Life doesn’t come with a manual… it comes with a mother.

It’s Mother’s Day at the end of the month [ Sunday March 26th put it in the diary …I’m early 

This year I intend to make  Mother’s Day extra, extra special because she deserves it.

Then again don’t all mums?!

I count myself lucky as Mum and I have a special relationship and are extremely close.

Of course we sometimes disagree this isn’t a Disney film ,but the days of full on arguing [ I’m thinking of the 16 year old prepubescent Tracey days ] are over.

I tell my mum I love her all the time. We cuddle , we talk non stop and I drink a lot of coffee.

Mum used to also enjoy participating in a Latte or two, but dialysis put pay to that. Yeah as well as cancer mum only has one kidney to contend with and its failing.

She can’t drink too much tea or coffee nowadays as it messes her kidney up. They do encourage her to eat ‘cheesy wotsits’ biscuits and fruit cake … see there’s always a silver lining ?

We don’t need a ‘special’ day , mum knows she means the world to my brother Mark and I but we intend to give her one.

My brave, beautiful best friend and mum.

Along with the usual chocolates and flowers I’ve come up with a couple of other little ideas, nothing expensive, that will hopefully make her smile.

First up is a novel, if slightly cheesy [ in the nicest possible way ] little gift idea. A heart shaped chalk board, which comes complete with a white chalk. [Don’t scoff not all battery operated products come with batteries! ]

It’s two little hearts sat or rather embedded onto one big heart. It’s kinda representative of Mum, Mark and I…

bkackboard 2.jpgblack board.jpg

I intend to sneak this into mums kitchen [ with dads assistance ] and leave a little message on it. She will come downstairs for breakfast and it’ll be the first thing that greets her.

My mum’s always been about the little things. I know 100% she will appreciate this… AND as a bonus it will come in handy afterwards.

She can leave it in the kitchen [ where it will look very at home] and use it to leave little reminders for dad … he’s always forgetting things. I do worry he’ll loose his head one of these days.

The Heart Chalk board is available from Hetty & Betty and by using code N40FEB17 at checkout you will receive 10% off any orders placed.

I personally like to chalk up things like ‘KNOB‘ and leave it on the window cill for the BF to find … it’s just how I roll. *chuckles*


My brothers ex used to make the most fabulous, thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts.

One valentines she handed him a mason jar that was full of ribbon, glitter and 365 little pieces of card ; each one sporting a special and individual message.

The idea is that each day you take one of the pieces of card out of the jar and read the message. Hopefully it will help start  their day with a smile…

I think this could be tweaked for Mother’s Day and it’s something I’m aiming to try to do for mum myself.

Another idea that is along similar lines is a photo book. In the past I’ve had books made from Photo Box and Snapfish.

It’s very simple. You upload your photos onto their website. Using one of the templates available you arrange the photos and then add your own text.

Your basically creating a personalized book of memories… like a fancy photo album.

Once your happy with the layout and wording you submit it .

About a week later you’ll receive a lovely hard back printed photo book through the post.

Something to treasure and keep forever…

I’ve made a couple of books for mum [ and various friends] in the past and despite the tears … they all loved them.


Afternoon Tea or even just popping out somewhere for a drink and cake is always a great option and will be on the agenda [if she’s well enough]

There are loads of places in Sheffield that do Cream / Afternoon Tea.

Mis-matched tea-sets, floral table cloths, loaded scones , carrot cake and good company are just what the doctor ordered.

I reckon myself and Sue [ my lady in lunch partner] have tested them all at some point during the past year.

If you fancy some inspiration head over to Ladies that Lunch section  and have a ganzy.

I can advise that The Summer House on Abbeydale Road South have just released their Mothers Day menu. It looks delicious with a two-course meal starting at £21.95, three course £26.95. 



This was Afternoon Tea at Chatsworth House over Christmas week last year. Fairly pricey but in a great location. You feel like Lord of the Manor.


Lastly my mum loves a good lippie. [that’s where i get it from]

What better way is there to make yourself feel that little bit brighter, ready to face the world other than to stick on some colourful lip stick and tell the world I’m coming to get yah!

Mums favourite brand is Yves Saint Laurent so I think this will be on the gift list.


Yves Saint Lauent Rouge Pur Couture Lip SPF 15 – £27.00


I realise I’m a little early to the table regards Mothers Day but  I hope some of these ideas have inspired you; and atleast you’ve got a few weeks to prepare. 

I firmly believe it’s not how much you spend on someone … but how much thought and love you put into it that counts.

Mums are special.

Mums are precious.

Due to the return of mums dreaded big C the last few months have been testing for us all.

I realise I talk about it a lot lately but to be honest it’s what occupies my thoughts 24/7.

At times you feel completely helpless and so bloody useless. That’s the thing with cancer there nothing you can do to make it any better for the person suffering and that hurts. A lot.

It’s not like I can give her a tablet, a glass of Lucozade, tell her to rest and it’ll be better?

If there’s one thing I can do and I do it bloody well is love and care for her unconditionally.

Like we used to say to each other every night as she tucked me into bed.

“I love you to the Moon and back”

No matter what happens that’s never ever gonna change.

Love you mum , Tracey xx

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One Messy Mama

17 thoughts on “Life doesn’t come with a manual… it comes with a mother.

  1. One Messy Mama says:

    What a beautiful post for your mum! All those little treats are sure to make her day! Celebrations for your special relationship with her.. LOVE that teapot 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us at #globalblogging

  2. Louise says:

    Love these ideas Tracey and I know when my step mum had cancer it is so hard. Physically and mentally. These photos are amazing so natural. Hope you get time to do something for yourself take care love X X

  3. Rebecca Norman says:

    Such a lovely heartfelt blog. You are right it’s the little things that matter. Big hugs to you and your mum xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thanktou Rebecca, it doesn’t quite seem real and art of me hopes I wake up and it’s a dream … I’m having the girls around tonight. We’ve got loads of alcohol and I intend to get a lot merry ! Have a lovely weekend and thank you xxx

  4. Kerry LifeandLoves says:

    Blimey, made me emotional reading this, my virtual hugs are with you Tracey xx
    Fabulous ideas! My sons did me a “message in a bottle” last year for mothers day, and I can honestly say it was my best pressie ever. It really is the little things that bring the joy eh? Have an amazing day with your Mum, much love x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Awww message in a bottle sounds fabulous . I’m going to defo do the 365 message jar. It’ll take me 3 weeks hence mentioning so early.
      Thankyou , my mum seemed much brighter after her visit tonThe Cavendish Centre. Thankyou for taking the time to leave a comment xx

  5. josie1bee says:

    Lovely ideas, it’s the thought, time, and the memories made for you and your mum that count, not the big expensive gestures. Best wishes and happiness to you both xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Josie,
      It means a lot that you take the time to comment . My No. 1 follower 😀
      Hope your day goes with a bang too and your proper spoilt … Tracey xx

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