Traceys Catchup …Afternoon Tea and the Magician

I bounded into December with a swing in my step, excitable and looking forward to the month that lie ahead… only to be struck down with the dreaded lurg 5 days in!

Lack lustre, snotty, very much death warmed up, after nights of no sleep and with the tendency to have a coughing fit at-least twice a day. I coughed so hard I pulled a muscle in my stomach. Not the ideal way to start my birthday month and Christmas build-up.

I eventually resorted to the doctors last Friday who gave me a weeks course of anti-biotics to fix my chest infection. 3 days in and I’m feeling much better!

I watched my first Christmas movie of the year yesterday  ‘Deck the Halls’ I shed a little tear and got that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I wrote some Christmas cards and I’m drinking Baileys 24/7 – to be honest this has been the case all month even when I felt rubbish.

I’ve definitely got my Christmas mojo back!

Last night a few of us met up at Eten Cafe, York Street in Sheffield for Afternoon Tea with added fizz.

CHRISTMAS 2014 007

photo 4 (3)

CHRISTMAS 2014 003

It was all very civilised (to start) and a great way to catch up.

We grazed on delicious food and giggled over my latest shannighans. Being newly single is definitely an eye-opener. I really think I’m going to start writing a ‘Sex in the City ‘ type book.

What do you think? Move over Carrie Bradshaw, Tracey Herrings here !

CHRISTMAS 2014 009

Finger sandwiches and endless pots of tea followed by Mini triffles, mince pies, scones with clotted cream and jam, carrot cake , raspberry sponge cake. All home-made and a pastry lovers dream…

CHRISTMAS 2014 018

CHRISTMAS 2014 011

photo 5

CHRISTMAS 2014 060

CHRISTMAS 2014 005

I don’t like to see people by themselves at any time , but especially at Christmas.

According to my friend Karen I’ve been collecting ‘waif and strays’ since I was 14 years old. So when this very smart old guy who was wandering aimlessly around the restaurant caught my eye it was no surprise that I asked him to join us for a mince pie…

CHRISTMAS 2014 015

photo 1

CHRISTMAS 2014 022

Turns out he was a magician… and for the next hour he entertained us. Don’t you just find magic fascinating?

CHRISTMAS 2014 047

CHRISTMAS 2014 046

CHRISTMAS 2014 055

CHRISTMAS 2014 035

photo 3 (1)

He was rather good and more importantly had us rolling around in laughter. I bloody love laughing and at times I was in  tears.

It was a little random act of kindness which turned out to be more fun than we envisaged. I think we made an old man happy… in more ways than one.

One trick involved a deck of cards which for some reason had random pictures of nude ladies on the back. Every time he pulled one of these cards out of the pack he looked across and winked at our Karen. I think the old dog had a little crush.

A ‘magical’ evening with special friends. It’s just what the doctor ordered and not a Lemsip in sight Tracey x

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