Dress to impress …

The Oscars

all the glitz, all the glamour and of course all the dresses…

not that I was doing anything remotely glamourous – we are still mid throws decorating the living room / having our new kitchen fitted. I’m mainly head to toe in dust and paint. I think I’ve worn the same clothes for the past 3 days! #baglady

I tried to stay awake to watch it all , but dropped off while watching the red carpet arrivals. It takes it out if you this decorating makarky.

Anyway back to dresses ; I love them. I spend most of my life in  jeans and pretty tops  but given half a chance I’d wear a lot more dresses. (though I think I might get some funny looks walking around the supermarket in some of these)

One of my stand-out favourite outfits from the evening had to be Margot Robbie in Tom Ford.

Some might say she resembled an Oscar herself.

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