I did just say that!

The 45 minute workout consisted of a series of repetitive exercise. Squats, side lunges , bench presses etc. We did each one for a minute then moved into the next, before resting and then starting the routine all over again.

It doesn’t sound very tasking but it blinking was. I was flaking towards the end but managed to complete the session.

I intend to do a mini work-out once or twice a week using the same exercises plus a few of my own. The great thing is I can do them while I’m watching the telly!

I recon my body will just about be good to go for the next session this Saturday!

As for my diet … well I’m trying to eat healthy but it’s not going so well.

I’m starting each day with a healthy (ish) banana smoothie – banana, Alpro yoghurt, honey, small dolap of peanut butter, a collagen shot , a cod liver oil tablet and a dash of milk – but after that it’s been going slightly pear-shaped.

This has kind of been happening a lot  …


I am cutting down mind, if only slightly. I’ve had no cake or chocolate for days. This may sound like no great feat  … but it is for me. Continue reading