It’s all in the eyes …#transformulas

As Autumn gets well and truly underway , everything moves forward a notch.

Mollie gets her last walk before dark descends which is alot earlier than in the summer months.

I tend to take her across the road to the ( very handy) woods.

A wasted childhood spent watching way too many horror films ( I like to get my adrenaline running fast) combined with an overly vivid imagination means I daren’t venture into them there woods unless it’s in bright daylight, there are birds tweaking around my head and there are plenty of other  people mooching around…

Even then I’ve been known to freak out ! The trees watch me I swear …

Tea is as normal but bath time is earlier, a lot longer, more leisurely and pamper-luscious .

There’s something about Autumn that makes me want to sit back , soak and chill out. Face pack slapped on my clock, hair pack on, full body scrub on the go … you get my drift.

I am usually in my pj’s , squeaky clean and cosied up on the settee, posh coffee in hand , all in time for Corrie!

I also like to switch up my skincare routine, opting for something a little richer during the colder months. In particular I was looking to purchase a new eyecream.

Perfect timing then that the PR guys for Transformulas (Sparkle PR) got in touch , asking whether  I would like to trail  something from their Marine Miracle range?

I’ve heard some really good reports about this brand whose ethos is substance before style. They produce a range of products that achieve the same results as cosmetic surgery without resorting to the knife or needle.

I did a ‘happy dance’ in the kitchen and emailed them back to say yes of course, stating I’d love to try the Eyezone if possible.

It arrived a couple of weeks later along with the EyeLifting Gel and a couple of small sachet samples. (I’ll review them separately but first signs are good)

Presentation is key and this comes in a lovely silver ball which sits perfectly on my bathroom cabinet.

It was obviously meant to be…

The first thing I always do with any product is have a sniff. I’m not sure why it’s just ‘a thing’ I do.

There’s a faint smell but nothing too strong, it’s actually quite pleasant.

The cream itself has a very light consistency which is a plus as I hate anything too thick and gloopy around my eyes.

The smallest amount is needed ; a little goes a long way. It sinks in beautifully leaving no greasy residue.

Transformulas Marine Miracle Eye Zone works to regenerate and repair the delicate eye area, as well as encourage firmness.

It works to reduce dark circles, eye puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines.


The concentrated anti-ageing ingredient Aldavine contains a highly potent combination of two marine algae polysaccharides for effective results.

That may sound like a lot of goobly-gook but I can confirm that I’ve been using it now for just under 3 weeks and it’s definitely having positive effects .

My  eye area feels beautifully  hydrated with no sign of any creepiness.

I’m 45 and luckily wasn’t overly wrinkly; however any fine lines I did have are hardly visible.

My beloved Touche Eclat goes on like a dream.

I’ve even been told by a couple of people ( mum and dad mainly) that I look fresher. This is a major feat and reassuring for somebody that has a sleep pattern that’s quite simply all over the place. I think I managed 4 hours last night ?!

Below : Un-filtered wearing Touché Eclat and my new mascara from Eyeko.

Marine Miracle EyeZone should be used morning and evening on cleansed skin.

A small amount of the cream should be dispensed  into the palm of your hand. Using your ring finger you should then  lightly tap the product around the eye area using an outward movement.

A 10ml pot of Marine Miracle EyeZone will set you back £41.95 and in  my humble opinion would be money very well spent.

Until next time, Tracey x

  • Products were kindly gifted to me by Sparkle PR / Transformulas but as always all opinions are strictly my own.

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