STYLE | Teal Appeal

“Teal is a deep blue-green colour; a dark cyan 

Teal gets its name from the coloured area around the eyes of the common teal, a member of the duck family.” 

Hey up its me, sat typing and sweltering. I’m at work and I really want to whip my bra, pants and dress off. Not my best idea. But hey … anybody else feeling the same vibe…

Apart from the glorious weather – this week has kicked off to a grand start. I’ve only gone and bloody won a dress over on instagram! I know, I know … go me!

I don’t often do fashion posts ; I’m hardly the most fashionable person on the planet . I personally think people should wear what the bloody hell they want too. It’s clothing not rocket science. It should be fun and it should also be a reflection of you, whether it’s ‘ in fashion‘ or not. #youdoyou

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Style | The Maxi Skirt …

I was looking through my wardrobe the other day and noted there are several staples that I am missing.

A black maxi skirt for one; something I can just throw on.  Black would be ideal as it goes with most things, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be black. I have loads of jumpers and pretty little tops that are crying out to be worn with something other than my jeans.

I’m not feeling my jeans at the moment and its not because I ate too much over Christmas either. As regular readers will be aware I did a sponsored ‘No cake, chocolate or mince pies’ for the whole duration of December. I swear I’m the only person who actually lost weight over the Christmas holidays and is officially sick of the sight of bananas…. I  raised £500 for The Eve Appeal. Win win.

So back to Maxi skirts I’ve been having a quick ganzy , in-between drinking copious amounts of coffee and trying to make sense of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ .

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Atomic Blonde … 

Last night was ‘Date Night‘.

What with one thing and another ‘we‘ tend to get side-lined. We decided Date Night should become [where possible] a weekly affair. Sometimes life gets in the way of romance doesn’t it? We made a promise to make time for each other.

You may all say awwwww… 

or be sick. 

Your choice. 

The BF mentioned the cinema. I pulled a ‘urgh’ face. I was tired I told him , I’d fall asleep as soon as the lights went down . It would be a total waste of money and let’s face it going to the cinema these days isn’t a cheap affair.

Sometimes I’m mardy and not much fun! As you can see my can’t be arsed mood isn’t shifting very fast.

Then I remembered that Atomic Blonde with the beautiful Charlize Theron was showing at Vue, Meadowhall.

I’d been dying to see this film after seeing the trailers. There was only one problem the BF was keen to see bloody Spider-Man .

Some quick thinking on my part and the promise of some naked, lesbian sex scene action sealed the deal. The BFs eyes lit up and the decision was made… Spider-Man could wait! Continue reading

NFD – Accessorising with obi belts…

Now I don’t claim to know much, if anything about fashion but I spend alot of my time with my head shoved in fashion magazines, umming and arhhing over clothes I can’t afford. Ever since I spotted Cara Delevingne wearing a rather gorgeous red obi belt…well I’ve wanted a piece of the action. Obi belts are nothing new and have been around a while . They were big news back in 2011, but like most things are making a welcome come-back, or maybe they never really went away? Either way I’m inspired…

Obi belts also referred too as sash or wrap belts are soft belts that you wrap around and tie either at the front, back or side  – from Japanese origins.


Miss Delevingne looked amazing, but then again let’s face it she would look great in a potatoe sack! I am in lust with her outfit; I think that the belt really adds the finishing touches .

Flicking through this month’s Vogue… up they popped again.


So here’s my inspiration and how I’m planning to style mine.


imageI love the idea (above) of a long chunky cardy over a polo neck / skirt combo neatly gathered with an obi belt. It’s just looks so stylish and really accentuates your waist . The same goes for the blouse, it just adds that little something and pulls an outfit together. They would also look great and add a little va va voom to jumpsuits and dresses.

I have some great news. Well I say great – don’t get excited! I would have disclosed this earlier in the week had I not been scared somebody would outbid me and I’d miss out. For once I kept completely stum.

So the news… I bid for 2 ASOS obi belts ( one black, one tan) on ebay at the beginning of the week and I’ve only gone and bloody won them both for the whooping cost of only £2 plus P+P. Yes you heard me correctly two whole English pounds.

Said belts are winging there way to me as I am  typing and I have my fingers crossed they fit. Like the ding bat I am….I didn’t check the sizing!!

imageSo if they don’t here’s where I’ll be heading. Mango.

This comes in at £29.99 and comes in black and chocolate. HERE


ASOS have some beauties…

Faux suede reversible obi belt £15 – HERE



But I’m saving the best for last.

Black & Brown Premium Leather Oversized Obi belt – £45  HERE

Delicious isn’t it ? I’m just working out whether or not I can afford it.

(Translates too …  If I can or can’t this will be in my Wardrobe!)


I’ll keep you updated as to whether the ebay goodies fit (please fit!) and how I get on styling my outfits. My plans will either come together nicely or I’ll look a proper chuff!

Until next time, Tracey x

A little bit of this and that … but mainly dresses!

