Social Sheffield first Supper Club at Silversmiths

Last night one half of the Naughty Forty ladies braved the miserable drizzly weather and winged their way across Sheffield to attend the first Social Sheffield Supper Club. The hosts Silversmiths, on Arundel Street.

That half would be me – Tracey . I’m an erratic driver at the best of times and I’m never really sure how I arrive at my destination in one piece. I’m sure I ventured down several bus and taxi lanes!! I eventually found my bearings and also a rather handy car-park located just a stones-throw from the restaurant.
One of the first to arrive , I was greeted by the Social Sheffield Team – Cathy, Fran and Mick. One by one other ‘guests’ started to arrive; bloggers , photographers , PR ladies, tweeters . To break the ice we were each given a random fact about each other and we then had to find the person that it related too. Good fun with lots of very weird questions being flung at each other. I’m still looking for my lady / gent. Hands up who wishes that their super power was to be-able to tell if you somebody was a cat or dog person?

As we were mingling and to get the proceedings under-way we were each handed a rather delicious Elderberry Martini. Justin our host for the evening explained that all the produce used in Silversmiths menu’s are grown / sourced locally and that the elderberry’s had been foraged earlier that week. That’s fresh for you!

The menu is changed monthly and the food being served reflects that month/ season.  It’s a great concept and Justin is very passionate about it.


Cocktails demolished , we were asked to take a seat as it was time for the 9-course taster menu to begin. Yep you heard correctly 9 courses! Due to illness last week I had hardly eaten anything up to this point and I had worried whether I would make it through the whole shebang! I needn’t have. My piglet status remains firmly in tact.

So here goes and a great way to begin, the first of our 3 mini- starters …

Whipped goats cheese with local honey and toasted nuts. I’m not a great fan of goats cheese but this was amazing. The combination of the ingredients was incredible. A definite winner.


Followed by Cured scallops with home-made chorizo and pea puree. At a risk of repeating myself… another winner.


And lastly Venison heart casserole with Yorkshire Pudding and mashed potato. This was most definitely my favourite starter. I’m a proper Yorkshire pudding, potato and gravy kinda girl. Complete with lashings of Henderson’s relish, which really brought out the flavour. I could have eaten this all night.


Mini mains came in the way of 16 hour braised lamb breast, which practically melted in your mouth. Pan-fried Whitby mackerel with beetroot risotto and finally Broccoli and Harrogate Blue cheese tart. The tart wasn’t really a tart as you would imagine; it looked and had the consistency of a Chinese pancake roll . Lovely all the same.

My middle name really should be mackerel as I eat so much of it. This dish didn’t disappoint and tasted a hell of a lot better than the stuff I consume by the tin-full!.





Stuffed to busting we reached dessert. Yay!! It was hard work but somebody had to do it!

To be honest my eyes lit up when I saw this plate of deliciousness and I dug straight into it not paying that much attention to what I was eating ! I’m safety reassured that I had just woofed down…



Pear and Almond marzipan , Chocolate mousse and Lemon and Raspberry panacotta. It always makes me smile that no matter how full I think I am , I can always make room for some pudding …

all washed down with a steaming cup of coffee..



In my opinion the night was a resounding success, the food was delicious, I met some lovely people. Yep, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I didn’t get told off for using my phone !! Tweeting updates, taking photos and instagramming was actively encouraged. I’m usually being shouted at by my friends for being anti-social!

We were even party to some insider information!!

IMG_7048.PNG Just how fabulous is that ! Copies of the book go on sale at the beginning of December. One for the Christmas list.

Silversmiths is well worth a visit. I’ve not actually been myself but I’ve heard ‘pie night’ which is held every Tuesday, is a must. The restaurant itself is very relaxed and tastefully decorated. Exposed brick walls, wood panelling, lantern lights and a central bar that had a decidedly ‘Cheers’ feel to it complete with a very smiley bar tender (though he’s not so smiley below) A good first date venue. Low key with subtle lighting and a great atmosphere.

If like me you also favour a nice ladies room / toilet then these won’t disappoint either!

I’d just like to thank the guys at Social Sheffield for inviting me along, I feel very honoured. And a massive thank you has to go to Justin and his staff for a beautiful meal and drinks, all courtesy of them.

I can confirm that even though it was still drizzling outside, this little piggy left very happy … mostly stuffed …dreaming of mini Yorkshire puddings.. and driving up a bus lane!

Until next time , Tracey x



6 thoughts on “Social Sheffield first Supper Club at Silversmiths

  1. drgjones7 says:

    hello…. I finally caught up. Great blog… really interesting Tracey.. Nice to know how good the food was and to see pictures of it. Glad you had a good night out> Can’t believe you forgot your camera..!! that’s a silly mistake . Glad the social Sheffield peeps were a nice bunch. Take care xxx

  2. Rebecca says:

    Great blog Tracey. Food looks amazing. There’s always room for desert as we have 2 stomachs…one for food and the other for deserts…as my grandmother used to say 😃. Xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Rebecca, that did make me smile. Thankyou for reading & commenting. Comments make my day. The pics could be better but in my rush i forgot to pick my ‘real’ canera up! xx

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