Have you #herdofsheffield …

Today has been one of those precious mum and daughter’s day out.

I’ve been withering on to anybody and everybody that would listen to me about the painted elephants that are situated all over Sheffield.

I wanted to go and see some of them in the flesh. I’d read about them but that’s not the same is it?

When I initially mentioned it to mum she thought I was talking about blinking real life, living and breathing elephants!

Bless her…. but could you imagine.

Well I’ll tell you something … Mums not as daft as she sounds and told me something I didn’t know today.

We have had elephants roaming the streets of Sheffield before.

During the war we had our very own elephant that helped to transport steel through-out the city.

After further investigation I can advise you that she was called Lizzie and ‘lived’ at Kelham Island. You learn something new every day!

Anyway , when I get something in my head I won’t let it drop.

Mum said she would come with me and come with me she would. She wasn’t getting away with it that easily.

#herdofsheffield is basically a collection of 58 elephant sculptures that have been painted by local artists.

There’s also a herd of  72 little elephants.  These can be found in the Winter Gardens amongst other places. They have all been painted by local school children.

The 58 elephants have been situated all over Sheffield city centre, parks and open spaces. They spread as far a field as Crystal Peaks, Meadowhall and Hillsborough Park.

It’s much fun but there is a serious side . It’s helping to raise money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

This will come in way of a public auction. Yes you heard me correctly you can bid for your very own elephant!

The herd of 58 will be on view to the public right up until 5th October this year.

The auction will take place on October  20th.

Another way you can donate £2.00 is by texting HERD16 to 70070.

There’s a free app (see below) and there are also maps available around town so you can plan your day…or safari as mum and I kept referring to it.

We eased ourselves in gently with a coffee.

I can thoroughly recommend the ‘1554 Coffee’ shop situated inside Sheffield Cathedral.

It’s a proper hidden gem.

We only stayed for  drinks but the food looked and smelt delicious. The atmosphere was very tranquil.

In true Arnie style “I will be back”


Sheffield Cathedral is a truly beautiful building and well worth a visit in its own rights.

I’m so much my mothers daughter. We both walked in , lit a candle for nana and filled up with tears.

There’s just something about cathedrals and churches which gets me every time. It’s abit over-whelming in the nicest possible way.

When I was little (we are talking 7 or 8 years old) I used to sit entranced by the choir at the church we used to attend. I always felt ‘over-come’ and a little teary even way back then.



Fuelled up on caffeine and after a good old natter and catch up we set off to find ourselves some pretty elephants…

Starting with this  …

bang outside.

This is Izzy Elephant …isn’t she wonderful.

Mum can’t do too much walking these days as she tires fairly easily.

Having only 1 kidney (which happens to be on its last legs) sucks at times 😞but she doesn’t complain (not much anyway)

We decided to stick to the city centre area – Fargate, Tudor Square and the Peace Garden.

Here are  the elephants we stumbled upon…

Meet Jackophant above …he’s down with the kids this Nellie and has his very own Twitter account @OfficialHoSJack.

Go say hi!

Above the Arctic Monkey Elephant which has to be the coolest Nellie out there … surely ?

It’s signed by  the band and is probably the closet thing I’ll ever get to  meeting them. I am a huge fan…

Pretty in pink … Meet Sheffield Botanical Elephant who you can find on the Town Hall steps.

Were you aware that Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in the UK?

Taking a breather at Barkers Pool …

Imagine if you will lots of excited little kids having their piccies taken and then there was me … probably the biggest kid of all waiting for my turn.

I’m going off track slightly but I’ve recently bought this blouse from Boo Hoo and I love it. You can’t go wrong with cream and lace detailing.

Petite Sally Ruffle Neck Lace Georgette Top

It’s from the petite range and I’m not by any means petite . I just sized up and the fit was perfect.

I’m wearing it with New Look cargo pants from years ago and my bargain Primark snake skin shoes. I think they were all of £6.00!

I actually got stopped twice and asked where the blouse was from! That hardly ever happens.

Make that … it’s never happened !

A friendly welcome at the entrance to the Peace Gardens (above) from Birdy Elephant … and yet more elephants in the Peace Gardens and Tudor Square.

ele 8.jpg


The elephant above was painted freehand in spray paint by renowned graffiti artist Temper.

