Going cuckoo for Kuckoo …

Cuckoo … a clock

Cuckoo … a bird

Cuckoo …  I’m going [cuckoo]

Kuckoo … Fabulous new bar. Amazing Soundtrack with equally as amazing cocktails.

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited along to the press evening for the newest bar to hit Sheffield City Centre – Kuckoo.

Based in Leopold Square it sits proudly on the corner above Zizis Restaurant with access from West Street.

If I’m honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had envisaged a Hard Rock Cafe feel after a little research revealed that Kuckoo is an indie rock and roll bar that is passionate about serving great cocktails.

This is the third in the line of 4 bars to open in the ‘Kuckoo family’.

Chester and Preston both have bars which have been around and established for a while now.

Sheffield is due to open on Wednesday 12th April , with Knutsford set to follow in 6 or so weeks.

It has a very luxiourious , can I say slightly boudoir feel to it.

A bar with sex appeal is that even a thing?

It’s red, very red… which if I’m honest initially played havoc with my eyes. [Don’t worry they quickly became accoustomed.]

Thankfully I also remembered to pack my flash with me… without it my photos really wouldn’t have done the bar or cocktails justice!  The cocktails are an Instagram dream too.

It has a beautiful onyx bar which is back-lit red and long fixed onyx tables that sit central to the room. These are over-looked by a set of 5 beautiful shimmering chandelier type light fittings. Finished off with a beautiful black granite floor.

Small intimate booths sit against the perimeter walls, while cool artwork adorns them.


Before I move onto the cocktails themselves…. can I just take a minute or so to mention the soundtrack.

You all know I love my music and oh boy it was bloody good.

It’s as though somebody had crawled into my head, flicked a switch and plucked out all my old favourites.

Music … it just puts you in a fabulous mood doesn’t it ?

Music with a fabulous cocktail in your hand … even better.

It went something along these lines … [in no particular order and yes i was sat jotting them down]

  • Undertones – Teenage Kicks
  • Cure – Close to Me
  • Blondie – One Way or Another [ my herione]
  • Stone Roses – Fools Gold [ TUNE ]
  • Arctic Monkeys – Scum Bag [Sheffield’s finest and one which always gets the room going! ]
  • Rolling Stones – I can’t get no satisfaction
  • Smiths – Enchanted Man [ I LOVE this]
  • Police – Roxanne

The cocktail menu is vast and you are truly spoilt.

Luckily for us Kuckoo only employ the best mixologists who are passionate about their job and producing the best cocktails.

It works on a Manager-less system so basically they are all in charge – their own bosses so to speak.

It works .

I found them all to be very friendly, chatty and enjoying themselves.

They also didn’t seem to mind a camera being thrust in their face every couple of minutes! What can I say I was after a perfect shot …

Louise [Northern Interior Girl] chatting to Richard Powell the founder of  Kuckoo.

He’s a very passionate man – I love that don’t you? Somebody who really believes in what they are all about  …

In this case it’s to producing great quality cocktails with an equally impressive soundtrack in an uplifting atmosphere. To having fun. Especially for people who appreciate a cocktail AND their music.

Coming from a mixologist background himself Richard really appreciates the effort and attention to detail it takes when [ good ] cocktail making.

We tried a various selection of cocktails…

How do you fancy a Fizz Whizz Swizzle [Vodka, banana liqueur, watermelon, fresh pineapple and popping candy], or a Kuckoo Kolada [ Koko Kanu coconut rum, lychee liquer, fresh lime, pineapple and cream] which I particularly enjoyed.

The Porn Star Martini is always a favorite [vodka, butterscotch, lemon juice, passion fruit and a shot of Prosecco]

Cocktails range from £7.50 to £9.00 with shots coming in at £3.50

For the non-cocktail lovers [ do they even exist?] Kuckoo have a selection of bottled beers and they serve wine and champagne by the glass/ bottle.

I’m currently sporting a little headache which I attribute to one cocktail too many?! It was a great evening though.

You really can’t take me anywhere. [ don’t ask who lost their footing on the stairs and almost went arse over tit!]

The BF has tootled off to Aintree Races and while I’m very envious I’m also glad of the peace and quiet . He is at times like a whirl wind! I just need Mollie [dog] to take herself out for a walk now and then my life will be complete.

I can honestly see Kuckoo fitting in very well in the Sheffield social scene, it’s a perfect addition to Leopold Square, which in my eyes is one of the best drinking areas in Sheffield.

It’s always great to welcome a new concept into our city and it’s one I hope we will embrace with open arms … cocktail in hand, dancing to ‘Super Nova’ well into the night!

Kuckoo – 7a Leopold Square, Sheffield S1 2GY

Opens April 12th –  5.00pm until late 7 days a week.

Until next time, Tracey x


*Thank you to Kuckoo for inviting me to the press event. As always all opinions are strictly my own … and the cocktails are dreamy*

10 thoughts on “Going cuckoo for Kuckoo …

  1. Kerry LifeandLoves says:

    I knew the minute you said the sound track was good that it would feature Blondie, fab! Its a sign of a good night if your hanging the next day surely? Glad you let your hair down a bit, did you the world of good Im sure, (except the bad head)

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Kerry. The music made it for me. I could have sat there all night. It did do me good thank-you, it was nice to let off some steam and without sounding awful… to not worry about mum for an hour or two. If you ever in Sheffield you’ll have to check it out xx

  2. carterfamily4 says:

    Sounds a fab new place Tracey, I was going to put my name down to join you but had a horrible throad and cough this week. The cocktails look amazing 😍😍🍸🍸

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