Frost / Nixon at The Crucible Theatre

I feel like I’ve not really spoken to you much recently [ missed me?] but I’m back today to rectify that with a lovely little theatre review.

Don’t get excited folks , well DO actually because what I’m reviewing is fabulous.

I mean I’m no ‘fancy talking’ theatre reviewer. I’m just your average ‘Joe Soap’ who happens to love the theatre. I suppose we ultimately do the same thing … I’m just less ‘lovey darling’ and more Pulps Common People. This is one of the main reasons why I LOVE the theatre ; it appeals to all. There’s no snobbery. It’s pure escapism.

Last night the lovely Ellie invited myself and my plus one, Jo, to a bloggers event she was hosting . It’s the first one The Crucible have put on and Ellie did them proud.

If your not familiar with Sheffield let me enlighten you.

There are 2 main theatre’s in the city center. The Lyceum and The Crucible which sit next to each other in Tudor Square, a beautiful part of the city. You may have heard of The Crucible as it’s the place the World Snooker Championships are held each year. I know look at us looking all smug – Go Sheffield !

We were invited to indulge in ‘Frost Nikon cocktails’ which were basically ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. Delicious . A 70’s themed buffet which included sausages on bloody sticks !

Oh the memories …

Back in the day it was a thing at parties to arrange little sausages and/ or cheese and pineapple chunks on sticks into a potato covered in silver foil. We were simple creatures. I was obviously too busy eating them to take a photo . #bringbacksausageonsticks

There were also a couple of costumes on display that had been brought up from wardrobe


Jo and I would have walked out wearing them both. Stunning.

In fact I have a tan jacket that’s very similar to the one below …

We then had the chance to go on set before the performance. I know, I know … I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Frustrated performer here; can’t sing, dance or act ! However Standing in the middle of the stage I felt at home! Looking out into the audience however it is a lot bigger than it looks from ‘the other side’ and bloody terrifying.

Tracey for president below. Photo courtesy of Jo

So for the main event – Frost / Nixon

The play is written by Peter Morgan , one of Britain’s most influential screenwriters and the man behind the Netflix series The Crown [ which I know a lot of my readers loved ]

It is based around the resignation of American President Richard Nixon in 1974 following the Watergate scandal and a run of interviews with English chat show host David Frost. Nixon seeks absolution, Frost wants the truth and a confession.

It may sound like a boring concept for a play [ arrhhh politics] but it’s far, far from it. The play runs for 1 hour 45 without an interval. Believe me it flies.

So the next question you’ll probably be pondering is does it help to know about Watergate and the Nixon years ?

No … I’d say not at all.

The play is narrated in a very clever way and everything is explained clearly . If you knew nothing at all about this period you’d still be-able to follow and enjoy the proceedings. I’ll be honest I did know a little about Watergate and the Nixon years but I must also admit I read up about it before attending last night. You know just in case.

The acting is amazing from all the cast but especially the 2 lead actors ; Richard Nixon played by Jonathan Hyde and David Frost by Daniel Rigby.

The soundtrack comes courtesy of some 70’s groove in very small snippets. It leaves you wanting more and wiggling in your seats.

Sheffield Theatre’s put on some amazing productions. I feel extremely proud and fortunate that it’s right on our doorstep. Its presumed you have to travel down to London and the West End to see great productions. I beg to differ, let’s not forget the likes of ‘Everyone’s talking about Jamie’ that showcased at The Crucible.

I’ll say it again [ and keep saying it] ‘ Go Sheffield!’

Frost Nixon is running until Saturday 17th March. If you get chance I’d definitely recommend you get yourself a ticket . Put on your flares, platforms and immerse yourself in the 70’s scandal for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately you’ll have to take your own sausage on sticks !

Until next time,



I was invited to attend Frost / Nixon by Sheffield Theatres. Thankyou! As always ALL thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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  1. wonderwall360blog says:

    I saw Frost v Nixon last night. I learned a little about Watergate but still not exactly sure what it was.

    Wish i had gone when you did and got the sausages on sticks included. When I saw Chicken soup 2 weeks ago, there was chicken soup at the interval!

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