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I’m a big bundle of emotions at the moment. I make no secret of the fact I find the build up to Mothers Day hard. I don’t begrudge any mums out there their special day … it’s just hard when yours isn’t around anymore and your not a mum yourself.

So I went for a walk around Damflask with Mollie dog to collect my thoughts and get my head together. Fresh air works wonders for me.

However today for some reason at the end of our walk something drew me to the little picnic area , it’s the place mum & I used to go and feed the ducks, sit and put the world to rights. I never venture there anymore, I’ve not actually been since mum died …

So today Mollie & I don’t go straight back to the car after our walk like we usually do … we head to the picnic area. We make our way through the gate where we scare the ducks. Not intentionally. Mollie dog just thinks that anything little that moves is a toy and wants to play with it.

As we mooch I come across this little selection of books on one of the picnic tables .

My mum loved to read … she always had her head in a book. On little gift tags it read “ free books … please read me #ibelieveinbookfairies 💗”

Now I know a lot of people do this and it’s a beautiful thing to do. I just stood there and cried …

I guess in life you can choose how you wish to look at things; make of it whatever you want.

My dad would call me crazy , accuse me of wishful thinking but I believe mum sent me there today. She wanted me to know that she is watching over me , that no matter how hard these next few days are … I’m ok and she’s still got my back. That she is always with me.

When it rains always look for rainbows

I believe …

Do you ? 💗

Tracey x

* Book fairies – people who selflessly give to others and expect nothing in return *

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