Dolly Day dreamer’s bucket list …

My name should be Dolly … ‘Dolly Daydreamer’ ; because that’s what I spend an awful lot of my time doing.

Day dreaming.

Why be in the real world when the one going off in your head is so much more exciting?

At 47 I still find I immerse myself in American teen dramas. You know the type ‘Pretty Little Liars’ , ‘Riverdale’ … Perfect girls with perfect wardrobes, hair that falls perfectly into place. They date the hottest guys and are perfect grade A students.

That’s a whole lot of fecking perfect isn’t it!?

I’m not sure about you but my reality throughout high-school went more along these lines – uncontrollable perm , ‘individual’ wardrobe . Referred to as ‘goofy’ or ‘lanky bird’ more often than my actual name. Socially arkward. I blushed like a beetroot at everything and nothing.

I didn’t date the hot guys … I didn’t date any-chuffing- one!

So I like to venture elsewhere. I figure it’s just nice to escape every now and again . Even if its into my own imagination. Its free and you can do it anywhere …[ I find trains good ] which randomly got me thinking about bucket lists. [like you do … are you even still with me?]

The official meaning of which goes …

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.’

I suppose these are a list of dreams; but potentially attainable ones [ish]

So here’s my list … in no particular order and just like me its very random.

1. To swim with sharks , or rather go down in a cage. Look them in the face, stare one of them in the eyes. Sharks absolutely terrify me , I’d probably wet myself but could you imagine the adrenaline rush!

2. To meet Debbie Harry; you know grab a casual Coffee. Ha ha I say casual – I’d be so giddy I would probably faint! Since I was about 13 or 14 I’ve idolized her. It was love at ‘orange boiler suit’ first sight. There’s just something about Debbie, apart from her absolute beautiful face, she’s got an attitude and zest for life.

I got to see Blondie in concert in Sheffield a few years ago. I was so hyped up I cried when she came on stage.

David Bowie was also on the list but as you know we sadly lost him a few years ago, and what a great loss it was. Mr Bowie fascinated me … he was like a favourite book I could read over and over again , always discovering something new.

3. Be an extra in a film. Preferably a musical. You know ’cause I can sing and all that !! [ I’m actually laughing at my own sarcasm right now ]

4. Learn to pole dance, purely for keep fit purposes.

5. Go up in a hot air balloon… and come back down safely!

6. Do an ‘The Hills are a live with the sound of music‘ and dance and sing on a mountain in Switzerland.

7. Holiday in the Maldives. It looks like paradise on Earth…

8. The last time I visited Ibiza I was only 17. I’d love to rekindle my love affair, watch the sunset, drink and dance into the early hours. I’ve a list as long as my arm of places I’d like to play. Pacha , Blue Marlin , Ushuaia Beach Club …

9. To take up yoga and bloody stick to it.

10. To own a Jazz club. Dark, a little seedy and underground. If you’ve seen La La Land … remember the jazz club that’s featured at the end of the film. That’ll do nicely [ feel free to chuck in Ryan Reynolds]

11. Go on safari and see my favourite animals in their natural environment . Big cats & elephants being my favourites. I’d really like to Bath an elephant too !

12. To swim with dolphins.

13. To visit and explore the coral reef.

14. To take a trip [ preferably with an over night stop and no murders ] on the Orient Express . Mum and dad did this on their 40th wedding anniversary and the photos looked amazing.

15. To study and really understand my way around a camera. I love photography but at the moment I just ‘play’ at it. Some might say winging it …

16. To take a trip to Loch Ness and see if I can spot the monster. The story has always fascinated me and I like to think there is some truth in them.

16. To stay overnight in an haunted castle. Again anything remotely spooky freaks me out [ I’m the girl who has locks on my loft door so nobody can crawl down and get me ! ] but could you imagine the adrenaline rush, plus there’s every chance you could come face to face with a ghost!

17. Go to the Glastonbury Festival. I’m a massive music fan that hates mud and camping, has a fear of bare feet on wet grass and worms. Go figure why I’ve not been yet

18. See the Northern Lights.

19. To have a coffee in Central Perk [ the coffee shop featured in Friends]

20. To write ‘that book‘ I’ve been saying I will write for years. I promised Mum in one of our last conversations that I would, so it’s now more important than ever I do. #formum Get your finger out Trace!

So there you have it . My list . I’m sure there are more but that’s more than enough to be going on with….

I did actually tick one of my items off last year. Go me!

Can you remember back in October when I was invited to go behind the scenes and learn more about MacDonalds? One of my bucket list was to make my own Big Mac and that’s exactly what I did. I’m a girl of simple needs.

See … some dreams do come true!

Do you have a bucket list & have you achieved any of them yet? As always I’d love to know. It makes an old girl happy.

Until next time, Tracey x

8 thoughts on “Dolly Day dreamer’s bucket list …

  1. carterfamily4 says:

    I love your bucket list Tracey! ! I’m with you on a lot of these hot air balloon, safari (I love elephants), Maldives, New York, ibiza and I’m constantly looking to find a great yoga glass … and you are definitely on the same page! Enjoy ticking them off xxx

  2. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I love. love, love this list! I’m definitely with you on pole dancing (comedy gold in my case) and the Northern Lights. I was taken to Ronnie Scotts jazz club in Soho once, many years ago, and I was utterly thrilled to watch George Melly play and get his autograph. Jazz clubs have always been a fond memory ever since. And I absolutely worshipped Debbie Harry, I wanted to look like her so badly but frizzy brown curls just wouldn’t cut it ! x

    Lisa |

    • lizandtracey says:

      Morning Lisa,
      It was fun compiling this. I’ve never actually written it down before it’s all been in my head.

      Thabkyou for popping over and leaving a comment . I always like reading what people think xx

  3. Sue says:

    Great list lovely, you are welcome to join me at yoga, after 18 years am quite good. I would also like to swim with dolphins and anytime you want to go to New York , give me a call and I’m with you!

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