It’s a funny old game … Instagram

If Instagram and all it’s silly ‘why’s and where for’s‘ aren’t your bag then neither is this post … if I were you I would go and do something more worth your while . Bake a cake maybe.

However if it is … please read on, the cake can wait!

Sometimes I stumble upon and read something … and although I’m sure the person in question didn’t mean to intentionally wind anybody up.

They did.

Yes, everybody is entitled to their own opinion [I fall in and out of love with Instagram on a weekly basis ] but its the little bongo drums of discontent spreading all the same.

It doesn’t really matter who said what and when and who too ; it’s something I’m hearing more and more …

There’s something happening in the ‘insta-sphere’ and I don’t like it. Forget the algorithms and all that malarkey this is a ‘people’ thing.

I agree algorithms are a proverbial pain in the ass but we can’t attribute everything that’s wrong about IG souly to them.

Its peoples generalisations of bloggers and ‘influencers’ [I hate that word]- classing us all in the same light?

Their misconceptions…

The I can’t afford to buy new clothes everyday, it’s not real life . I can’t either but hello its an unfair world and obviously some people can or they’re being gifted . Either way I say lucky them. Enjoy.

The they’d promote anything because it’s a freebie . Again maybe some do , I don’t and it’s unfair to assume we all do . I turn down more opportunities than I take on. If it doesn’t work for me then it ain’t having a square on my grid or a section on the blog! Simple.

The I can’t compete with her hair, makeup, wardrobe, life ... The last time I looked it wasn’t a competition? DON’T make it a competition!

The everybody’s selling something – a product, service, idea … again it’s not real life? maybe they are , maybe they aren’t ? I spend 90% of my life walking around with Sudacreme on my spots. Go figure. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

I occasionally collaborate with brands but generally it’s just my mid-life musings. Go find your tribe ; there will be like minded people out there.

Its these negative factors that are causing the divide.

Its also seemingly becoming the little accounts v the ‘bigger’ accounts.

From what I can gather a bigger account is classed as one with 10k followers and over. Accounts over 10k can ‘swipe up’ over on stories – basically this means you can link your blog posts [ or anything you fancy ]

For a blogger like me this is fabulous news. I’ll not lie it’s something I wanted and was pretty vocal about it . It’s opened up a whole new audience for me. It was something to aim for.

Look let’s be honest here …I write because I love too and I want people to read. I ultimately want to write a children’s book. I’m not ashamed of that. I used to be; believe me it’s taken a long time for me to feel comfortable with ‘strangers’ reading my stuff. Now I’ve reached that point … the worlds my oyster. Swipe up baby !

Another niggle I’m hearing is that the quest to reach 10k and the number counting is making Instagram and it’s people boring? The audience is bored. It’s off putting.

Seriously …. ? you all need to chill a little.

Change the channel, find something new to watch. Don’t keep watching the same old, same old . Don’t support somebody’s squares that make you feel bad about yourself. Why would you? Find the accounts who aren’t number crunching…

Saying that, I do agree the constant ads ARE boring. It doesn’t feel so much fun these days and the algorithm situation is frustrating … but it ain’t going to change anytime soon. Basically it’s a case of like it or lump it.

Make mine … “like it with ice

So as of a few days ago I now fall into the 10k and over category bracket . The only thing ‘bigger’ about me are my thighs. The last time I looked I was still posting what I wanted without an agenda. I was buying 90% of my own clothes , NO big guns where fighting to work with me [ and here’s me thinking Lancome would come banging down my door! ] and believe me I’m very real! Muffin top and bingo wings firmly in tack Thankyou!

I can categorically state that the only things that have changed in the last 5 years being on this platform [ I know 5 years ! ] are that my photos are a dam sight better than they used to be , my various hairstyles ,I speak my mind more.

What I do find strange is everybody bleats on about woman supporting woman… but the ‘niggly’ little comments that have been rearing their ugly heads suggest otherwise. If seems to me that there is a lot of underlying bitterness out there.

What’s a girl to do?

It seems fairly simple to me .

Live and bloody let live?

When did we become the Instagram police?

