M U S I N G S | what do you really want for Christmas?

If I asked you the question …

What do you want for Christmasreally , really want ? ”

Let’s assume that nothing was out of bounds and money was no object , you can have whatever your heart desires.

What would you choose ?

And I want honesty here. You can have 3 things … no refunds allowed… tell me what would they be? The first 3 things that spring into your mind.

Bradley Cooper x 3 please. Joking aside …[ disclaimer : I wasn’t actually joking ] Would you choose designer clothes, shoes and handbags, to travel the world , a new house, a new car, a camel maybe? Or would it be something as simple as a new job, world peace [ which categorically isn’t simple ] or to stop people whinging on about algorithms on Instagram . I’m not sure what’s more boring that or bloody Brexit?

Each to their own but I have never been bothered about designer gear myself. I currently don’t own anything remotely ‘designer’ apart from a very good fake Micheal Kors cross-body bag that cost 5 euros from a ‘lucky-lucky’ man several years ago in Spain. I didn’t want it but the bag I had with me broke [ zip and strap fell off – I bet designer bags don’t do that! ] It was ideal, cheap and the only solution.

I would absolutely love to travel more , the worlds such a massive place and I have so much I want to see . I’ve only seen a tiny fraction of it. David Attenborough gives me life, makes me yearn to experience new places and cultures.

Since my mum died and my world turned on it’s head I’ve not travelled as much as I would like.

I’d definitely be up for receiving a little place in St Tropez . Nothing fancy but I’d like a balcony with a sea view please , that would also mean I could eat & drink alfresco. I love it there. My happy place. I have fond memories of family holidays & when I was old enough drunk-fuelled weekends with my girlfriends.

Summers spent in France sound like bliss. I could happily while away the hours drinking coffee, munching on delicate, chocolate loaded pastries, people watching. I could eventually retire their; join the little old men painting in the harbour.

I love my house, it’s only small, but it is big enough for the 2 adults and 2 animals . There is a garden but again it’s not overtly large. I’d like to upgrade to somewhere a little more private with a field for Mollie and Frankie to run around in and a vegetable patch for me where I could grow my own produce … with wild flowers for the bees. Oh and maybe a pot bellied pig, Ive always wanted a pot bellied friend. Giving it all the ‘Good Life’ vibes.

So , so far as choices I’ve plumped for a place in St Tropez and a house with a bigger garden over here … gosh I’m exciting!

I guess there are loads more things I’d love to be gifted but these were the first things that sprung to mind [along with Bradley ] and those were the rules!

While I was thinking / compiling this list the one thing that kept popping into my head over and over … was family; especially my beautiful mum.

Christmas still remains a tricky time for me. I’ve not entertained it for the past few years ; I’ve dreaded it in fact. It’s been a non-event that I couldn’t wait to end.

This year I’m feeling a little more excited by it. Not a lot … but it’s progress of sorts.

I guess the one thing that would make it perfect ; the greatest gift of all would be to have my mum back, my 2 nana’s and my grandad … even if it was just for Christmas Day.

When it comes down to it somethings are way more important and precious than material things.

Somethings are also impossible no matter how much we wish and long for them.

Somethings you just can’t buy…

I guess the moral of this blog post [which I’ve realised myself as I’m typing away] is that one of the greatest gifts we have are our precious memories 💕 we live, love, cry and laugh. Everyday we have the beautiful ‘gift’ ; the opportunity to make somebodies day. To contribute to and feature in their memories.

Now that’s what I call a gift !

The gift of giving …

Tracey x

Please tell me below what your 3 gifts you would love to receive; the first ones that spring to mind. I’d love to read all about them.

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For disclosure purposes and though not related to the post the bed featured in the photos was gifted by Sealy Beds