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On 15th December I will have been on this earth 44 years. Jesus 44 years. To weigh it all up – I’m single with 2 cats – Lola and Frankie. I have cataplexy. I own my own home, have a car, and I hold down 2 jobs . I have the most amazing family and friends and I make myself laugh alot, or rather I laugh at myself a lot. See when I put it like that – I/my life doesn’t sound too bad (apart from the cataplexy part) I do need to start curbing my spending habits but I will do that in January. December is my month and I intend to sparkle through out … with a glass of Baileys in one hand and a mince pie in the other. Because it is Christmas, it is allowed and mainly because its my birthday month!

I am looking for a party dress. I’ve been looking for what seems an eternity. So far my attempts have been dismall. The dresses I have ordered have been returned as quickly as they arrived. I think I’m maybe trying too hard – does the perfect dress even exist?. The last one I ordered , a beautiful dress from ASOS , made me look like the bloody sugar plum fairies ‘frumpy mum’ and alot bigger then I actually am. Not really the look I was after. My hips and backside looked huge!!

I’m still in  discussions, or rather pestering Tesco to death regards a Florence & Fred dress I had seen in a magazine. It was advertised about 2 months ago but they have no release date yet. It looks amazing on paper. All sequins and sparkle. I want it ! Can I just take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Kaz in customer Services for trying her hardest to sort me out. I still have my fingers crossed.

Here it is featured on my instragram with a big HELP ME!


Yesterday in the Black Friday sales I ordered this lovely number from River Island via ASOS,only to discover my friend had done the same. mmmm hopefully one of us won’t like it on? It had a 20% discount, knocking a good £14.00 off the overall cost. I love strapless dresses , jumpsuits, tops. I find them very flattering especially when you have short hair. It shows off your collar bones, your neck and I for one find this a tad sexy. Its a good length too. Due to it being midi, rather than wear thick tights, I can false tans my pins and whip on some strappy sandals.


Lovely dress, hate the shoes – in my opinion far too clompy.

Now if money didn’t matter … here’s the dress I would be sporting. It’s a Jenny Packham beaded cocktail dress and its yours for a mere £2,235.00. Delicious and unfortunately totally out of my price range! Delicious non the less…




The ASOS pink sequin dress above is more my price-range. £65.00 I love it but I’m holding off ordering it just yet! It also comes in a gorgeous green and has an amazing cowl back.

I have however ordered a jumpsuit from Lipsy…you know just in-case! I don’t have a spending habit / problem honest!!!

I love jumpsuits, but being tall (5ft 10) I have difficulty with leg length.I don’t like the James Kirk (of the star ship
Enterprise) Star Trek look – half way up your calf when its not supposed to be! This could potentially look horrendous. I will let you know. Camel toe could be a major problem …

lipsy l

Oh and I may have ordered this one too…I’m not sure if this is maybe a sequin too many overload but again we’ll see. I may have my Diana Ross moment yet!


So here’s snippets of the outfit I wore last weekend. My favourite Oh My Love London jumpsuit complete with some gorgeous bling from YOSA. I always get excited at the prospect of new jewellery and the Heritage Necklace didn’t disappoint.




I must apologize for the obligatory ‘bog shot’ below and quality of the photo but I am the only person I know who doesn’t possess a full length mirror at home, or a person to take piccy’s for me. They’re both on my list to Santa.


And here’s some other goodies I’ve purchased in the last week…

biker boots

biker boots



Scarf (only available in -store) and Biker Boots both from Next.

I simply adore the boots. They look great with skinnies and equally as good with thick tights and mini skirts. The skirt above is a fairly recent purchase from H & M – a tiger print quilted skirt. Give me a grrrrrrr. The boots have attitude. I like them alot. If I could go to bed in them then I no doubt would…

So the countdown continues as does my quest for an outfit. Like most things I’m sure it will all come together nicely.

Have you seen any great dresses and if you have …tell me, tell me, tell me!

Tracey x

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