From No Brows to High Brows

I have what I fondly refer to as my ‘bald’ brow. I’m not sure what happened – I lie, a blinking pesky Kylie stencil is what happened!

Somehow over the last few years my brows have gradually disappeared, the pencilling in taking longer and my heart sinking a little more each day . The left one is practically a few stray hairs!

Its got so bad I’ve not had my fringe cut for an age and I’ve resorted to wearing daft glasses … Eyebrows frame your face, make you look whole and mine are disappearing quicker than the packet of Maltesers I am currently munching on.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if something is broke and if it’s possible, fix it. Action was required. Following a conversation with Nilam  the founder of HD Brows who both I and Liz recently had the pleasure of meeting, an appointment was made with the lovely Wendy.

Wendy came with high recommendations; apparently she can create brows from nothing. She is a HD Brow trainer and also a permanent makeup artist. Basically she can tattoo what I’m lacking. She sounded perfect, especially as she was based not far from me.

So last Wednesday evening I nervously took myself and what brows I have, for interrogation by Wendy. As she removed my makeup I half expected her to laugh. She actually advised me that I had a lot more hair than some of her other clients and that yes she could help me get back my brows. Yippee!

Unfortunately my hair growth is that pathetic a HD brow wouldn’t really help. She advised permanent makeup was the way forward and proceeded to draw on the brow she envisaged me having.

Lets just say it was amazing, so much so I could have kissed her, however being our first meeting I decided against that. She only drew the one on, took some photos, discussed the pros and cons and then without hesitation I booked for them to be done!

I drove home without crashing, which is a miracle since I spent most of the journey admiring my brow. I arrived home and ran excitedly to show D.

He looked at me unimpressed as I explained what I was going to have done. His reaction ‘ who do you think you are…Jordan?’ Bloody men sometimes….

So todays the day ….  the day I get my brows back.

Ekkkk!!!  Tracey x

To be continued…….

8 thoughts on “From No Brows to High Brows

  1. Sarah Barrett says:

    Fabulous news. There’s a lady round here who trains other ladies how to do HD brows called Wendy Mordue and she’s supposed to be Ah-Mazing wondered if it was the same lady as she travels all over Yorkshire. Can’t wait to see the results x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Can you believe it but yes it was the same Wendy! Small world. Such a lovely lady and a perfectionist which is what you want when somebody is tattooing your forehead! Really pleased Sarah , Tracey x

      • Sarah Barrett says:

        Wow it is a small world. Her daughters went to the school I did ( a year or so above me and I’m sure one of her daughters is in the same trade too ) but I see her walking round Rawmarsh and she’s oh so glam. I’ve heard nothing but good reports about her from her clients. And yes it’s a big decision to make so you have to be comfortable with the person. X Sarah x

  2. Angela flood says:

    Omg Tracey, I’m having the same thing done at the end of the month. Aka @croxleygreen from IG. Xxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      How cool Angela !! I couldn’t sleep last night for thinking about today!
      To reassure you ; it doesn’t hurt and they are 30% darker than they will be after 2 weeks, so I keep having to check myself as they are sooo dark and thick …Dareen just told me I look weird, he’s so full of compliments.
      Cant wait to see yours! Thank you for popping by and commenting, Tracey xxx

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