NFD – That 70’s show….

Afternoon Ladies,

Let’s skate back to the 1970’s when fashion was just fabulous!…


Don’t you just love fashion at the moment? It is right up my street. I love the 70’s influence. I can’t get enough double-denim, flares, fringing and anything suede. For a girl born in 1970 and who grew up wanting to be a ‘Charlies Angel’ it’s a dream come true. I’m no spring chicken but this look works for all ages. You just have to adjust your hem lengths accordingly.

Here’s a pick of some recent, and some not so recent purchases I’ve made.

I’ve been rocking my dark denim River Island flares for a few months now. The fit and length are just perfect. At 5ft 10 I’m usually either sporting a rather ugly camels toe or looking like an extra from Star Trek, with trousers Captain Kirk would be proud of ( half way up my leg!)

First up are my new Bags from Dune. I like a bag big enough so I could ( if I wanted too) carry the kitchen sink around with me. So this one below is ideal.



I also treated myself to a slightly smaller tan bag that can be worn across the body, and is featured on the pictures below.


Got to love some double denim (above)

I’m trying to co-ordinate my wardrobe, so my outfits, can be mixed and matched. I’m favouring all things tan and cream at the moment. And denim…don’t forget my beloved denim.

I have a couple of denim dresses, which If you follow me on IG, I’m sure you will have seen by now. I’m boring the world to death with my denim dress fetish!

A few weeks ago, while mouching around H & M I stumbled upon this faux suede mac. I loved it on the hanger and even better on.

My boyfriend refers to it as my Inspector Gadget Flasher Mac…He hates it but what’s he know eh?! I wear it over dresses, worn with knee high boots and with both my skinny and flared jeans. I honestly love it.







I spotted this lovely Poppy Boho Blouse yesterday in the window of Dorothy Perkins and at just £26 I snapped it up. They had it teamed with a rather short tan suede skirt. It looked great but it was maybe a little too short for myself.

I’m wearing it today with my flares, but I liked the look of it with the skirt, so I’m on the hunt for a slightly longer version. I spotted one in Marks & Spencers weeks ago which I wish I had bought now! Typical.


And lastly my new tan knee length boots, worn above – on their first outing yesterday to go shopping.

I had a nightmare trying to find a pair that fitted correctly. I found most pairs I tried on were gappy at the back of the calf. My legs aren’t particulary skinny but it just looked wrong? Add to that my dodgey ‘ it may be broken foot’ and I am well and truly hampered.

Thankfully Dune came to the rescue and the boots I choose – Topaz – fit like a dream. More than I would normally pay at £169 but hopefully a good investment . Square toe, knee length and I do love a block heel.


So there you have it …my ever growing 70’s inspired wardrobe. Mixing and matching my way into winter.

Have you seen anything  I should add ….tell me, tell me!

Until next time, Tracey x

5 thoughts on “NFD – That 70’s show….

  1. Lily Rose 🌹 says:

    Hi there, love your pics and your choices work well for you.
    In your shopping outfit you’re wearing a dress above the knee so I think a short suede skirt would look great with your poppy blouse. You can team it with tights, your knee length boots and finish your look with some poppy lipstick. Enjoy the ’70s trend… Xx

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