The ‘Edinbra’ Moonwalk 2013

I’ve been rather quiet lately.  ‘Thank god for that’ I hear you all shout.

I have however been extremely busy doing something sooooo worthwhile. Three months ago, I signed myself and my longest, oldest friend up for Walk The Walk’s Moonwalk in Edinburgh. We have both completed it before, me 3 times and Michelle a staggering 10 times.

Now Michelle is no stranger to fitness, walking and anything exercise related and is quite fit.  I on the other hand have been dabbling in the gym for the past year (after quite a few years being a couch potato) but wouldn’t call myself fit. It has been about 9 years since I last did the Moonwalk in London but I saw this as all the excuses I needed to get my arse in gear, get fit and toned and raise money for a fantastic cause in the process.

So the last few months, the poor residents of the suburbs of Wakefield, have witnessed Michelle and I strut our stuff and wiggle our booty week after week, night after night and mile after mile. Hence everything else being neglected somewhat…there are only so many hours in a day and some things had to give.

Not only have we been ‘in training’ but we also had to decorate our bras. For anyone who has never heard of The Moonwalk, it is a power walking marathon or half marathon starting at Midnight (hence the name) organised by the charity Walk The Walk, raising money for Breast Cancer.  To raise awareness of Breast Cancer, the participants take part wearing their bras…including the men!!

bra decorating with wine

moonwalk 7

We have had many themes for our bra decorating over the years but this time, as the overall Moonwalk theme was Flower Power/ Swinging Sixties, we went with a very ‘Woodstock’ inspired daisy bra, leggings, headband….the list was endless.

top shop daisy bracelet

daisy joggers

Many hours were spent sewing, sticking, glittering, painting and shopping to come up with this years creations. We were like kids at nursery school (except we had wine…lots of wine!). We were in our element.

moonwalk 9

daisy bra

daisies galore

So training done, bras at the ready, we set off on a four hour road trip to Edinburgh last Saturday and took part in The Moonwalk Edinburgh 2013. The weather was glorious travelling up; we were in high spirits and quite giddy looking forward to putting our training into practice.

moonwalk 5

We checked into the hotel, dropped our bags, organised our outfits ready for later that night and headed out to load up with carbs to fuel the 26.2 miles we’d cover later on. A delicious Italian meal (washed down with yet more wine) did the trick.

moonwalk 4

We got ready (which took us hours), painted the nails, applied daisy transfers, styled the hair, painted our faces (yet more daisies) and headed to the pink tent along with thousands of other bra clad walkers.


daisy face

daisy heads

moonwalk 3

moonwalk 2

The weather at this point decided to take a bit of a turn for the worse and started raining on us, the wind started swirling and the temperature dropped. Great! We’d turned up in our bras with no jacket (that would have squashed the daisies). We did have a black t shirt each and the see-thru macs Walk the Walk had provided. A quick change later, bras over the t shirt and plastic macs on too and we were ready to go.


Cheered on by hundreds of well wishers, marshals, police, firemen (much to all the girls’ delight) and general drunken party goers we started pounding the Edinburgh streets. The actual walk was very hilly and quite a tough one – luckily we live in a hilly area so had done lots of hill training. It paid off…we stormed ahead zig zagging and overtaking anyone that was in our way. We’d always completed the marathon in around 6 and a half hours in the past and were keen to finish in the same time or less. The weather remained mixed throughout the evening but did get even colder and windier when we hit the coast road…I think that was the only low point of the night. We battled on and completed the course in about 6 hours 10 minutes.


My daisies were a bit wilted, I’d lost a few en route, the hair was slightly windswept  but other than that Michelle and I finished with beaming smiles, sunglasses on, heads held high and not an ache, pain or blister in sight. We’d had a laugh, eaten (a lot of ) sweets, beat our previous time and raised some money.



We had a big breakfast, hot shower, warm bed and cold champagne waiting for us at the hotel. Because we deserved it.

A big thank you to all who sponsored us, to the well wishers, to the organisers, the volunteers and to my friend Michelle for the laughs…can’t wait till next year!!

Liz Xxx

moonwalk 6

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