Oh to be a Beach Goddess, SPF’s – the usual holiday musings …

I’m going on holiday in a few weeks for a long weekend in Malaga with 4 of my best girl friends .

I don’t care that it’s only 4 nights away because I know they will be a fabulous fun-filled 4. It’s amazing what you can pack into a few days.

We’ve booked a beach house through Air BnB which looks idyllic. The views look amazing and it really is only a stones throw away from the sea. My favourite place . I swear in a previous life I was a fish … or maybe a dolphin.

There are 2 large roof terraces. I can see us chilling there with cold beers while putting the world to rights. They’ll hopefully be lots of sun, Sangria and probably not much sleep… because we’ll be dancing the night away of course. Got to love some serious cheesy euro-pop in the sunshine haven’t you !

We fly out on a Thursday with one air line and back the following Monday with another. We’ve only booked hand-luggage on the way out. We aren’t entirely sure what’s happening on the return journey … we’ve booked ‘priority something or another’ for £5. We’ve been reassured our bags will return with us! Famous last words.

I’ve therefore got to pack lightly and only take what I really need which to be honest I’m quite good at. This was something that always surprised my mum. She couldn’t quite believe how somebody so scatty in everyday life could pack like a pro! [ I never let on that I could pack , just not necessarily the right stuff! ]

Outfit wise I plan to take :

• Couple of pair of sandals , one for day and one for evening [ plus the ones I wear for travelling ]

• Several bikinis and swimsuits.

• Beach cover-up

• Variety of sun-dresses for day & evening.

• A jacket in case it turns chilly at night – [ that again I’ll probably travel out in to save room ]

• Pair of denim shorts and a few vest tops

• Sun hat and a scarf [ for my hair ]

• Beach bag and a hand bag

I like to envisage myself floating around like some kind of Boho goddess. You know the type … effortless and just oozing summer cool. Perfectly coordinated with beachy hair and sun-kissed skin. They don’t melt , they glow. Yay that’s what I’d like to be …

Some years I’ve succeeded [one if I remember rightly ! ] but most years I fail miserably. I go a lovely shade of ‘uneven’ or as an ex once said ‘bacon!’ . I can pack yes but I often panic and take the wrong stuff. Nothing co-ordinates & I’m a sticky , sweaty mess.

This year I’m low on the dress front. I’m on the hunt for some perfect sun-dresses; ones that are light and breezy ; quick to throw on during the day with a boho feel about them. And a few dressier ones for the evening.

Here are a few that have caught my eye :

Natural Stripe Maxi Sundress – £24.00 ASOS

Woven Tie-Front Maxi Dress – £26.00 ASOS [ limited sizes ]

Tradewind Maxi Dress – £100 Vitamin A

Racine Boho Maxi Dress – £31.00 Shoptiques

Maxi Dress with tie-up back – £10.00 Missy Empire

One for the evening which might be a right old phaff to wear but I think you’ll agree looks stunning.

What’s your favourite colour? I can’t decide between the pink and duck egg blue

Frill A Neck Midi Dress – £18.00 NA-KD

Love the colours in this one [below]

Boho Maxi Blue Dress – £37.00 Flying Tomato. I ADORE

You can kinda see the feel I’m going for… I’m thinking tan sandals / accessories and lots of colourful, statement jewellery. Arm candy to my bloody elbow and Gypsy Rose Lee earrings!

One thing I’m strict about [ if that’s the right word] is looking after my skin and wearing an appropriate SPF.

I was kindly sent some BIODERMA products to try.

Unfortunately the Photoderm Bronz SPF 30 is a 200ml bottle which I’ll not be able to take away with me ! [ hand luggage only = 50ml limit] Luckily it’s been glorious weather over here so I’ve had chance to try it out. Yay

It’s a dry oil for sensitive skin that can be applied to wet or dry skin. It can be used on the face, body and hair and because it offers an exclusive tanning complex it also stimulates, intensifies and prolongs your natural tan.

It’s super easy to apply.

I love easy non-messy products because I’m basically complicated and very messy.

You just spray and rub in. I don’t use it on my face as my skins oily enough and I prefer a mat tinted cream. It’s smells delicious … like oranges and citrus fruits. It’s summer in a spray.

I’ve used it over the sunny period we are experiencing and I’ve got to say there’s been no burning but I am looking a rather lovely colour. It really does seem to stimulate your natural tan.

I think I might decanter some of the 200 ml bottle in to various small bottles and take it with me that way. It’s way too good not too.

Photoderm Bronz SPF 30 -£19.50 Photoderm AR SPF 50+ – £16.20 both by BIODERMA

A product I can take with me and I’m very happy about is the Photoderm AR SPF 50+. This is a tinted very high protection cream for sensitive reactive skin.

That’s me alright!

The colour and coverage are good and thankfully it doesn’t leave you with the white film like mask some high SPF sun creams can do. It also didn’t break me out in spots which is a major plus.

I usually use La Roche Posay SPF 50 but this is a very good alternative.

To be honest I wear an SPF at all times and never put my face fully in the sun. Doctors orders – plays havoc with my pigmentation. I’m the girl with the white face and tanned body; the girl around the pool whose face you hardly ever see. Sun hat , big glasses , head buried in a magazine or book… one year somebody actually asked my Boyfriend if I’d just had a face lift [ I wish !] and that was the reason I ‘hid’ my face away …

You gotta laugh !

So there you have my holiday musings part 1. I’m sure they’ll be lots more as it gets closer … and I get more excited unbearable!

I’ve already had a rather exciting delivery today from J D Williams . Some rather fabulous denim shorts. That’s one item off my list and they fit like a dream …

Coolmax Denim Shorts – £32.00

They keep you cool apparently and are made from 97% plastic bottles ! That’s recycling for you. I’ve only tired them on and not actually worm them as yet but I’ll let you know how I get on.

Sometimes I really do feel so lucky.

Until then [ only 3 weeks !! ] and in true holiday spirit …

Hasta la vista baby !

Tracey x

6 thoughts on “Oh to be a Beach Goddess, SPF’s – the usual holiday musings …

  1. Steph says:

    Oh Tracey I’m the same, I’m always a sticky, sweaty hot mess on the beach or by the pool for that matter. Like you I go a nice shade of ‘bacon’ and have to lather on the suncream (face and body) then my hair sticks to it and gets all messy, my face looks greasy, arrgh you know how it goes. I look at those bronzed goddesses, with their beautiful hair, beach jewellery (seems you have to wear jewellery whilst you sunbathe these days) and really do wonder how they do it, their skin is not all slimy and greasy like mine, not a bead of sweat on their brow or a grain of sand stuck to their skin! I often wonder if they wear sun protection at all because they look fabulous, still we’ll have the last laugh when in old age we’re the goddesses and they’re the wrinkled old prunes!!!!
    You’re all gonna have the best time in Malaga, I used to live out that way and there’s so much to do.
    Much love

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