The thing about Instagram is if you don’t like something or someone … harsh as it may seem just bloody unfollow them. Block them if it makes you feel better about yourself. Just don’t keep following the same accounts , the ones that wind you up , and then snipe about everything they do or post?

Shouldn’t we be celebrating the fact that normal people [ and I say that in the nicest possible way … I am one ] now have a platform to be creative, they have a voice , they can blag themselves that book deal… the can raise awareness for the cause of their choice, just like I have with gynae cancers.

You see when it comes down to it Instagram is still a free app which is accessible to all. The reason we have all the advertisements is because it is free; it’s a business and like all businesses they have to make money somehow. Advertising made sense I guess.

It’s a place we go to procrastinate. A place to be inspired , to post photos , be them staged, natural, sponsored or an ad .

I look at the likes of Victoria ‘In the Frow‘ and Kat ‘Does my bum look 40‘ and think bloody good luck to them . They’re took Instagram , worked their arses off and made it work for them!

Perhaps you don’t want any of all that ; for you it’s all about a few intimate followers, nice conversations, looking at photos for inspiration and posting every now and again.

Like I say there really are no rules.

What you take from Instagram … or don’t is totally and utterly upto you.

There is room for us all … let’s stop knocking other people’s choices.

Find your tribe , do a merry dance and go enjoy .

Life’s too short, believe me

Tracey x

13 thoughts on “It’s a funny old game … Instagram

  1. Vikki says:

    The thing is with Bloggers/influencers is that many ordinary people with Jobs where they have to go every day and work set hours , many in boring jobs , they get very frustrated with the Bloggers / influencers saying they work really hard . To many writing a few words , going shopping , trying on clothes and taking photos is not considered work , it’s certainly not like what I do . As for Instagram the unfollow button is the way to go.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hi Vikki,
      I work and blog in my spare time. I don’t get paid for it and I occasionally get sent things to review. It helps me practise my writing and I met some fabulous people. That’s what I’m trying to say everybody has preconceived Ideas about bloggers / influencers … it’s unfair to say they are slmlike you describe; there are very few who actually make a living from it. Many are like me just doing it in their spare time. I agree unfollow on instagram if somebody doesn’t float your boat

  2. visualiseandbloom says:

    I agree Tracey, with your comment on how normal now have a platform to be creative, they have a voice and can use it to raise awareness for the cause of their choice and so much more. For those people experiencing jealousy or resentment about others (the way the look, their lifestyles etc) and feeling called to leave negative comments, they need to examine their own lives and character, seriously……or just unfollow/stop using Instagram.

  3. Sue says:

    True, you can’t please everyone all the time so just be happy and content in your own skin and with yourself!

  4. Carole says:

    Totally agree with you here. I think Insta is s place to be enjoyed and like life there are so many different people doing different things. I have noticed accounts have changed or people have changed but if this annoys me I tend to unfollow or just think that’s life.

    Everyone is on their own train doing their own thing and as long as I am happy on my train then that’s fine.

    Excellent post lovely – carole

  5. Sharon says:

    Live and let live indeed- I still live by if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing. I like Instagrams freedom to follow and unfollow as I please and generally only unfollow if I feel I’m loosing too much time to scrolling through. The only other thing that I don’t like is that sometimes it gets nasty and that’s not good.
    Happy Sunday 🌸

  6. carterfamily4 says:

    Totally agree …..Insta is a funny old place of late. It’s a tough nut to crack and I’ve come realise what does it matter too …..I think I’ve missed the boat to get to 10 k anyway lol x like you say I’m just trying to find my own tribe xx A great post Tracey

    • lizandtracey says:

      Never say never Caroline ! It took me 5 years but I got there eventually .
      It’s definitely getting harder to be seen but like I said that’s not going to change anyone soon so we may as well roll with it .
      Thankyou for reading & your support

  7. Tracey says:

    Yes yes yes!!! Exactly this! If it makes you feel bad about yourself or you dont like something… Don’t follow! Find what you love, what makes you feel good! Ig is not real life, its edited… fun… escapism and thats why I love it!!! Perfectly written Tracey, I 100% agree xxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Tracey,
      I umed and arrhhed about writing it but like my mum used to say I could never let anything lie … !!
      Thanks for popping across and reading .
      Here’s to living and letting live xxx

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