In a past life I was …

A girl called Ingrid.

So as your reading  this you’ll no doubt think 1 of 2 things – I’m a raisin short of a fruitcake

or …

I’m a raisin short of a fruitcake!!

While I was excitedly relating the nights events to my mum earlier today I was even thinking to myself I sound like a bloody nutter.

I think you had to be there –  See it to believe it.

So what happened last night you ask ?

Well …  I was regressed to a past life through hypnotherapy.

I told mum I was getting regressed through masturbation by Julia ! Really no … that would be just wrong ! Does anybody else get a word stuck in their head and uses it in the totally wrong context!

I’ve always been fascinated with things you can’t quite explain. Things that don’t make sense. Things that make you question your own existence. The afterlife.

Clairvoyants, mediums, spiritualists, ghosts and ghouls … Bring them all on.

We were recently ( we being the girls) at a clairvoyant evening and we got to discussing past life regression. To cut a long story short it transpired that one of our friends Julia was training in hypnotherapy and could actually regress people!

She had kept that one quiet.

Before you could say “book it Dano” … We had more or less booked it (Dano)

So last night we congregated at Sue’s house. 6 eager giggly (maybe out of nervousness) ladies waiting to be taken back to a former life.

Many believe that your past influences your present and creates your future

Basically everybody has memories or experiences in their unconscious mind that they may not be able to recall but that still play a significant role in everyday life. 

Hypnotic Regression is the process by which you enter a trance and recall material from deep inside that is normally not available to the conscious mind…

We ate curry and drank wine for courage.

Julia decided to hypnotize us as a group initially.

As we would be in a relaxed state of mind it would be easier and quicker to then regress us each separately.

We all got comfy on the settees with our feet firmly on the ground ( it works better that way apparently) We put any glasses down and let Julia work her magic .

As she led us into a trance I can honestly say I have not felt as relaxed in ages.

When she brought us around it was as if we had had  a long, deep sleep. Something I’ve not experienced in ages! Due to my cataplexy I have a sleep pattern that’s all over.

That done it was then time to get regressed separately.

Ekkkkk !

Isabel was first up and agreed it was ok for us all to stay and watch.

It was fascinating.

Rach was next up , followed by myself.


As I can’t speak for them I will go straight into my personal experience.

I was adamant that Julia would not be able to regress me. I felt too conscious of my surroundings and the ‘gang’ watching my every move.

How wrong was I.

Julia held her finger above my head and told me to concentrate on it. As I did it started to become blurred and my eyes felt heavy. After the count of 3 I was asked to close my eyes but still keep focusing on were her finger had been.

Julia then directed me on journey.

I had to envisage walking through a field  on a warm summers day. Take in my surroundings and how I was feeling  before getting on a cloud and being ‘transported back.’

Everything else around me ( the girls voices, music and the rain against the conservatory ceiling) began to melt into the background and all I could hear was Julia’s calming voice.

It was a weird feeling.

Initially I felt hot, fuzzy and my heart felt like it was beating ten to the dozen. My eyes and body felt heavy and I was totally relaxed. I was there but wasn’t there? After a while my heart beat returned to normal and I felt calmer.

When the cloud landed (so to speak) I was asked to describe my surroundings.

At first I found it hard to get my words out. Something I noted with both Isabel and Rach.

When I did Speak I just said that I was scared and I was in a dark place  … a cobbled street .Before proceeding to burst out crying !

Proper full on sobbing.

Julia asked if I would like to leave and find / envisage a safe place.

Still crying I nodded and the next thing I described was being sat on a stool in front of an open fire in a dark , stone room. Julia asked me whether I was safe and whether there was anybody else in the room with me?

I replied that I felt safer, but not totally safe, that there was a woman stood in the room with me. I described her head wear , that she was wearing a long dress and had no makeup on.

When asked whether it was family I said no I was alone, that I didn’t belong.

Still crying! ( I was a big soggy mess) I told Julia my name was Ingrid and that I was 16 years old. I think I said I had no shoes on?

When Julia asked if I / Ingrid would like to move 5 years forward in her life I categorically said no ( still sobbing) and as I was getting quite distressed Julia decided it was best to bring me back to present day .

But not before she asked me to take something positive with me, to which I replied the warmth of the fire.

It was a weird experience, but one I’m glad I had.

Julia explained that past life regression can release all sorts of strong emotions ( good and bad)  and it’s not uncommon for people to have the same experience as me  and that not everybody goes back to a happy place.

On reflection I wish I had gone further and maybe pushed it more. I’m intrigued as to who and what became of Ingrid.

In my minds mind I don’t think it was probably a happy ending. I had felt so much sadness and was extremely scared. It sounded as though I was an orphan living on the streets.

My details were pretty sketchy ; I never mentioned where I was,  or the year .

