L I F E – in a funk and a little catch-up

I’m in a bit of a funk … mojo less

I mean I’ve not even posted on Instagram for 4 days . Missing in my own mind !!

Thinking and looking back this happens every now and again so I’m not paying it too much attention. No pressure Tracey. I guess my mojo will return when it returns. I guess my brain is frazzled / knackered, it needs some time out… and a lie down on a beach somewhere!

In the meantime I just thought I’d pop on and say hello, give you a little bit of a life update and have a little natter.

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B E A U T Y – Skin Chemists in the spotlight

* CONTAINS – gifted items only

I was kindly gifted the products listed below from Skin Chemists a few months ago [thank you] and was asked to use them for a few weeks then give my honest opinion on how they performed over that period of time

• Anti-aging Caviar Day Moisturiser – 50ml

• Anti-aging Caviar Facial Serum – 30ml

• Anti-aging Caviar Eye Serum – 10ml

I’m passionate about skincare and also about giving an honest opinion especially when people are parting with their hard earned cash. Continue reading

Beauty | Trufflelixir – Reveal your best skin …

I’m excited to share with you a skin-care product I’ve been using for the past month. It only launched today and I’ve been keeping ‘her’ identity firmly under wraps!

I feel so privileged to have been given this opportunity… anybody who knows me knows I’m skincare obsessed and just LOVE trying something new. [They also know I can’t hold my own water so keeping this under wraps has been a little victory to me! ]

It maybe my history of living with bad skin in the past that led me down this path. The constant search for products and treatments that deliver better skin … who knows ? but it’s one I enjoy pursuing.

So without further ado let me introduce you to … [drum roll ]

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This weeks favs and a fitness update …

This post is brought to you by aching limbs – legs, arms and oh my back  … Basically an aching body!

Saturday’s Boot Camp has almost … but not quite finished me off.

My bodies no doubt in shock …what with the ‘Pretty Muddy’ 5k (that’s 3 and a bit miles!) that I ran a couple of weeks ago and then this!

For the past few days I’ve been walking around in what can only be described as  ‘crab-fashion’.

I get some form of relief when I lay down and stretch. I’m talking really stretching.  It feels wonderful.

I’ve been laying down a lot… and stretching.

Despite my body feeling like it’s been through the mill and I’ve  discovered muscles I never knew I had…I actually enjoyed it.

Yes I did just say that!

The 45 minute workout consisted of a series of repetitive exercise. Squats, side lunges , bench presses etc. We did each one for a minute then moved into the next, before resting and then starting the routine all over again.

It doesn’t sound very tasking but it blinking was. I was flaking towards the end but managed to complete the session.

I intend to do a mini work-out once or twice a week using the same exercises plus a few of my own. The great thing is I can do them while I’m watching the telly!

I recon my body will just about be good to go for the next session this Saturday!

As for my diet … well I’m trying to eat healthy but it’s not going so well.

I’m starting each day with a healthy (ish) banana smoothie – banana, Alpro yoghurt, honey, small dolap of peanut butter, a collagen shot , a cod liver oil tablet and a dash of milk – but after that it’s been going slightly pear-shaped.

This has kind of been happening a lot  …


I am cutting down mind, if only slightly. I’ve had no cake or chocolate for days. This may sound like no great feat  … but it is for me. Continue reading