On 15th December I will have been on this earth 44 years. Jesus 44 years. To weigh it all up – I’m single with 2 cats – Lola and Frankie. I have cataplexy. I own my own home, have a car, and I hold down 2 jobs . I have the most amazing family and friends and I make myself laugh alot, or rather I laugh at myself a lot. See when I put it like that – I/my life doesn’t sound too bad (apart from the cataplexy part) I do need to start curbing my spending habits but I will do that in January. December is my month and I intend to sparkle through out … with a glass of Baileys in one hand and a mince pie in the other. Because it is Christmas, it is allowed and mainly because its my birthday month!

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Doncaster Races…What I Wore

It’s not often I get chance to get ‘dolled up’ but a day at the races is a rather fab excuse to glam it up. I’d had a few weeks notice and spent most of it looking for a new outfit. I don’t really do posh frocks and hate the idea of buying an expensive dress that I’m never going to wear again so when I saw this one in the sale at Asos, I immediately clicked on ‘Add to basket’.


I usually stick to very plain, boring (but slimming) black but as they didn’t do this one in black, I braved it and ordered the white. It’s an Arrogant Cat dress which happens to be one of my favourite labels and was reduced from £75.00 to £52.00.

Unfortunately, being a good few years older and at least couple of sizes larger, I don’t look anything like the model in it but was quite pleased with my choice.

P9120361 P9120359

The shoes are by Jaspar Conran and were also in the sale, this time at Debenhams…


With an old beaded handbag that I already had and a pair of Wildfox sunnies (wishful thinking), my outfit was complete…





Luckily, my daughter Naomi was on hand to style my hair, which I’d decided I wanted in Victory Rolls to give the whole thing a vintage vibe (although I got told I looked like a Geisha girl – definitely not the look I was aiming for!!!)

I had intended taking photos before I set off but in my usual ‘Lizzy Late’ style, I was heading out the door at the last minute. These photos were taken at the end of the day after a few hours gambling and too many Jack Daniels! Thankfully, Naomi had used lots of grips and hairspray.




And one taken during the day…


I know I don’t often do outfit posts but I am considering doing a few ‘What I wore for work’ style posts. Watch this space…

Liz x

The Tassel WAS Worth the Hassle

One of my first posts on our old blog ‘Indulge In’ was about me and my daughter Naomi taking a road trip to Luton to go flat hunting for her for while she was at university. That was almost two years ago.

Last Friday we made the same road trip…this time she was graduating!

The day started off with some well deserved cards and pressies including an all singing, all dancing puppy (Celebrate good times….come on!!)




After a few renditions of the increasingly annoying song (the dancing was cute though), we made the two and a half hour journey South in sweltering heat, battling with the car’s air con so we weren’t two sticky sweaty blobs on arrival. It didn’t work…we were still two very sticky sweaty blobs. And did I mention the frizzy hair?

Posh frocks and high heels on, frizzy hair still frizzy (mine not Naomi’s), we joined the masses of other students and their guests at St Marys Church, Luton for the afternoon’s proceedings. Naomi added her cap and gown and was suddenly transformed into a mature, excited ‘grown up’.



She looked stunning… I was so proud. I don’t think her beaming smile stopped all afternoon.
We obviously had to take a gazzilion and one photos first – being a student, it’s not often I get to see her in all her finery (which had taken countless shopping trips to find – only to be bought online at the last minute!!).









If I’m being honest, to put it bluntly the ceremony was as boring as hell. Sat in a sweat box of a church, albeit a very pretty one, while listening (or not listening as the case may be) to someone drone on about how good the university is (which in my daughters experience was complete and utter b******s – but that’s another story). Anyway I sat waiting patiently for my ‘Proud Mummy Moment’ when she was presented with her degree while ignoring the lump in my throat and the tear in my eye just long enough to snap away and capture her very own ‘Proud’ moment. The hard work, long hours and expense had been worth it….the tassel was worth the hassle!! I did resist the urge to ‘whoop whoop’ and shout out for risk of sounding like some common Yorkshire fish wife but did actually think about it.


The rest of the ceremony went quite quickly helped slightly by the presence of a celebrity, Kevin Whately (better known as Robert “Robbie” Lewis of Inspector Morse and Lewis…although he will always be Neville from Auf Wiedersehen to me) who was receiving an honorary degree from the university.

As the new graduates paraded out of the church to Take That’s ‘Greatest Day’, there wasn’t one relative that wasn’t eager to go and congratulate/hug/kiss/embarrass their son/daughter. Cue more photos…









A well deserved bubbly…cheers!!!


And a canapé or two…



The dress Naomi eventually chose….By Jessica Wright for Lipsy purchased from Next online £70.00. The shoes are black wedges by Kurt Geiger (Miss KG), were £75.00 but now available in the sale at £39.00



I wore a black jersey midi dress with scalloped neckline from ASOS (last season) which I topped off with a jacket (see earlier photo) purchased from TK Maxx. Frizzy hair courtesy of a two and a half hour sweaty drive!!








After a long and tiring but ‘oh so worth it’ day, we headed back to the car, said our final goodbyes to Luton and started our long journey back up the M1.

As Naomi has accepted a place at Manchester University to start in September, we’ll be doing it all again this time next year….

From a tired but proud mum..Liz x