LIFESTYLE | March Highlights …

March has whizzed past me like Zola Budd. With diarrhoea. On her way to the toilet.

That’s pretty bloody fast .

Please slow down 2019 we will be counting down to Christmas before we all know it !

Despite it flying by it has been a really good month for me and here’s why …


Josh Wood Colour

I was invited to Josh Wood Colour in Holland Park, London at the beginning of the month to have my hair styled and coloured . You can see loads more photos and read all about it // HERE .

As well as being an amazing experience it also marked a big turning point in my personal development.

As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions I have always been an anxious kinda girl … however when mum died it seemed to escalate. I started experiencing panic attacks and my anxiety got a lot worse. Little things became major ones and I found myself saying no to stuff I should have been saying yes too.

So as you can imagine travelling to London by myself, to meet people I’d never met before and staying over-night in an unfamiliar place wasn’t going to be a walk in the park … not for me anyway.

My anxiety leads to sleepless nights.

What if I miss my train?

What if my electronic train ticket doesn’t work ?

What if I meet people IRL and I disappoint them ?

What if they don’t like me ?

What if …. Etc etc…

My anxiety makes me think irrationality , to over-think situations and to fear worse case scenario’s. Coupled with the fear of collapsing due to my cataplexy I’m a right bag of nerves I can tell you!

I made sure my Boyfriend got me to the train station 40 minutes earlier than my train was due to depart by giving him the wrong [ and earlier ] train departure time. You know just incase …

When I got on the train which had Sheffield to St Pancras sprawled all over it I still had to ask several people which train it was to reassure myself that I was in the correct one . You know incase !

I guess if you have never suffered with anxiety you are probably thinking – she only travelled to bloody London and stayed over , so what? BUT I can’t tell you how proud I was of myself and how empowered it left me feeling. It’s a small step in the right direction.

Speaking of which …

Live your Best life and Business Event – Barnsley Digital Media Centre.

Organised by my [soon to be published author] friend Katie Portman – Pouting In Heels & Lisa Rowley – White Apple Thinking – [ complimentary ticket ] Pictured below.

I spent all day yesterday sat amongst a room full of amazing ladies being equally inspired by a host of amazing speakers who also all happened to be woman

I left with a new thought process, feeling positive – like I could take on the world !

There were talks throughout the day on how to be more confidence , how to be heard and tell your story. There were break out sessions on wellness including Yoga with Cat on the Mat and Nutrition advice with Samantha Hadadi. A style and colour workshop and a vision board workshop – which I personally loved. There was even a marketplace with the likes of Pura Cosmetics , Black Bee Creative, Masque Photography and Body Revive Barnsley all showcasing.

Ohhhh – and I can’t leave without mentioning the food – what an absolutely delicious lunch we had.

But first … coffee

Creating Vision boards – I found this so therapeutic

Pudding of my dreams … #delicious

I think the main ‘thing’ I came away with [ apart from a fabulous goodie bag ] was the feeling that maybe I am good enough, you know what … why shouldn’t I have it all. Why shouldn’t I live my best life?

As with most things I may need to work on maintaining this mindset … but what a fabulous step in the right direction.


Billy Ocean in Concert at Sheffield City Hall

What was an absolute blast. Sue managed to secure us really good seats near the front. She’s a good un.

He started off proceedings singing a few unfamiliar tracks – I presume he has a new album out and to be honest the atmosphere felt a-bit flat . It was the perfect time to pop to the toilet. When I returned [in super quick styleI’d give Zola a run for her money ! ] and he started blasting out the likes of Red Light & Get out of my Car and Caribbean Queen  the mood totally changed and it felt like a party , a celebration. People were singing and dancing in the aisles, their seats … everywhere.

After a fairly slow start there was a fabulous atmosphere. I’ve seen him twice now and he never disappoints. I hope I’ve got as much energy when I’m 69

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

Although not categorically in March [ it was late February ] The Rocky Horror Show at the Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield was bloody amazing and deserves a mention.

I went with my friends Karen and Rachael . Rachael hadn’t seen the film before so she was viewing it with virgin eyes so to speak. I was a-bit worried because I know that certain musicals have wound her up in the past and Rocky Horror is bonkers to say the least !

I needn’t have worried though because she loved it … but then what’s not to love about Frank’ n ‘ Furter strutting around Transsexual Transylvania in his basque, fishnets and heels ?! I’m seriously concerned that I find this soooo sexy !!

It’s one of my favourite films … one that Mum and I often watched together on rainy Sunday afternoons.

I guess in a bitter-sweet way when I watch it it reminds me of her … jumping around in the living room doing the Time Warp. Gosh … I miss her and her craziness

Standing at The Sky’s Edge – Crucible Theatre, Sheffield [ press night invite ]

OMG it’s brilliant.

I don’t want to give too much away because it’s a new musical and it’s always nice to make your own judgement ; like Rach did with Rocky; to see something with totally fresh eyes.

Briefly … Sheffield the City of Steel with its famous listed Park Hill flats is the setting for ‘Standing at the Sky’s Edge’

For those that aren’t familiar with Park Hill Flats they were built-in the 1950’s to solve Sheffield’s social housing problem. They are still standing – half derelict, half refurbished. A controversial build – often referred to as an eye sore on Sheffield’s skyline.

The musical takes us on a journey from the 1950’s to the present day. It’s so cleverly and beautifully done.

