Pago the drink that’s doing good things in South Yorkshire …

It kind of went along these lines.

Hi girls …I have lots of Pago Juice to sample. How does Saturday night at mine sound. We can add alcohol and make cocktails

I knew I’d got them at cocktails.

Party ready …

So that’s exactly what we did last night, just the 4 of us – Karen, Rachel, Lisa and myself .

We had pizza and snacked on nibbles. There was lots of girlie chat as we messed around making and trying out our  ‘concoctions ‘ The only stipulation was that the drinks contained Pago Juice.

Karen and I took the roles of bar tenders . People its worth noting at this point you should never ever [ I repeat never ever] leave Karen & I in charge of anything ! It’s bound to end in disaster.

First off and before it got messy I poured them all a couple of shot glasses of juice so they could sample it ‘neat’

You’ve gotta love my friends.

They must often wonder what the heck I’m doing … Saturday night sat on my settee sampling juices. If I’m not photographing it, I’m tasting it or testing it out on my face. They go along with it and never question me.

So the first mix we tried on our guinea pigs Lisa and Rach was a large glass of Prosecco with Pago Pear Juice and a slice of lemon.

Above – Large Gin and Rhubarb Juice …

If I say so myself it tasted lovely…

We ain’t ever gonna win the competition of mixologists of the year as our idea of a cocktail was to plonk lots of alcohol in a glass,  top with juice, stick a slice of fruit in  and pray it tasted ok. We didn’t even shake it or add ice… [ poor show]

Winging it basically … something I feel I’ve been doing all my life.

I started with Vodka. Karen had Gin which we then added Pago Rhubarb Juice and a slice of lemon too. Definitely our favourite flavour Juice of the evening.

Rhubarb you rock…

I’ve always wanted to grow rhubarb. Random fact of the morning !

So before I go off track [like it kinda went last night.]

Your confused right ? What is Pago and why am I talking about  it ? … after all it’s not a lipstick , face cream , cake or a new dress!

Basically Pago are a Premium Fruit Juice that is now being distributed by a South Yorkshire Business.

They come in a diverse range of flavours that can be drank at anytime and taste good in cocktails – the perfect mixer [I say cocktails very lightly for all the reasons detailed above]

A major selling point for me and one of the reasons I wanted to feature it on here Pago is now the official premium Juice of Weston Park Cancer Charity. 

Support a local business who support a local charity. Win win.

For every case [12 x 200ml] sold  throughout South Yorkshire and North  Derbyshire Pago will donate 24p .

As they say YOU ENJOY WE DONATE and this is the very reason [along with the fact they taste great ] that every business  that sells food and drink in Sheffield / South Yorkshire should stock Pago Juice.

Weston Park do absolutely amazing, amazing things. I speak from experience with my mum.

They were fantastic when she was having her cancer treatment a couple of years ago. They also help so many more people through what can only be described as a bloody scary time.

Weston Park Hospital has a world-leading reputation as a centre of excellence in the fight against cancer.

The purpose-built Cancer Research Centre, is partly funded through charitable gifts and donations, and is fully integrated within Weston Park Hospital. It is credited as a pioneer of numerous modern advances within the field of cancer research.

A worthy cause indeed…

The Juice itself got the thumbs up from us ladies.

Nice and juicy , it made a great mixer

You could really taste the fruit

Love the Rhubarb … especially with Gin [who knew] !!

Just a few comments made before the night descended into a slightly squiffy state  … like it often tends too when we get together.

If you’d like to enquire about Pago Juice you can do so by emailing –

Right I’m off to have a lovely chilled glass of Multi Vitamin Tropical Juice followed by a strong coffee. It’s needed believe me.

If there’s one thing I know for certain its that if Karen & I owned a bar it would go bust pretty quickly.

The alcohol measures were generous to say the least.

It’s no wonder I’m all sorts of fuzzy today! Or as I fondly say ‘got a head like a badgers bum!’

Until next time, Tracey x

* Flavours include Pink Grapefruit, Cloudy Cherry, Cloudy Apple, Cranberry , Mango, Peach, Pear, Tomato, Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Tropical *

* Thankyou to Premium Beverages for supplying all the juices and ‘extras’ that made for a great evening *

2 thoughts on “Pago the drink that’s doing good things in South Yorkshire …

    • lizandtracey says:

      There’s a bit of tomato , orange and black currant left. We appear to have drank all the best … but yes we missed your shaking skills. Next time Mrs xx

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