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I’m not going to lie to you my mojo is shot. I feel as though  I’ve aged 10 years , and then some, overnight [ which at my age isn’t good]

Truth be known I’m a big blubbering mess.

The news mums cancer is back has hit us all for 6 and we are trying to get our heads around it, while remaining strong … for mum.

It’s bloody hard.

Of course I worry constantly about mum. I also worry about dad, I worry about my brother. I worry about my BF. I selfishly worry about myself.

I’m still processing the news which is tough because I quite honestly don’t want to. When I do it means it’s real and I don’t want it to be real. 

Reality sucks. 

Fecking cancer …

Hopefully it’s treatable but only time will tell. It’s shit, I feel helpless. I hate that my beautiful mum is ill again.

I find writing helps [and walking] , so normal service will carry on… for the time-being anyway. It might just be a bit more rambly than usual.

I might cry , so it’s a good job this isn’t being written on paper ! [ just wipe the screen]

With that in mind and to stop me thinking about mum for a while … here’s a post detailing some of my favourite products and what I’ve been up to this /last month.

February started fairly busy.


Along with appearing on the radio // HERE and attending the launch of the Stone and Taps // HERE  we also attended the opening night of the newly refurbished Forum Bar on Divison Street.

I must admit I do like The Forum but it’s not somewhere we tend to frequent  a lot when we venture into town . I did at times in the past find that the clientele could be quite pretentious?

It is however looking fabulous, with subtle changes.

Slice Bar has replaced the old coffee shop area downstairs. I think this is a great idea.


We sampled the pizza and it was just as pizza should be …very cheesy, tasty and not very healthy!!

I was informed by one of the lovely waitresses that it’s  going to be on sale at £17.00 for a full pizza. They are massive [ the same size as my head, maybe bigger ] so that’s very reasonable ! Or you can buy by the slice for a couple of quid.

An open brick wall has been erected to the right as you walk in the main entrance. In the middle the shelves are full of bottles of gin behind glass/mesh. It looks very stylish. A great focal point.

Have a look for yourselves …










They’ve also built a large steel screen which conseals the toilets [below] and installed lots of beautiful new lighting.

To summarize it looks like it’s been on a health kick and is looking all shiny, new and refreshed.

I’m not a massive pizza fan but it was very moreish and as pizza goes very good. 

If you are a Gin lover you’ll be in heaven ; they have a massive selection including local gins.

I’m more of a whisky girl myself…[please breweries open a Whisky bar] but Gin is definitely having its moment.

We had a great night. 

I’m happy to say not pretentious in any way, shape or form and it was lovely to meet a couple of fellow bloggers that I’d not met before. Louise from Northern Interior Girl and [briefly] Tarnya from Sweet Allure.

Sheffield has a lovely little blogging community and despite feeling like everyone’s gran I’m proud to be part of it [yes …you have permission to be sick]


I’m lucky and always chuffed that brands sometimes send me products and /or clothing to trail.

I’ve mentioned the skincare brand Samaya and their ethos before when I reviewed the Cleanser and moisturiser  // HERE 

A high-end luxury brand it’s not cheap but it’s definitely a good investment towards your skins health .

I was kindly sent the Anti-Aging Treatment Facial Oil from the Pitta range after mentioning I’d love to try it. It comes in at  £79.00 for 30ml

It doesn’t disappoint.

Its a fairly thick oil that smells delicious [ jasmine, lotus, turmeric ] and healthy. Think of the smell that wafts around you as you enter a spa. It has that feel to it.

It leaves my skin feeling beautifully moisturized and it has a definite calming effect. I tend to use it a couple of times a week on an evening. It’s like a little treat.

I take it right down my neck and onto my decollete . It’s not brought me out in spots or nasty rashes as yet.

It’s a goodie and something I would definitely consider repurchasing when this runs out…which could be a while yet as a little goes a long way.

Pictured below with the Pitta Cleanser



I was approached by StyleWe a while ago and asked whether I’d like to review an item of their clothing.

Is the pope catholic?

I choose the following all in one with amazing detail , high ruffle neck and fabulous sheer sleeves with lace at the cuff.

It is after all the season of the statement sleeve //HERE 

Memories of going out during the 90’s sporting one of them springs to mind.

Ill fitting , far too short in the body [ it felt like I was being cut in half] with poppers that sprung  undone at the most inconvenient times .

Of trying to  fasten poppers [after visiting the loo] when I was drunk, with my head between my legs cursing like a sailor. Anybody with me here?!

With this in mind [your asking why the chuff did i order it?!] and as it’s a foreign site [which tend to be tiny] I ordered the XL which fits perfectly.

It’s a beauty.

It looks great styled with my jeans and with the mini skirt above. I’m just trying to source some tailored black trousers which I think will look fabulous worn with it.

The only negative …

It did have a ‘rosette’ on the neck , which luckily was pinned on and could be easily removed.

It came straight off . With it on I felt like I’d just chuffing won best in show !

Until next time , Tracey xx

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10 thoughts on “The best [and worst]bits – Bar,Beauty ,Style, Life …

  1. Sue says:

    Haha, you know I like a body and other versions of underwear that roll me up and cause you all to scream and almost wet yourselves.
    Love the selfie of us, I may be getting there!!
    Looking forward to modelling our winning bracelets and our next adventure!
    Your old naughty 40 partner in crimex

  2. Kerry LifeandLoves says:

    So very sorry about your Mum and this bas***d disease. Having been through the same a year ago, I so feel your pain, much love to you.
    On another note, I absolutely adore that high neck black blouse! Gorgeous and you look amazing in it.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou , it’s hard. Mum got diagnosed 3.5 years ago but for maybe a year she’s been clear. A tiny bit managed to survive the radiotherapy and is back. The only thing they can do is try and manage it, as she can’t have any further treatment. I’m trying to be positive , as she is . It’s just horrible to watch. She’s not bloody going without a fight though and I’ve told her! Sorry to hear you’ve been through it tooX wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
      On a brighter note it is a beautiful blouse. I wear it to death … it’ll be walking by itself soon . Have a lovely weekend and thankyou for popping cross and commenting x

      • Kerry LifeandLoves says:

        It sounds very similar to what we had with my mother in law. Im so sorry. A positive approach is 100% the way, wishing you all strength xxx
        Have a great weekend, its supposed to be beautiful, spring like weather x

  3. Karen Mc says:

    Love reading your blog but haven’t commented before (feels a little bit like intruding). This time I felt I should, just to let you know that my thoughts are with you and your mum. Take care

  4. Louise says:

    It was so lovely to meet you and Sue. You are just as genuine in real life as your blog which is always nice to find. So funny how I shoved a piece of pizza in only to realise it had anchovies on urgggh! Lovely post X

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