There are so many relatable characters but I would just like to mention one – Jimmy [Adam Hugill below ] because his made me chuckle. He sounds, has the swagger and mentality of every guy I ever went to school with.

Photo courtesy of Crucible Theatre

There are Hendo’s sauce references … well you couldn’t have a play about Sheffield and it not be in there somewhere could you?!

All around there’s amazing acting , a great soundtrack … it’s got the same vibe as ‘Everybodies Talking About Jamie’ but in terms of storyline is nothing like, except for that Sheffield spirit.

I predict big things … I only question whether anybody outside the city will fully ‘get’ it. “ put wood int hole “ and all that … Time will tell I guess and I do hope so

Written by Chris Bush , with music by Sheffield’s own Richard Hawley . It’s a proper belter!

If you are lucky you might be-able to grab a ticket. It’s showing until early April

Photo courtesy of Crucible Theatre


Controversial one this as people have a tendency to think you are showing off! Believe me I am not …

I’ve been doing this blogging malarkey for a long, long time. I’ve built my little readership and I like to think my readers trust me AND while I love blogging and I feel I will always write I have received some shit in my time!

When I first started receiving gifts I accepted anything because I was grateful that brands were noticing me . I soon realised its hard to write about something you are just not really in too . Hence the reason when I am now very selective in what and who I work with!

Without sounding ungrateful my BF still laughs at the Vionic trainers I was sent many years ago [ before they became an over night insta-sensation ? ]

Bloody copper clodhoppers or ‘ nana’ trainers as he called them . I had promised the PR lady I would write about them but Jeez they were bad. So bad in-fact that even my mum turned them down when I offered them her. So bad that my BF who was mortified every time he saw them went out and bought me a pair of Adidas All Stars … not so bad I guess !!

So yes when I get approached nowadays and I receive good PR I definitely shout about it and it doesn’t get much better than Hourglass !

Unlike skin care which I like to test for at-least 6 weeks before reporting back you can tell more or less straight away with cosmetics if it’s for you .

Hourglass is definitely for me. I’ve been wearing these pieces more or less on repeat since I received them. It’s such beautiful makeup, even the packaging screams classy.

VEIL – retouching fluid in vanilla. Ive been using this to Illuminate under my eyes, highlight the top of my lip and cover any little imperfections . For any major spots I feel you would need to use something slightly heavier .

ARCH – Brow Sculptung Pencil in Dark Brunette. Easy to apply and dark brunette is the perfect shade for me.

FEMME NUDE – Nude No.1 Lip Stylo The perfect nude lip can be achieved using this. Long lasting, this natural pink nude looks great with a slightly darker lip liner because yes … I am stuck in the 1990’s

SCATTERED LIGHT – Glitter Eyeshadow in Smoke . I LOVE this. It makes creating a sparkly eye so easy … with no fuss or mess . You just apply it with your finger and go. I do tend to blend out with a brush but that’s because I am a creature of habit .

For nights out I build the intensity because I like a heavier eye than I’d normally wear in the day. If I was given the option of taking just one eye-shadow away with me on holiday … it would be this hands down, for ease, size and performance. It is fabulous

I have also been sent some skincare to try by Beauty Pie, Lixir Skin and Ameliorate Which I’m also very excited about .But as I said earlier it’s too soon to report back.

Its very early days but I am very attracted to Mr Plantastic!

Watch this space.

A skin care brand I have been using for a few months now is the French brand Institut Esthederm

I was kindly sent the Excellage eye cream and serum. Both are really very nice and I would purchase both again; although they are at the slightly higher end of the price scale.

It’s always tricky recommending skincare as everyone’s skin is so different. My skin is combination, spot prone with slight acne scarring.

I found the serum very light-weight and massive plus points it didn’t break me out. This is a major concern for me as a lot of skin care does . It sank in quickly and easily, leaving a perfect base for my next stage – moisturiser – which at the moment is Nivea Q10 power who I am working with on a paid campaign. It’s a grand little moisturiser.

The eye cream is heavier than some of the others I currently use and it did pilf [ rub up ] on a few occasions when I applied makeup over. This maybe my fault as I tend to slap lots on !

I therefore tend to keep the eye cream souly for night-time usage when that’s not an issue … as I do really like it. It definitely moisturisers and leaves my eye area feeling very moisturised and comfortable.

Both eye cream and serum hardly have any scent , so if you don’t like your skin care to over-power you this could be a factor to consider .

So there you have it my March round-up in a nutshell and what a good nutshell it was !

There’s still a few days until April so I’m wondering what else I can squeeze in-in-between up-dating my CV and job hunting ! [I’ll explain more in a future post.]

I’m really keen to go and see the Phlegm Exhibition which is on for a few more weeks at Eye Witness Works, Sheffield. I love his work and having seen snippets over on Facebook it looks amazing. One not to miss !

If there’s anything else I should go and see let me know in the comments below. Comments make me happy!

Until next time, Tracey x


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4 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE | March Highlights …

  1. josie1bee says:

    Know exactly what you mean by “small steps” and being so proud of yourself, hopefully those small steps will get bigger or at least easier to take! Xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hopefully those small steps will . My confidence is coming back very slowly.
      Sorry it’s taken ages to reply – I thought I already had done 🙈 xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Gemma,
      I think a lot more people struggle with it than we assume. People tend to
      Think I’m a Confident person etc. But if they only knew what I was like in certain situations I think
      They would be surprised.
      Sorry for the late reply I thought I’d already replied xx

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