When you stop looking…spotlight on Zaful

It’s funny isn’t it… The moment you stop looking for something up it pops.

In my case… the perfect dress.

Now I’ve not got my hands on it yet, and it could look like,  or rather I could look like a sack of spuds in it. But on first sight, it was love… It’s everything I look for in a dress.  Pretty, lady like and a beautiful cut and colour.

It’s got 3/4 length sleeves, it’s nipped in at the waist and midi. Ok so it’s not green sequinned but what’s that between friends.

Plus green sequins are so Christmas 2015, darling 🙂

So here she is in all her glory Light Blue Half Sleeve Dress


It’s from Zaful a company I had never heard of before today. I’ve honestly no idea how I even ended up on their website? This happens a lot… usually during periods of procrastination. Procrastination happens a lot too!

Zaful have an instagram and an instashop which makes life a lot easier.

See something you like …just click on it and it takes you straight to it. Simples  (to coin a meerkat)


Delivery is the only thing that’s confusing and slightly worrying…If delivery of clothing worries you that is. (maybe it’s just me)

It’s stated as being anything between 3 and 25 days? eh?..but on a positive it’s free.

Yay to free delivery.

Nay to vague delivery times.

While I’ve no rush for said dress it would put me off ordering something in the future, especially  if it was for a special occasion. I would need to know whether it would reach me in time? A lady has to plan.

And lastly there’s the price.

It’s gob-smackingly cheap at just £13.33! Yes you heard me correctly. I’ve not seen the quality yet, so again I can’t comment just yet…but I will.

Here are some other Zaful goodies that caught my eye earlier…

V Neck solid colour belt short sleeve dress // £18.02

Smart and sassy. Ideal for a day at the office. Again the tailoring and cut look spot on and overall it looks a lot more expensive than £18.02.

imageBleach Wash Embroidered Denim Dress // £33.88

Love this dress. It has a definite, laid back hippy chick feel to it. It would be great for the up and coming festival period.

Not that I’m going to any…

I’d love to go to Glastonbury but I don’t like worms, I’m petrified of them infact.. (I figure that with all that mud they’ll be loads) … or my bare feet on wet grass. I’m weird. Then there’s the toilet situation. Need I go on?.

I digress…

How about this one? Can my wardrobe really take/ justify another denim dress? But it’s so pretty…

Stand Neck Embroidered Pleat dress// £21.26



  Solid Colour Knitted Loose Fitting Batwing Sleeves Cardigan // £16.57

Gorgeous, just gorgeous chunky over-sized cardigan.

I actually used this pic (I found it on pinterest) in a post about over-sized chunky knits just last week. Little did I know it was from here.

Ohhh I so need this.


Open Front Jacquard Long Cardigan // £17.29

The ripped jeans, the long cardy…a great casual look.

I have a ‘thing’ about yellow shoes/ sandals.I bought a pair of (faithful) Faith stiletto’s back in the year dot.  I still have them. I love to pop them on, as they instantly brighten up any outfit. They’re yellow how could they not?!

These are fun…if extremely high. Since ‘broken foot’ saga I’d not be able to wear these. Boo… But maybe you could?!

Patent Leather Stiletto Heel Dot Sandal // £17.14

yellow shoes

I could wear these little beauties though !

Pointed Toe Cross Strap Cone Heel Pumps // £33.88


Ohhhh, don’t you just love discovering a new shopping site?!

My purse however dislikes it… (though she’s not quite so mad as usual and approves of these prices)

It’s nice to see I’m getting my ‘shopping’ mojo back too… the fact I’m sat foaming and slathering at the mouth kinda gives it away:)

Until next time, Tracey x

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