L I F E – in a funk and a little catch-up

I’m in a bit of a funk … mojo less

I mean I’ve not even posted on Instagram for 4 days . Missing in my own mind !!

Thinking and looking back this happens every now and again so I’m not paying it too much attention. No pressure Tracey. I guess my mojo will return when it returns. I guess my brain is frazzled / knackered, it needs some time out… and a lie down on a beach somewhere!

In the meantime I just thought I’d pop on and say hello, give you a little bit of a life update and have a little natter.

So … you ok?


A few weeks ago I started a little part-time job for a fabulous brand. Josh Wood Colour in Boots Beauty Hall, Meadowhall . I work a couple of days a week, or rather a few ‘shifts’. [ Making myself sound busier than I am ] I’m currently there Thursday & Sundays.

It keeps me out of mischief , I love and use the products religiously and it allows me time to concentrate on my writing / freelance work. It also gets me back out there in the working world amongst the general public. I’ve always worked in admin in an office environment, so retail is a major change … one I am enjoying and embracing.

On the blogging front I’ve Just submitted a piece on grief which I was asked to contribute to a website. Fingers crossed it’s ok and they publish it. I always get sooooo anxious when I write for somebody else.

I’ve got a couple of really exciting blog related ‘bits’ lined up. I’m that person that keeps slipping this into the conversation but doesn’t disclose what these bits are?!

I know it’s annoying. I hate it when people do that !

One of the opportunities is so good , so out of my comfort zone … its giving me night sweats and imposter syndrome. Until it happens I am not tempting fate and saying anything! I envisage receiving an email within the next few days saying “ whoops sorry … approached wrong person”

One event that I can mention is being held in Sheffield next week – Old Fashioned [ whisky] masterclass in association with Glen Moray. A few of my favourite blogging buddies are joining me so it should be fun. Yay! See you Wednesday Tracey and Emma.

As a whisky lover first and foremost this excites and pleases me in equal measure. I’m always sprouting on to anybody that will listen “why does everything revolve around Gin, why aren’t there any whisky bars , events, etc etc ?”… the universe must have heard me and got my back.

I’ll be sure to take you along for the ride.


I was out last Saturday night with my girlfriends. Early bar followed by a meal at Mowgli a new-ish restaurant on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield that serves Indian Street food.

[ I wasn’t planning a review … hence the lack of photographs ]

Oh my gosh Sheffielders … it’s the most delicious Indian food I have EVER tasted; bursting with flavour without being too spicy.

Expect small dishes designed for sharing that come served market-style in little metal dishes. The food comes out as and when its ready , so potentially you could be eating at different times. It’s all very relaxed.

I was a little squiffy by the time we sat down to eat [ Monk Bar – Happy Hour – I’m blaming you ] but I can thoroughly recommend the Treacle Tamarind Fries . Apparently when I got home I wouldn’t shut up raving about them to the boyfriend! I bet I’m such an annoying drunk.

House Chicken Curry and Tea Steeper Chickpeas were also delicious.

You don’t have to miss out if you are not Sheffield based either – there are restaurants in Liverpool, Nottingham, Oxford , Birmingham and Manchester . I’m sure they will be equally as good. I’ll definitely be back to the one in Sheffield soon. Treacle Tamarind Fries are a calling !



Hot and Moody Podcast

I caught an episode of this for the first time a couple of weeks ago when Claire and Annette were discussing CBD oil. Something I happen to use.

I’ve followed Claire on her personal account @permenantlyinapickle for a few years now and she’s genuinely a warm and just lovely lady. So it’s no surprise that this podcast is as good, informative and fun as it is.

Friendly , easy listening and definitely for you if you are peri-menopausal or in the throws of full blown menopause. Grab your hot sweats and pop over.

Fleetwood Mac – ‘Landslide’

It’s just an amazing tune one that I’ve recently been replaying a lot. Stevie Nicks voice and the lyrics send shivers down my back. The words are poignant and although it’s in reference to the split up between her and former partner Lindsay Buckingham , it makes me think about my mum and the changes in my life since her death.

In my opinion it’s their best song . An oldie but definitely a goodie.

I’m not sure how true it is but somebody has informed me that Fleetwood Mac may be headlining Glastonbury next year … OMG … I hate camping with a passion after a few disastrous camping trips BUT I’d do it just to see them! Bring on the soggy knickers and mud baths.


Now don’t tell me I don’t think about you all.

For the past 5 weeks I’ve been trailing a lash serum NYK1 Lashforce Eyelash & Brow Growth Serum and let me just tell you ; it’s bloody amazing.

I am very lucky as the serum was gifted to me AND that my lashes are naturally fairly long .

What I have noticed after using for 5 weeks is my eyelashes look and feel a lot thicker, fuller, and slightly longer.

NYK1 recommend you apply the serum twice a day for the first 6 weeks. Apply morning and evening along the lash-line as though you were applying an eyeliner. After 6 weeks you apply it just once a day for maintenance purposes.

I’ve got a week to go until I reach my 6 weeks ‘deadline’ BUT Im so impressed It will definitely be a repurchase for me.

Ive also been using it on my brows. These are desperately in need of a [micro blade] top-up. It’s been about 3 years since my last visit; they are looking uneven and sparse. I’ve been applying the serum just once a day and there’s definitely been a slight re-growth.

Lashforce retails at £34.50 for 8ml

To read more or purchase // HERE *affiliated link*

Anyway I think that’s it for the time being. My brief chat turned out to be longer than I anticipated.

It’s been lovely catching up – even if the conversation was very one-sided.

I’ll be back soon hopefully with my mojo back in full tack … and with lots more ‘news’ to share with you.

Tracey x

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