Marbella Diaries – Day 2

One by one we  started re-surfacing from our beds. We made our way down to the terrace in various states of ‘bed-head’ to enjoy our breakfast alfresco.

Isn’t that one of the best things you can do …eat and drink in the sunshine, without fear of sudden rain?

I love England but the weather … crikey it’s enough to make you want to pack your bags and never come back. Could do better!

Oh and I officially make THE best coffee ( if I say so myself)


coffee and THAT view

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Marbella Diary Day 1 – the villa and first night out.


Somebody once said that “the best therapy is time spent laughing with great friends” I’ve just had 4 days ‘therapy’ and it’s done me the world of good.

By golly have we laughed…

and then some.

We’ve partied (a lot) and for want of a better word I’m back home and I’m bloody knackered. Rolling in at 6 in the morning was bad enough in my twenties,  at 45 it’s a killer but worth the tired, fuzzy head.

As my mum often says …”your a long time dead. Why sleep when you can dance?”

Why not indeed mum….

So what was the occasion?

We flew out to Spain  to join Leigh in celebrating her 50th . This was actually back in May (little details – long story)

We booked a plush villa in the hills above Marbella for the weekend so we could all be together.

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Day 3 – Valencia

So despite getting in at daft o clock, spending far too long giggling and not sleeping regarding the lift sagar, I was up too early again the next morning.

I think I was running on fresh air and excitement! I actually blame the bloody church bells. They started at 7am and rang every half an hour until about 10. At 9 I think the bell ringers decided to have a laugh at our expense; I swear they rang the dam things non-stop for a full half an hour.

Not for the first time this weekend we thought the King had died. He hadn’t. How the rest of the ‘house’ slept through them I’ll never know.

I decided I’d make breakfast. Hey don’t get giddy; by make I mean fetch.

I like pastry first thing in the morning. Basically I just like cakes and pastry at any time of the day. When people started to emerge I ran down the full 5 flights of stairs [I wasn’t getting in that lift] and raided the coffee house which was ideally situated bang opposite our apartments.

After buying all the Croissants, Pan au Chocolate’s and other fancies available, we were sorted. I ran back up to the apartment ,almost collapsing at the top [note to self – get fit] lit some candles – what can I say I was feeling romantic!


Washed down with a strong coffee.

Jobs a good un… Or rather ‘oh la la !’

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Viva La Valencia Photo Diary Day 1 – A Sheffield Girls Guide

Last week I spent a greatly anticipated long weekend in Valencia. 

I joined 8 of my best friends –  who all travelled from Sheffield to met up with Leigh and Nicola, who are also from England but now reside in Spain.

I’ve been to Valencia once before, its a bloody fabulous place. It’s the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and it’s situated on the banks of the Turia. It’s also the place were the traditonal dish paella was concocted. You may thank me when that comes up in the local pub quiz!

Old meets new with beautiful architecture on every corner. It has a romantic feel to it. Little alleyways leading to hidden squares and more churches than you could throw your stick at.

It’s where I would choose to live if fate hadn’t plonked me in my beloved Sheffield. Valencia or St Tropez, I’m not fussy.

It’s the only holiday I was getting this year, so I intended to make the most of it. After-all 3 days is better than nothing.

photo 1-23

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Albir seeing ya

Yet another holiday over already…why do they always go so fast?

This particular holiday was combined with a visit to my parents who just happen to live in a beautiful part of Spain on the Costa Blanca. As they live off the beaten track and mum is quite ill, we decided to stay in a hotel in the pretty little resort of Albir.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Benidorm and all seen the uncannily realistic programme Benidorm, well although only 5 minutes drive away, Albir is so far removed from it’s next door neighbour it might as well be on the other side of the world.

Welcome to Albir….



photo 4

photo 3

And the beautiful Hotel Albir Playa & Spa…Let me give you a tour


photo 2




No spa is complete without one of these little buddas…


My stairway (OK its a lift) to heaven…









When in Spain…drink the local stuff…



Oh…go on then!!



And nothing tickles the taste buds more than a very traditional erm…Indian



The holiday outfits….


A colourful (for me) bodycon dress from New Look and nude wedges from TK Maxx

photo 5


Grey and black leopard print playsuit from Dorothy Perkins (sorry but its a couple of years old). Sparkly black flatties from Zara



Grecian style olive (rather shitty green) dress from ASOS..although I got it on good ol’ Ebay



Black midi bodycon dress with scalloped neckline from ASOS and black and cream clutch from Bershka.



Black strapless bodycon dress from New Look (in the sale too!!)

photo 1

hair – GHD!!!



Catseyes Sunnies – Prada

Red lippie – Lime Crime Velvetines

Hair – Au naturel and not straightened to hell


Long black  maxi bodycon strapless tube dress – ASOS


And at the end of a long hot sunny day, what better way to spend it than watching the Super Moon…



Albir, I’ll be seeing ya again soon.

Liz xx