Ladies that Lunch hit Barnsley…#ladiesthatlunchfriday

It’s Friday,  so what do we want?


When do we want it ?!


I’ll be quite honest with you, I’ve been fairly chilled about the state of the house….that was until illness struck me a few days ago and now absolutely everything annoys me.


The constant mess, tripping over tools, builders mess everywhere…living out of a box. Shall I go on?

I was even annoying myself.

To say I was glad to leave the house for the afternoon on Friday was no exaggeration!

Our choice of destination – Barnsley, for a spot of culture, followed by some lunch and a chat.

The culture came courtesy of a free  exhibition being held at the Civic – Hanson Street, Barnsley S70 2HZ

The Royal Photographic Society Members Biennial Exhibition 2015 actually finishes this weekend (16.01.2016) but there are loads more events and exhibitions in the pipeline. Check their website for more details.

Lunch came courtesy of ‘Lazy Pasta’ directly opposite the Civic  also on Hanson Street.

And Barnsley….

Well you pleasantly surprised me, my dear. You are  a lot nicer than I remember (The last time I visited was about 15 years ago!) We didn’t wander far but from what I saw there were some beautiful old buildings, mixed in with some ultra modern new ones. It was clean and I’d like to go back and explore some more.

I understand Barnsley is going through a regeneration programme. Feel free to correct me if that’s not the case!

I’ll let the pics do the talking… but it’s suffice to say we had a good time.

The  Exhibition was inspiring and I always love looking at other people’s Work; their style and their subject. I am definitely going to up my photo game this year and concentrate on and try to improve my photography.

The food was nice, if fairly basic. A decent-sized bowl of pasta (£4.95 on the lunch-time special menu) with several slices of garlic bread (not included, this is charged extra) hit the spot… we added cheese for good measure.

The garlic bread (with cheese) was spot on and drizzling in garlic. We both agreed the best part of the meal.

Job’s a good un.

We washed it all down with an ice cold glass of lemonade, followed by a coffee rather than a dessert .

They do sell alcohol but I had a meeting lined up with the neighbours (contesting our garden plans) later that day and I was fuelled up enough without the assistance of alcohol.
















If like me you are sat admiring Sue’s nail colour. I can tell you it’s by OPI and it’s name…‘the berry thought of you’.

I posted a few pictures on my instagram ( just_call_me_trace) and had a few compliments / enquiries regarding my turquoise jewellery and scarf.

I can advise the scarf is from good old (ding done) Avon (calling) and my bracelets are from Envy, a ladies boutique on Woodseats, Sheffield. My earrings were a bargain off ebay – 99p with free postage. They took forever and a day to arrive but at that price you can’t really complain…

I enjoy and look forward to our ‘ladies that lunch’ dates, so much so, I’m considering doing a regular feature…!


What do you think?… where would you recommend we visit next (within reason) ? Hopefully I’ll be able to drag my partner in blogging Liz along next time,  it’s been far too long!

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Much Love … and until next time,


Tracey x

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