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“I trace the line of each letter with my finger…

Absorbing every single word

I Imagine your face as you wrote each one; no doubt giggling at your own jokes

I smile … but at the same time a wave of heavy, sadness engulfs me and I can’t stop the tears.

Happy tears, sad tears , innocent tears for a time when I naively thought you’d be around forever .

I smell the paper; I’m disappointed that it doesn’t smell of you … year’s stored safely away in a Cigarette box has put pay to that.

I hold the letters against my heart and imagine that you are holding me

A part of you is etched on those precious pieces of paper. Conversations that can’t be erased . Words forever embedded in my heart “

I wrote this poem after I was approached by the lovely Emma from Inscripture to see whether I would like to collaborate with them and choose a piece of their beautiful jewellery.

After looking into the company I couldn’t say no.

It’s no ordinary jewellery … they take special words from letters, cards etc and engrave them onto jewellery –  ‘You live the moments, we create the memories’

It is a beautiful concept and something that would make a special keepsake / gift.

Luckily I had saved a few very previous letters mum wrote to me while I was away studying. I spent ages going through them , reading , laughing at her wacky sense of humour but mostly shedding lots of tears

I choose the Sterling Silver and 9ct Vermeil Rose Gold Two Tone Bar Bracelet and  decided on the wording  ‘All my Love Mummy xx

I never called my mum , Mummy, but she ended every letter that way so it felt right

Now I get to wear a piece of beautiful jewellery every day that holds a little piece of my mum and a special place in my heart 💗

I can’t tell you how much this means to me, I feel so blessed as it makes her feel close to me . Just seeing her handwriting sent me into a whirlwind of various emotions …and yes there have been more tears today as I opened it , but happy ones.

You can find out more about Inscripture and their fabulous range of jewellery // HERE

Tracey xx


I was sent the bracelet by Inscripture but was under NO obligation to write a blog post. I’m just so chuffed with it I decided it was too good to not share. Thank you x

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