Wildlife and Wardrobes …

Hello it’s been a while…

The house is finally coming together. Yay! While this is music to my ears  it’s also meant that it’s been pretty hectic with workmen EVERYWHERE trying to tie up loose ends.

Will these loose ends ever get tied, will they?!

It’s been noisey ( and very sweary  ) to say the least.  I’ve sat down a few times to write a post and given up after 5 minutes !

Hence the reason I’ve been quiet.

Here’s a sneaky peak…but just the one.

tattoo head.jpg

All I could hear was the banging of tools combined with some music courtesy of some non-descript ‘bang bang’ radio station and the c- word.

Lovely lads. Foul mouths.

I’ve not been too well for the past few days either  . Dodgey tummy and a headache that wouldn’t shift . Nice combination…

Woe is me !

Good news – I’m feeling slightly better today. So here I am. I’m all yours for the next hour or so.

In a bid to escape the mayhem mid-week the Mr and I paid a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife park, Doncaster. It’s only half an hours drive from ours.

I’ve been a few times before and I love it.

It was the BF’s first visit and despite his protests that it was something ‘kids’ do, I think he enjoyed it too.

He was most adamant we went to see the baboons… (that says a lot but I won’t be cruel)

It was also a great opportunity to practice my photography. I adore taking photos but have been getting a bit slack lately.

I just wish I’d either taken another one of my numerous cameras or that my Olympus Pen had got a better zoom.

Some of the animals look like they’re miles away. Well they were because given half a chance most of them would eat us … but you know what I mean …

I think the photo below is maybe my favourite EVER – one of the best captures I have ever taken.

The laughing meerkat whose having his belly tickled. Look at his little face!

I want one.

No make that I want him. *Makes mental note to take big handbag next time I visit*

merr (2).jpg



mc8.jpgpb 17.jpg

Doughnuts and ice-cream … As you can see the diets going well


The weather had been very hit and miss and I couldn’t decide what to wear. Nothing new there then.

In the end I plumped for an old cream crochet dress. While it was sunny as we left Sheffield there was every chance it could rain. This is England after-all.

I bought this H & M dress for a ‘do’ many, many moons ago . I’m a bit of a hoarder and don’t throw anything away.

While I’d love to be able to buy new clothes all the time, the reality is I don’t have the funds.

Anything I consider I might wear again is kept. My bulging wardrobe is testimony to this.

I thought it might just be the ticket.  Light and airy , with 3/4 length sleeves.  Enough skin on show if the sun did  decide to pop out, but warm enough if it didn’t.

I wear a hell of a lot of cream.

Saying that I jumped on the red dress band-wagon last week and bought this. Totally out of my comfort zone, as I never normally wear red.

I spotted it in H&M’s window while elephant spotting last week. Being full on with the ‘nellies’ I never got chance to try it on //HERE

Later that week it started popping up on the Instagram feeds of a few ladies I follow (@myfashionable forties & @stylish50’s) .

I decided I had to have it.

It’s a steal at only £12.99

Sometimes it’s good to take chances and try something you may never normally consider.

On a slightly safer note I also bought this outfit.

Marks & Spencers are really knocking it out of the box at the minute and have some great pieces in.

No surprise it involves a cream blouse! I do LOVE a cream blouse.//HERE

I think that make’s 12 or 13 currently hanging in my wardrobe.

I’m a creature of habit but they are so versatile and can be slipped on with more or less everything .

Just a few of the cream blouses I have worn this week alone !

I wasn’t sure about the culottes at first.

I took a photo and decided to go home and think about it. I showed a few people and the general consensus was buy them. So I did.

These are a size up to what I would normally buy and despite being 5 ft 10 I bought them in the ‘short’ length.

The long were more or less full length on me and they’re supposed to sit just above your ankle. Well that’s the look I wanted to achieve anyway.

The culottes I bought are not currently on line but these are similar // HERE

I’ve also treated myself to a ‘Girl Gang’ t-shirt from Essex Mama.// HERE

I do love a logo and after seeing it on @whattheschujj instagram decided I wanted in on the GG action.

What can I say -I love it and I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of it.

I’ve jazzed it up here with my recent Zara purchase , a red , black and white scarf.

The BF keeps referring to me as Frenchie and singing Grease songs at me. I don’t mind this at all. After Rizo, Frenchie was my favourite and Oh what a film!

I love scarves and have been experimenting with different ways to style them today. (More on another post)

The last purchase I’ve made this week is for a charity masked ball I am attending mid August. All proceeds  are going to Friends of the Children and The Children’s Hospital Charity.

It’s going to be a plush affair. The theme is Hollywood glamour and it’s being held at St Pauls Hotel ( the only 5 star hotel in Sheffield)

I think there are a few tickets left if any of you fancy it? // HERE

Tickets are £25 and includes drinks on arrival, buffet, live entertainment, celebrity guests and other surprises. I love surprises.

We have a table for 10 booked ( 10 lovely ladies) and I’m most excited about it.

I have been looking for something in grey as I fancied teaming it with the Ted & Muffy shoes I got last week.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this beauty from Virgos Lounge // HERE

It has been reduced from £95.00 to £85.00 but I ordered  it last week for £75.00 just to confuse matters

I’ve not received it as yet but I have my fingers crossed its as beautiful in real life … and more importantly that it fits!

I’m hopefully going to wear it with these shoes.

They are a-little unusual but they do make me drool.

Or these …again from good old M&S

So there you have it, a little bit random – we started with wildlife and ended up taking clothing but I’m sure your used to that by now.

Tomorrow we are off out to celebrate the BF’s 47th birthday.

We are booked in at the Milestone, Sheffield for Sunday lunch. I’ve been here once before and the food was glorious .

Hopefully I’ll get chance to take some photos and do a little review . It’s been a while.

Have a lovely weekend and I’ll speak to you next week.

Until next time,

Tracey x


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