ESPA Love …


I’m in Love … yep again. I’ve been called many things Fickle being one of them! Only this time it’s with a body oil.

I’ve told you before about my obsession with the feel of oil on skin and the beautifully dewy, moisturised skin it leaves you with. When we were younger Karen and I used to drown ourselves in vegetable oil. I was a student …times were hard. Thankfully that has changed!

Well ladies (and gents) ESPA Restorative Body Oil does not disappoint. I was given a 15 ml bottle in a Harvey Nicks Goodie Bag which I decided to take on holiday with me last week.

Apparently it’s nicknamed  ‘hug in a bottle’, and the official line is that it acts to help balance body and mind, calm nerves and give a sense of optimism while it tones the skin.

It contains Sweet orange, rose geranium and lavender to help with anxiety, calm nerves and comfort spirits. Palmarosa which helps tone and firm, and sweet almond oil which deeply nourishes for beautifully smooth, supple skin.

After a lovely hot bath or shower when your skin is still slightly damp grab your Body Oil and slather it all over, excluding your face. A little goes a long way and watch it melt into your skin while inhaling the beautiful aroma. Blissful.Uplifting. An ‘Arrhhh Bisto’ moment as we call it in our house!

They have a selection of body oils to choose from including : Fitness, Soothing and Detoxifying. Hell why not try them all? I intend too despite my purse screaming No!

I could literally sit here all night and gush about this body oil, make you sniff my skin and stroke my arms (just to see how great they feel) but you would soon get bored and probably think I was slightly weird.

I don’t work for ESPA and my dad certainly does not own the company but you do need this in your life!…

*Strokes arm, has a long sniff and generally feels at peace with herself*

Until Next time, Tracey x

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