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I look at my squares over on Instagram , and I look , scroll and admire alot of other peoples. Its hard to not compare & to think everybody else’s lives look way more exciting than mine .

Still after all these years [ 7 if you are asking ] I’ve not yet hit the 15k mark. Over 3,000 random squares with no specific theme. I like to think I’m relatable, though I’m not so sure how many 48 [ almost 49 ] year old women prance around their gardens and stand posing like a plonker against a white wall. I share my arty product shots that I arrange on my coffee table in front of the TV because I like to think I work for a magazine. I sing in my car on stories, because I sing constantly in my car in ‘real’ life.

It’s very samey, very normal everyday life with a little bit of magic [London fashion week, M.A.C launch parties, and meeting celebrity chefs.] thrown in every now and again.

I didn’t start this account to make anybody feel bad about themselves [ I needn’t worry I doubt anybody looking at mine does ] AND I certainly didn’t join Instagram to feel crap about myself.

I have to admit in the past I’ve had my wobbles. I’ve worried about numbers, whether people liked me and yep I’ve felt crap about myself . Comparison really is the thief of joy!

I started my account many, many years ago as most people did back then as a creative outlet to share my photos of everyday life which mainly included my cats , me wearing daft hats , coffee shots and what I’d had for my tea! It ran alongside my blog and it was light-hearted FUN. When mum died it offered much needed escapism.

Recently I’ve noticed that it’s not so much fun. That it’s turning some people a little bit crazy. Dare I say desperate? Some of the personality has been zapped . Some accounts have become very hard sell with my stories resembling Littlewoods on line.

I see so many posts fretting about likes and algorithms which I guess if you make a living on here can be pretty worrying , but most people don’t [ make a living ]. I watch stories where people agonise about not posting every day, or at a certain time. For having an unpopular opinion, for not featuring new clothes daily, for not liking the latest ‘trend’ . For their hair looking a mess ?! I wonder why we do it to ourselves …and scarily where it’s all leading? These things in the big scheme of things are not important…

Instagram hasn’t always been ‘easy’ for me . Like I mentioned earlier in the past I’ve wobbled and doubted myself. It’s been a real love / hate relationship. Now I don’t care so much. Of course I care , I’ll always care … but not to the extent where Instagram is the be all and end all.

I’m no expert , I’ve just been around here along time … but here are are some points that I try to remember when I feel I’m getting sucked under.

Your opinion does matters, just be mindful how you express yourself. I’m Very hot headed and sometimes have to reign it in. Not everyone will agree with you and you won’t agree with everyone … that’s ok. By talking about and sharing our differences we learn and grow. We may even change our/their opinion. It’s called discussion, which we’ve sadly lost the art of it. If you disagree with somebody on here you are more than likely blocked then called out as a troll. There’s a massive difference between having an opinion and being a troll.

Don’t change your squares to conform or to please the masses. Change because you’ve grown and because YOU want too…. maybe your interests / path has changed direction.

It’s ok to ride solo… you don’t have to be part of a ‘girl/ boy-band’ – Wham were fabulous, George was phenomenal!

Don’t feel the pressure to have to post everyday. Post everyday if you want too or post whenever the mood takes you. I posted twice last week and hey guess what … my head didn’t fall off.

Landscapes are beautiful – don’t let ‘likes’ dictate otherwise. We need more green on our screen!

You are allowed to wear something more than twice, it’s not ‘boring’ its called reality. One hit wonder clothing is so yesterday and in the current climate extremely wasteful!

It’s ok to say no and sometimes it’s scary to say yes. Do a little of both it does wonders for your confidence .

You doing you is all anybody can ever ask and it is the only way to be 100% authentic

Changing rooms are for changing in

Life is for living in all it’s messy not always instaworthy glory. Live for the moment first, Instagram and everybody else second.

Most importantly have fun with it and for your own sanity remember … all that glitters is not always gold. Dog turd captured in a certain light can look awfully pretty too… there are alot of smoke & mirrors

Until next time,

Tracey x

13 thoughts on “M U S I N G S | talking point Tuesday – Instagram

  1. Ditzkrieg718 says:

    Keep being you and doing what you do Tracey! i am so struggling with social media at the moment. It seems as if everywhere i look i am being bombarded with commercialism. I go into my feed less and less because its full of adverts and influencers promoted posts pushing life in an idealised format. Someone should tell them that people are dying out in the real world in from preventable diseases, poverty and social deprivation and a Channel handbag will not make them or anyone else a more worthy member of society!
    I am so glad that there are bloggers like you who share and have conversations and discussions rather than use every square and second of their day to document to sell products or themselves and their so called lifestyles as a brand or as the ultimate evidence of achievement and success. it’s all very common and nasty to my mind. Social media is being so weaponised by commerce as a means to sell sell sell!
    Love your posts and blogs keep it up lovely xxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hey up lovely,
      Thank you for popping across & your comment. I totally understand your feelings and I’m seeing and hearing more comments like this ; it one was of the reasons I wrote the post.

      I am beginning to feel uncomfortable about it too. I don’t have a problem with how anyone conducts their life , I just feel it’s all gone abit ‘much’ and we need to take a stand back …
      By opening up Conversations hopefully it will help … we don’t need to be constantly buying , or pressurised to do so we should be utilising and appreciating what we already have.
      Tracey xx

  2. Bean says:

    Changing rooms comment is so true!!!
    It’s always about fun for me too with a side of daft and serious – fab post T!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Firstly thankyou for popping across , reading and commenting.
      I couldn’t resist … it always make me chuckle . I can imagine a lot of disgruntled woman across the country stood waiting for a changing room while somebody records a video of their 100’s try-ons
      Have a lovely day x

  3. Fiona says:

    No changing on my squares Tracey. I’ll carry on posting whatever crap I want, when I want. And yay to the 5 year old tops that I’m still wearing.
    Love you just the way you are gal. X

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Fi,
      I always love it when people pop across and comment.
      I guess the recent episode with MOD made me realise how destructive social media can be if you let it / get carried away with it. It was playing on my mind, so you know me gobby northerner had her say … I wrote this at 3.00am because I couldn’t sleep . It’s good to talk.
      I love random your squares and your straight talking . Right back at ya x

  4. BeeBooksBeauty says:

    Absolutely love this, and agree on all you’ve put. There seems some people who have completely lost the plot lately, certainly some well discussed influences behaving despicably online and forgetting wth they’re there for, shame, it’s such a platform for good if people just kept their heads. I’m beyond grateful to have people like you on there keeping it real, singing to gloves 😆

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hi Gemma,
      Firstly thankyou for popping across , having a read and commenting.
      Things are definitely pretty weird on Instagram / social media at the moment. If you let it [ which is pretty evident] it can mess with your head.
      Here’s to more people bringing the fun back , not taking it so seriously … I think glove dancing should become compulsory! x

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