Get Jumping …

Holiday’s are coming, holiday’s are coming…
The Coca Cola lorries on his way….a sure sign it’s almost Christmas, which I for one am very happy about.

It also got me thinking about party outfits. Well to be honest I’ve been thinking about them for a while now….

I’m a big fan of and do love a good jumpsuit. It’s a great alternative to your LBD. If your anything like me with legs all over (think bambi on ice with cataplexy) especially after a drink, then they are ideal. You can jump about, fall over or do a handstand even ( it has been known) while keeping your modesty covered!

I already have a couple of jumpsuits from last year, that will be coming out to play again this year.

My birthday outfit – a  dark blue jumpsuit with a sequin top from Lipsy, which I adore. And a black strapless number ….(I forget where from ) which I wore to our cocktail making class.

Read previous post HERE  If you like tall, dark handsome Italians its worth a look.


Here are a few IG snaps of them:


Look how short my hair was, or rather look how much it’s grown.

* Looks at bush currently cultivating on head and thinks… I want short hair again *

Anyway, I’m not sure I need another jumpsuit but that doesn’t stop me looking does it??

This ASOS jumpsuit – £50.00 is similar to my Lipsy number but minus the bling. Just add your biggest heels, handbag and some chunky jewellery.



This necklace from Yosa would look amazing and inject some colour. I’d pull one of the colours from this and match it to my handbag.


This one maybe from ASOS Sunita Muhki Eye Clutch – £22.00



Or, my preference would be something a little plainer like this…



or this yellow one

yellow bg


This is also a very similar jumpsuit from Missguided. £35.00

I do like the strapless numbers, I find them very flattering. I have hardly any boobage so there’s not much chance of them popping out, then again on the other hand there’s not much to keep it up! Hampered.

Navy, sweetheart neck and tapered leg.



My favourite from Zara’s various offerings is this one below. Long Crossover Jumpsuit – £49.99

I Love the cut out detail on the sleeve. It’s loose fit, so ideal on your ‘Christmas night out meal’ .You can stuff to your heart’s content without worrying about the ‘bulge’ showing.

Mince pie anyone… It would be rude not too!

This would work equally as well in the day – Pair of flats, over-sized cardigan and chunky bag.



This Floral Glitter velvet jumpsuit is from Top Shop. It was actually featured on Lorraine earlier today. It’s only £36.00.

It has a more casual feel to it and I could see me wearing this to the beach with some fancy flip-flops. Bringing bling to the beach. Hey why not?!


For a night out I’d add a belt to cover the elasticated waist which can look a bit cheap and pop something over my shoulders.

I’m liking this Per Una long sleeve and lace jumpsuit a lot. Yours for £129.00

Long sleeves are always a god-send, especially as we get older and those dreaded bingo wings come into their own and who doesn’t love some lace?

This has to be the most sophisticated of the bunch. Just add red lippy.




This lipstick is on my wish list. Sophie Loren No. 1 by Dolce & Gabbana would be just perfect….

along with a squirt of Tom Ford – Black Orchid. I have bottles of this, it smells divine.

tom ford

She who dares wins…

Fancy your Shirley Bassey moment…. Then this Lunar Sparkle jumpsuit is for you – £180.00 from French Connection


Sequins are not forgiving and highlight every lump and bump, which I found out for myself on Saturday. I tried a fully sequined dress on in French Connection funnily enough. I looked about 4 months pregnant and much bigger than I actually am! Proceed with caution.

This River Island number is rather lovely. The only thing I can recommend when you go for a wide leg version is that you ensure the leg is long enough / covers the top of your shoe. I hate it when you wear a flare with a heel and there’s that ugly space in-between.

As my mum would say… It looks like the cats just died.


This is the wide-leg jumpsuit of my dreams. Embellished Cady Jumpsuit Below.

Look how beautiful it sits. Perfect leg length. High waisted which elongates the leg. I’m not sure about the colour (on me) but imagine this in black, grape or dark green. It’s by Elie Saab



It should be perfect for £4,295!!

Yes you heard me correctly…In another life eh?

So I hope your feeling a little inspired, there is a jumpsuit to suit everyone, you just need to find yours … and there are loads to choose from.

I’ve got itchy fingers and dying to pop a couple in my basket but I’ve still got a green sparkly dress to find…

On my quest I did stumble across and purchase this little jumper from H&M £24.99, which I wasn’t looking for but I had to have. Not available on-line unfortunately.

It’s green and has bling, but isn’t OTT.


I’m also on the hunt for a super-duper hair conditioning treatment. Recommendations anyone?

The telemetry diagnostic I had last week has left (what’s left of) my hair in terrible condition. Or rather the ‘stuff’ she applied to dissolve the glue has.

I’m not sure what was worse…

Wearing 28 probes for 2 chuffing days or the nurse removing them all. I don’t want to sound like a whinge (but I’m whingeing) but to say she was rough would be an under-statement. It hurt’s just thinking about it. I swear I’ve got 28 little bold patches scattered all over!

My poor head.

Until next time, Tracey x

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    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Michelle,
      I didn’t add links for the Lipsy jumpsuit ( bought last year) or H&M green top as couldn’t find it, saying that my laptop was playing up. Almost through the window – half the links don’t blinking work. Resolved most. I’m rambling! Thankyou, I love them and I’m tempted by the Per Una lacey jumpsuit

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