L I F E | Old Fashioned Master Class with Glen Moray

It’s a family affair….

My mum drank whisky & green ginger .

My dad has his either neat or with a little water.

My brother drinks his with … anything !

Me … I like mine with coke.

Whisky has and always will be my favourite. I have recently been flirting with Gin but I always return to my old favourite.

Last week I was invited by MPR Communications to P.U.B.L.I.C in the heart of Sheffield to attend an ‘Old Fashioned’ masterclass in association with Glen Moray Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

P.U.B.L.I.C was formerly the gents toilets situated under the Town Hall. You used to pay 10p to gain access. It’s now a fabulous, quirky underground bar.

It’s tiny ; 45 People is the maximum capacity. You actually sit in the old urinals . Don’t worry I’m suitably informed that the tiles have been bleached to within an inch of their life.

The vibe is relaxed , subtle lighting with vinyl playing on an actual record player. It’s not too loud so it encourages conversation. Cocktails and conversation = a killer combination . Speaking of cocktails the ones they offer are seriously good. If you have never been it’s definitely worth a visit .

Did you know it’s ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail Week during November , so the event was timed perfectly for us to perfect ours! Its up there as one of my favourite cocktails so to learn how to make one in my own at home , to share with family and friends is just fabulous.

Glen Moray is a quality Single Malt Whisky from Elgin in Scotland. The distillery has been producing fine malt whisky distilled in traditional copper stills since 1897.

Glen Moray Fired Oak is actually one of the whiskeys that currently adjourns my drinks cabinet. The Boyfriend says I look like an old man sat on an evening in my dressing gown, sipping on a tumbler full. He jokes that all that is missing is a cigar!

I tell him Whisky is for woman too … it is not just an old mans drink.

Traditionally an ‘Old Fashioned’ is a cocktail made by muddling sugar with butters, then adding alcohol , usually whisky but sometimes brandy. It is normally served in a short, round tumbler -like glass.

After a brief history of the cocktail , tasting the numerous bitters on the back of our hands and a couple of demonstrations by our lovely hosts Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison we were let loose

In case you were wondering, or you may have recognised them ; Neil and Joel are both regular drinks contributors for the Sunday Telegraph. They wrote ‘A Guide To The Worlds Best Spirits‘ and have appeared on prime time TV shows ; you may have spotted them on Sunday Brunch…

Lovely to catch up with Emma & Tracey [ above]

It was a great evening, lots of fun catching up with friends and despite my ‘Old Fashioned ‘ not making any waves … it was drinkable. My first attempt maybe not so much … but hey it’s all a learning curve.

Towards the end of the evening we were each asked to pick our favourite concoction from the 2 we had made, name it, write our recipe down and have our photograph taken along side it. It was a-bit like having a grown up school photo… still with a wonky fringe, still smiling like a geek but accompanied with alcohol rather than a school blazer, pencil and rubber!

I called mine ‘Frisky Whisky T’ because I had a mind block and couldn’t think of anything funnier or more suitable. I’d like to rename it ‘Baby G‘ please

The best cocktail as voted for by Joel and Neil won a prize.

It’s no surprise I didn’t win but it’s the taking part that counts right?

Like a proud mum …

Thank you for having me & educating me on the further delights of whisky . I always knew it was good … but now I realise it’s even better!

Anyone for a ‘Baby G’ ?!

Tracey x

* The evening was gifted to me however as always all opinions are my own. Photographs ate courtesy of MPR Communications. Thankyou

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