Seeing the new year in Italian Style…

As with most posts, this one wasn’t planned.

Let’s just say some thing’s are just too good not to share; like my love of the films Spatacus and Jason and the Argonauts…I could recite them both to you, but I won’t. Not today anyway.

Plus I’m nice like that.

You may have  guessed by now that the Mr and I are pretty crap when it comes to planning anything. Remember ‘Tap-gate’ from a couple of weeks ago?

He calls me gonna…‘gonna do this, gonna do that’. We were planning to go away on New Years Eve for a few days but life happened. Basically we lost all sense of time , what day it was, what time it was even and it never got booked.


Like I said  crap!

I spent New Years Eve ringing around the restaurants of Sheffield desperately trying to book a table for 3 for 8.30pm ish. The 3 of us being the Mr and I plus my friend Sue (who I insisted shouldn’t be alone on NYE – again because I’m nice like that)

I even posted a shout-out on Twitter. Thank you @HelpSheffield and @was3210 for all your help.

Long story short… I was on the receiving end of a lot of  ‘What …. a table for tonight … tonight ?really?‘ They may as well have snorted down the phone and said are you having a laugh?

However not to be out-done, Sue managed to blag us the last table at Rossi’s (well done Mrs) for 9.00pm . She succeeded where I failed.

The next dilemma was what to chuffing wear.

I’ve officially lost my shopping mojo. I’m reading ‘Love Style Life’ by Garance Dore like a woman possessed and willing it back! Marvellous book by the way.

After trying on seemingly half of my wardrobe to cries of ‘I look too fat, It looks FAR too tight, the cursing of mince-pies, I can’t wear tights with this dress, my legs are far too hairy and white to not wear tights’  I went with an old favourite, my burgundy lace dress from Next ( I swear it had moth balls)

I teamed it with a faux fur grey jacket from a little independent boutique in Whitby, the biggest earrings I could find, again from Next, and some ‘cheap and cheerful’ Primark Stilettos.

I had to quickly shave my legs and rock the lily white look!

The only thing going in my favour was my hair which miraculously  did as it was told (for once).

I swear at times during the last few weeks (and from certain angles)  if I had stuck a false moustache on I would have resembled Hitler with his swept over fringe stuck to his fore-head!

This growing out your fringe lark is an official ball-ache.


Wearing what my Mum refers to as my ‘sucking lemons face’

So back to the evening.

Rossi’s is a family-ran Italian restaurant on Sharrow Lane. The décor is totally OTT. Naked statues, marble pillars and the painted ceilings are decorated with images from the Sistine Chapel. I Love it.

It was busy and we were treated to some live music courtesy of MAX ( the owners son.

I love live music and the trumpet sounded fabulous, if at times it was a little loud.

Sue and myself found ourselves more or less shouting across the table at each other. I had a little hangover from the previous night. I found it easier to not speak while he was playing…

P1011006 (2).JPG


Café style seating, naked statues, painted ceilings, lots of greenery…busy, busy, busy. I love it

The New Years Eve menu was £44.95 per head, I didn’t think that was too bad to say what night it was. I wouldn’t want to work, never-mind cook.

The choice was great.

I had Melone De Gamberetti (crown of melon with prawn and marie rose) for starters, and Pollo Diane (chicken breast cooked in mushroom, onion , french mustard cream and brandy sauce) for main.

Both were delicious, though I doubt you could go wrong with a prawn cocktail? Then again thinking about … I probably could!

The portions were very generous . The sauce on my chicken was very rich and there was a lot of it. Luckily I like rich food, but my boyfriend found the sauce on his steak a little too ‘much’ . He still demolished the lot in quick time!

Sue had Torte di Salmona torte made with smoked salmon and pancake and layered with ricotta cheese) for  her starters . We both agreed it was out of this world and definitely worth a mention.

Then lastly to my favourite part – dessert.

I should be rights resemble a house-side. Saying that with the amount I’ve eaten this Christmas I’m not that far off!

I love my puddings and boy were they good!!

At this point we lost my boyfriend for 1/2 hour as he had to nip home.

We are honestly the most scatty, unorganised couple I know and had come out without a bank card or any cash between us. Despite Sue insisting she would pay and we could sort it out later, he was having non of it.

Luckily he was driving and made it back just in time for coffee….


Let me introduce you to my dessert … and Sue’s below. Yum , Yum, Yum.

P1011013 (2).JPG

The choice of dessert  – Tiramisu, Profiteroles, Cheese cake, Chocolate Fudge cake or Ice-cream. Followed by coffee and mints, and a sneaky shot of Lemoncello (an Italian lemon liqueur)

All in all we had a great , rather civilised night. (Who knew I could do civilised so well.)

We weren’t rushed in the slightest , the staff were lovely, the food was great and the atmosphere was buzzing.

It might not have been all singing and dancing like previous new years but it made a nice change. Don’t they say a change is as good as a rest?

To summarise we enjoyed it so much we have all agreed to visit again soon.

P1010999 (2).JPG

You can find Rossi’s at 3, Sharrow Lane, Sheffield S11 8AE

Hasta la vista baby ….

(I know , I know that’s Spanish, but it made  me giggle)

Until next time, Tracey x


5 thoughts on “Seeing the new year in Italian Style…

  1. RetroChicMama says:

    Well jell Tracey, my favourite food is anything Italian! You do make me laugh, as if you could ever look like Hitler?! HAHAHAHA!

  2. says:

    Hi Liz and Tracey,
    Due to an all-consuming design project (pssst, top secret) I havn’t peeked for a while into your blog (or any bog for that matter). I see I missed out on a lot: parties, dinners, pampering, family etc. I’ll catch up on it later. But for now I just wanted to wish you guys a Happy New Year! xx Abby

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hello Abby,
      What a lovely message, thankyou and right back at you. We are the same and are in the process of catching up. The design project sounds interesting, can’t wait to hear more! Have a lovely day, Tracey & Liz xx

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