Ladies that Lunch tapas style and some lovelies …

If you follow me on Instagram. [ if your not … why ever not?] you’ll be aware that I’ve not been too good. I’ve ‘tweaked’ my chuffing back.

It’s getting easier but I’m still moaning shuffling around [ like I’ve pooped my pants for want of a better description]

It’s been pure agony at times.

After a week in sensible shoes, sporting a pained face, cursing under my breath, cursing not so under my breath and feeling very drab I’ve just met my friend for lunch in a frilly little dress complete with heeled boots.

Big heels. Make that big feck off heels. Not the brightest idea but like mum says “when has that ever stopped you!?”

We had tapas for lunch at the aptly named Tapas Revolution a Spanish Bar and Cafe in Meadowhall. It was a pleasant surprise; a lot better than I’d anticipated.

*whispers* It’s in a food court for  gods sake.

I envisaged screaming kids, football shirts and too cool for school teenagers . I couldn’t imagine it being very personal and expected our food to be thrown at us. [ ok …hands up I’m an over dramatic snob!] Continue reading

Dress to impress …

The Oscars

all the glitz, all the glamour and of course all the dresses…

not that I was doing anything remotely glamourous – we are still mid throws decorating the living room / having our new kitchen fitted. I’m mainly head to toe in dust and paint. I think I’ve worn the same clothes for the past 3 days! #baglady

I tried to stay awake to watch it all , but dropped off while watching the red carpet arrivals. It takes it out if you this decorating makarky.

Anyway back to dresses ; I love them. I spend most of my life in  jeans and pretty tops  but given half a chance I’d wear a lot more dresses. (though I think I might get some funny looks walking around the supermarket in some of these)

One of my stand-out favourite outfits from the evening had to be Margot Robbie in Tom Ford.

Some might say she resembled an Oscar herself.

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Get Jumping …

Holiday’s are coming, holiday’s are coming…
The Coca Cola lorries on his way….a sure sign it’s almost Christmas, which I for one am very happy about.

It also got me thinking about party outfits. Well to be honest I’ve been thinking about them for a while now….

I’m a big fan of and do love a good jumpsuit. It’s a great alternative to your LBD. If your anything like me with legs all over (think bambi on ice with cataplexy) especially after a drink, then they are ideal. You can jump about, fall over or do a handstand even ( it has been known) while keeping your modesty covered!

I already have a couple of jumpsuits from last year, that will be coming out to play again this year.

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