B E A U T Y | with Rebecca Elsdon Advanced Skincare

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while with me you will know I love skincare and beauty.

You will also know that I had acne in my early 20’s which has left me with some scarring and hypo-pigmentation. ‘Bug-bears’ I have been trying to improve over the years!

I’ve had lots of treatments from derma roller to TCA peels to lazer but always with the words of a not so tactful therapist lingering in the back of my mind ‘we can’t perform miracles!‘ I’m not daft , a scar is a scar, skin that’s lost pigmentation will never regain it BUT I do believe that with lots of care, with the correct treatments and products you can improve your skins appearance.

So with that in mind and after discovering and talking on Instagram I made an appointment for a consultation with Rebecca Elsdon Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics’s and I couldn’t have been more excited.

I love visiting a new beauty therapist, to see what they advise and the treatments that they offer. Like I said skincare fascinates me and I LOVE a new procedure

Rebecca is situated in Sheffield , just off Ecclesall Road South. It took me just under an hour to drive across town from my house. This was mainly due to the bad weather combined with Monday morning traffic ; factors I had not thrown into the equation. According to my sat-nav it should only have taken 26 minutes.

I arrived late .

I hate being late !!

The ‘salon’ is beautiful , very surine and relaxed. Rebecca is very friendly and made me feel very much at home.

After filling in a questionnaire detailing diet, lifestyle and skin concerns etc. I was taken into the treatment room for a more thorough assessment and a look at my skin in more detail.

My face was cleansed and thoroughly examined under the ‘microscope’ type machine [ I’m sure it’s not called that but you get my drift !]. This always makes me nervous

It may sound alien to you ,especially if you have good skin but I found that having acne made me feel ashamed at times . It’s crazy but when I was younger I often found myself apologising ; apologising that I had, and for my spots. Over the years and after not being so hard on myself I don’t feel this way [ so much ]

So the main things I can take from the consultation ;

On a positive I am aging well. I am 49 and have a few fine lines on my forehead and a couple of broken capillaries around my nose. My hydration levels are good but could be a little better. More water T!

On a negative [but it’s not the end of the world] I have some enlarged pores, scarring and hypo-pigmentation around my jawline which I was already aware of. These are the factors we are going to concentrate on . Try and improve – the look and texture of my skin.

Rebecca has recommended a Bespoke Level 2 course of light chemical peels [ one a month ] followed by microneedling.

I will receive a full in-depth report detailing what we spoke about today and the products and treatments she advises within the next few days.

As a lovely treat Rebecca then have me a complimentary peel. I know how lucky am I !

I love being pampered and unlike any peel I have experienced before it didn’t feel uncomfortable and hot . It was in-fact very relaxing, I could have fallen asleep … if I didn’t have verbal diarrhoea and kept asking questions that is!

I left with my skin feeling extremely clean, no redness and a little Alumier Post Procedure Prescription kit to keep up ‘my glow’ and protect my skin over the next week.

I have booked in for another peel in a few weeks time and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the results.

I’ll be sure to take you with me !

Rebecca can be found on Instagram @rebeccaelsdonadvancedskin

As a rough guide – consultations take around 1/2 hour and cost £15 [ which is deducted if you proceed with a booking ]

Treatments start from £60 which are all tailored around your needs and concerns.

There is adequate off-road parking

Until next time,

Tracey x

* Today’s consultation and treatment were complimentary*

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