Dress to impress …

The Oscars

all the glitz, all the glamour and of course all the dresses…

not that I was doing anything remotely glamourous – we are still mid throws decorating the living room / having our new kitchen fitted. I’m mainly head to toe in dust and paint. I think I’ve worn the same clothes for the past 3 days! #baglady

I tried to stay awake to watch it all , but dropped off while watching the red carpet arrivals. It takes it out if you this decorating makarky.

Anyway back to dresses ; I love them. I spend most of my life in  jeans and pretty tops  but given half a chance I’d wear a lot more dresses. (though I think I might get some funny looks walking around the supermarket in some of these)

One of my stand-out favourite outfits from the evening had to be Margot Robbie in Tom Ford.

Some might say she resembled an Oscar herself.

Figure hugging with plunge neckline, gold snakeskin dress. She kept her accessories simple with a black tasselled bag, minimal jewellery and understated hair and make-up.

I couldn’t see her shoes but I bet they were beauties too. Killer heels no doubt.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if she was sporting a pair of trainers?! My friend Rebecca did for my wedding reception! She said she wanted to be able to dance (and boy did she dance) Frowned upon then maybe but more more acceptable these days.

Mr Ford has not only given us the best fragrance – (‘Black Orchid’ is my absolute favourite perfume) he also designs the most beautiful, flattering clothes.

margot robbie

photo -celebmafia.com

She looked amazing…just look at those eyebrows…  the face (so fresh ) …the hair (tousled beautifully)


margot robbie 2Photo – Celebmafia.com

Which got me thinking. I wonder if there’s anything similar out there  on the high street that us mere mortals (said in the nicest possible way) could afford?

Could we recreate an Oscar worthy look?

Give Ms Robbie a run for her money… we can but try.

Now the thing is I’m not exactly sure where you would wear these dresses;  Christmas has just passed? A cruise maybe or perhaps you’ve got a special event coming up that calls for that extra special something. Me I’m just looking and day-dreaming…Bradley and I arm in arm , the red carpet, lights, camera, action … ah a girl can but dream.

So settle down, grab yourself a coffee and come dream with me.

So for starters there’s this dress from Debut at Debenhams.

Reduced from £135.00 to £67.50

Ok , ok its sleeveless but it is gold, full length and has a plunging neckline. I think with the right accessories it could look stunning… then again as I’m typing I’m thinking is it a bit too mumsy?

Verdicts out – I’d need to see it in the flesh.


I bet it looks gorgeous however when the light hits it at certain angles. Creating your very own Shirley Bassey moment…

but the more I’m looking at it, the more I’m not so sure.


The next offering is from ASOS.

I give you the Vesper Odessy Dress from the Crystal Collection reduced from £165.00 to £95.00

I think that with all these style of dresses it helps if your a size 10, 6 ft whippet, but isn’t it gorgeous? Again it’s styled with minimum accessories.

Let the  dress do all the talking.


All you need is super buff tanned skin, red lippy and a bit of attitude.


tassle bag

Bag – The Row …mega wonga! It’s that much I cant even bear to type it.

A cheaper option is this lovely bag by Forever 21 that’s more within my price range at £20.00

true dec

Moving slightly more towards bronze territory is this dress (above) True Decadence Tall Bandeau Maxi dress Reduced from £90.00 to £63.00

I love the cut and shape of this dress, I’d probably wear it with a cream stole around the shoulders to add that extra bit of class (and I’m nesh).

And because we aren’t all 6ft, size 10 model types, here’s an option for the fuller figured lady Club L Plus Long sleeve Maxi dress reduced from £65.00 to £32.50.

Again the accessories are kept simple.


Lastly (below) is this Forever Unique Juniper maxi dress from ASOS which isn’t anything like the look I’m trying to recreate but it’s so gorgeous I just had to include it.

I think this really has the WOW factor without being frumpy.

Hint of leg, bit of sparkle …what’s not to love?

Red carpet worthy indeed.

It’s been reduced from £325.00 to £150.00


So there you have it my little Oscars round up.

All I need now is somewhere to go… what is it they say ” all dressed up with nowhere to go”

Maybe one day eh?

What were your favourite looks from the evening, I’d love to hear

Until next time, Tracey x

6 thoughts on “Dress to impress …

  1. lindahobden says:

    I love the Forever Unique & the True Decadence dress – both I would love to wear, perhaps at my next Ladies Night where it calls for a bit of glam! thanks for the ideas 😊

    • lizandtracey says:

      It’s my pleasure Linda. I love getting all glammed up and going out. I just need an excuse and a fancy ‘do’ to go too. I think I’ll be doing more of these in the future ( recreating looks) So I hope you’ll keep popping in. Tracey x

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