It features many of Sheffields most famous and favourite music artists.

I love it!

But can you name them all ?

If you pop over to my IG (the_naughtyforties) all is revealed on there.

We stopped at St Pauls Hotel for our lunch.

We sat ‘alfresco ‘ on big comfy cream sofas…

I had a beef and horse-radish sandwich. Mum had salmon and cream cheese. Washed down with a half of lager.

We sat and watched the world go by…This seemingly consisted of mainly giddy kids running amock and as its graduation week lots of newly graduated students in their hats and gowns. Proud parents in tow.

Me and my lovely mum (below)

We had a lovely day but I could see mum was getting tired.

So like any good Nellie would do ‘we packed our bags and said goodbye to the circus’….translates too we collected our shopping from John Lewis and jumped back on the tram, leaving Sheffield City Centre and it’s elephants for another day.

Until next time, Tracey x

ele 5.jpg

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ele 8.jpg

11 thoughts on “Have you #herdofsheffield …

  1. themotherhub says:

    That’s great ! I went to university in Sheffield but haven’t been back for years , lovely to get a glimpse of it , it’s a great city #brillblogposts

  2. absolutely prabulous says:

    I a totally envious. This is what we are missing here in Malta. They just don’t ‘get’ outside the box art at all. You have NO idea how much I love elephants…have done all my life. Elephant ornaments, jewellery, clothing; I nearly did a jig in the middle of the street when my 12yo (who’ll argue with me til she’s used her last breath) actually let me sway into choosing a cross-body Thai elephant style bag last weekend. These ‘sculptures’ are just stunning! Breathtaking. And please take off your snake skin shoes and send them to me. No, actually keep yours and just send me a pair. Too cheeky? Bit much on a ‘first’ blog comment? Oh well, nothing ventured…

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hello, I love your first blog post comment, not cheeky at all :)) I would definitely send you a pair of those Primark shoes … Only I bought them last year. If I see any I will get you a pair. They were only £6!
      I too love elephants, I think I was getting more giddy than most of the kids, especially at the Arctic Monkey elephant.
      thank-you for popping over and having a read, always means a lot when somebody takes the time to comment . Tracey 😀

  3. majeang says:

    Looked like such a lovely day out and even more special that you got to spend it with your mom 🙂 Plus elephants are really cute….the living and non-living painted kind. Lovely post x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thank you for your comment. I love getting comments:)
      You’ll love it … especially your children. The kids I saw yesterday were getting very giddy scanning their elephants.
      I’m currently saving to bid on the Arctic Monkey elephant or the Temple One !! However I fear (in the best possible way) they will go for thousand’s…
      If you get chance to call in the cathedral , that really is worth seeing. It will send shivers down your spine (again in the best possible way)
      Have a great weekend and happy elephant hunting later , Tracey xx

      • majeang says:

        Have a great weekend yourself. I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed that you do the the Arctic Monkey elephant or get to meet them! x

      • carterfamily4 says:

        Ps my husband thinks it’s hilarious that I told him there was 500 Elephants to find ha ha I think over estimated ever so slightly 😂😂😂😂😂

    • carterfamily4 says:

      Ha ha just read lol xxx we are planning a trip next week so will have a good luck around but maybe save cathedral to go with my own mum once she back home from visiting my sister she loves to light a candle too xxx
      They have been crazy these too running round meadowhall like lunatics lol but was great …just missed the one outside m&s 🙈 will after get that one another time .

  4. carterfamily4 says:

    I really can’t wait to go elephant hunt g now Tracey it’s sounds brilliant and also sounds like a well deserved mum and daughter day 💗 x I loved how you described the cathedral I’m not a religious person by any means but get what you mean about how churches really give you a special feeling and always leave me feeling a little emotional …I always light a candle too. Even in Mexico visiting playa del carmen we stood and listened to a service from the door way of a little chapel and lit a candle there too. I know the kids are going to love elephant hunting. We are off to meadowhall tonight so that’s going to be ours first ticked off ….if we can find it lol.

    • lizandtracey says:

      I replied to your comment to the wrong comment. I blame the sun!!!
      If you look at the comment below that was for you.
      The sun …most definitely the sun!
      Tracey xx

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