This weeks favourites…lippy, music 1980 style, Mr Malik and is he really going out with her?

I’ve spent the day with the Mr.

We are in the mid-throws of decorating our living room. There’s been lot’s of chat … mainly of the is “Cheryl really dating Liam” variety (and so far not much painting!). It’s Sunday we don’t do taxing conversation.

Coffee and pastries have featured highly and I’ve insisted we have MTV on so I can catch up on the Top Ten. I’ve been obsessed with the Top Ten since the early 1980’s when I used to sit in my bedroom with my cassette player and tape it…

Yes kids this is what we used to do on a Sunday night. It was a highly skilled job I can tell you. Recording as much of the song as possible but cutting out the DJ crap. Rewinding to within a millimetre of your life. We’d listen to our tapes until the following weekend when we’d repeat the whole ritual all over again…

Anyway I get easily distracted and spent Mr Maliks ‘Pillowtalk’ cooing over  how beautiful Gigi Hadid is (but isn’t she just gorgeous)

Justin Biebers offering ‘Love Yourself’ was spent throwing myself around, showing the Mr my moves. I presume it must have been like watching my dad.

I love music and I’m always singing. I can’t sing but it doesn’t stop me. If you have been unfortunate enough to have caught one of my cringe-worthy videos on IG, you’ll vouch for this…

I think the world would be rather dull without music.

I think it could however survive without my singing!

Anyway we both agreed that we love the current number one (Seven Years by Lukas Graham) which got me thinking about what else I’m liking this week.

Yesterday I went on a mission to find the Rosie for Autographs new cosmetic line in Marks and Spencer’s. I’ve read loads of great reviews, she always looks flawless and I wanted to try it all for myself. Funds however said a big fat no.

I came away with just a new lippie – ‘Lady Rose’ £14.00.


‘Lady Rose’

It’s a lovely colour – a dark browny pink. One that my mum actually approves of.

Her exact words were  “its nice and at least you don’t look like you’ve been dug up?!”

My mum thinks the lipsticks I wear are too pale, do nothing for me and at my age I need some colour in my face. She refers to them as my ‘death warmed up’ colours .

She’s a charmer.



The packaging is simple yet stylish in black and gold .

The lipstick itself feels lovely on and is very hydrating. These 45 year old lips need a lot of moisture!

Its enriched with argan oil and is hypoallergenic.

Again I’m  stuck in the 80’s and like a bold lip line. I line my lips with Rimmel’s Hazel eyebrow pencil. Yes really …(it doesn’t look as gross or chavvy as it sounds) then fill in with Lady Rose.

See for yourself…

which brings me to the Olympus PEN Lite -E-PL7


The 1980s lip…

I love this camera, a Christmas present from the Mr.

I took the above photo using it.

Again I had read and heard lots of fabulous reports especially from bloggers and it’s really living up to all the hype.

It’s fairly easy to use. You can connect it to your I Phone ,though I’ve not done this as yet. I only recently got an I Phone 6S after throwing my IPhone 5 down the toilet last year (I was drunk in a bathroom in Lanzarote) and as far as I know it doesn’t connect to my crappy Sony phone.

It also has this great flip screen feature which is great for taking selfies / group shots (that include yourself) and OOTD (pictures of what your wearing if your not familiar – outfit of the day)

Yes we are inseparable…

Here I am enthusing to my friend Rachel about Mr Pen and showing her the powers of a flip screen. She was impressed.


Selfies by Flip Screen

The Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Facial Oil is still coming up trumps.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now. When my skins looking and feeling lack lustre and I’m after a real moisture / glow burst I smoother my face in this and go to bed. It smells delicious. I wake up looking all hydrated and better than I did when I ventured upstairs.

I was concerned it might bring me out in spots, having temperamental skin at the best of times! …but fingers crossed, as of yet it hasn’t done!

It’s not cheap at £33.00 but it’s not overly expensive either. You don’t need a lot and a little  does go a long way.

You could try and get a sample but they are like gold -dust. I just bit the bullet and bought a bottle.


Clarins Blue Orchid Oil

So there you have it my loves of the week.

I suppose I should include Freddie Frogs (chocolate bars) in the list but they would feature every day, of every week, of every year. I have somewhat of an un-healthy obsession with them.

I’m also still really enjoying the book by  Garance Dore – ‘Love , Style,  Life’ Its one of those books you could flick through and read over and over again.

I want to be her friend.


Still engrossed…

I hope you’ve all had a grand weekend (I say that enthusiastically… to all 3 of you)… what have you been loving this week, I’d love to know.

Until next time, Tracey x

I must apologise that there are no links. I’ve got a new laptop and its not letting me copy and paste. Ill hopefully figure it out shortly!!

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