Rach on the other hand advised us it was 1827, that she lived in a big house in Warwick with her parents. They had servants and she didn’t work. Her name was Sarah and she was wearing horrible shoes!

We always knew she was a Princess! #PrincessRaquel

Isabel was walking in a field in Newport with her dog Bringle, on a warm summers day. It was June.  Her dad was called Liam and I think she said the year was 1947?

Like I said totally fascinating stuff.

I had no control over that I was saying , or what I was seeing. I just related back to Julia as it came into my mind as if I was seeing it from the third-party.

So what did I feel like after the session?

Apart from my mascara being all down my face! – I felt a little sad but  ‘lighter’ , it was as if I had released some kind of under lying tension. I also had 4 hours deep sleep that night , which is something I never experience. I’m usually restless and wake up every other hour.

Re-experiencing and processing a past life memory might help you understand and resolve a current relationship. It may also untangle emotional problems including phobias and compulsions. It may even heal physical complaints.

I’m waiting to see how my cataplexy performs.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is experiencing yourself as a soul who has lived before and will live again? It will  offer you a different perspective. Maybe make you think differently about your own death.

I guess most of you will no doubt be reading this and still be quite sceptical. I don’t blame you.  It is quite a lot to take in.

All I can say is … don’t knock It until you’ve tried it…hey you might have been Juliet who got to smooch with Romeo or Cleopatra who got to bathe in milk!

Further reading on the subject  HERE

If your like me ( a fruitcake ) and interested in having a hypnotherapy regression session for yourself. You live in or around Sheffield then please leave a comment below and I’ll send your details over to Julia.

Have you had regression yourself – I would love to hear about your experience.

Until next time , Ingrid 

Tracey x

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19 thoughts on “In a past life I was …

  1. blabbermama says:

    This certainly sounds like the experience was frightening and felt very real. I’m a bit strange, I am a complete skeptic but also love to read all things unexplained- so this indulged both parts of me. #marvmondays

  2. Kaye says:

    How interesting! I’m also completely open-minded and fascinated by all of the above. I’d love to regress and find out more about a previous life. I read a book once that birthmarks and sometimes medical problems can be something you’ve carried with you onto this life, so intriguing! Thanks for linking to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  3. Berni says:

    Absolutely fascinating. I am totally on board with all this and have read some books on the subject, some by Dolores Canning and American lady who learned to do this and wrote many books on the subject. I’d love to regress and sure I will someday. To one fruitcake from another, well done for doing it.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou ( fellow fruitcake) it really was fascinating. A lot of people I’ve spoken too since I posted the piece have said they still don’t believe. Each to there own. I love the fact I tried it. I maybe a fruitcake but atleast I’m not boring :))

  4. Nicola says:

    This stuff is all so fascinating and youre not a ‘fruit cake’ at all. Ive seen a few Clairvoyants over the years, some not so good but two in particular AMAZINGLY accurate. Would love my hubby to experience something like this as hes your typically sceptical bloke! Thanks for your story Tracey. Im enjoying reading your blog, its so down to earth and humorous.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Nicola, that’s a lovely comment and always great to hear somebody enjoys reading. The past regression was a surreal
      Experience. I don’t think I’d have it again but I’m glad I gave it a go. Tracey x

  5. poutinginheels says:

    Oh my goodness! How absolutely fascinating yet terrifying too I imagine. I’m so sorry to hear your experience was a little scary and unpleasant…but wow my love, what a tale to tell! It sounds bonkers but hey, like you, I’m all for bonkers too 😉 Please do pass on my details / email etc as I would love to see Julia. X p.s I think you’re very brave x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hello my fellow fruitcake 🙂
      It was such a great surreal experience – Julia is lovely , you’ll love her. I’ll definitely pass your details on . Julia is currently in the process of getting her website set up . Thankyou for reading and leaving a comment . It always means a lot xx

  6. Nicola Lewin says:

    Omg Tracy
    that was so interesting , a little scary , to think Julia can do all of this but I bet you felt you were in safe hands . I look forward to reading the next adventure xxxxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Nicola , hope you are ok Mrs It’s Not long until we see you! Julia had mentioned regressing you over in Spain 😳 Thankyou for reading & taking the time to comment xxxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      And me a little scrubber !!
      Thanks Leigh I enjoyed the whole experience including writing about it.
      Regards Rach Haha I always knew it too. It’s the way that when we went out for a meal she used to give me her chicken to check whether it was cooked or not.
      Julia has mentioned regressing you while we are over in Spain 😬 xx

  7. gingerfreckles07 says:

    Wow! I’m completely intrigued! I’ve not had anything like this, but have seen clairvoyant; Betty Alan a few of times… She was spot on with almost everything she ever told me. I found it quite comforting at the times. Please pass on my details.

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