Viva La Valencia Photo Diary Day 1 – A Sheffield Girls Guide

Last week I spent a greatly anticipated long weekend in the beautiful city of Valencia. 

I joined 8 of my best friends –  who all travelled from Sheffield to meet up with Leigh and Nicola, who are also from England but now reside in Spain.

I’ve been to Valencia once before, its a bloody fabulous place. It’s the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and it’s situated on the banks of the Turia. It’s also the place were the traditonal dish paella was concocted. You may thank me when that comes up in the local pub quiz!

Old meets new with beautiful architecture on every corner. It has a romantic, slightly worn feel to it. Stumble down Little alleyways that lead to hidden squares and more churches than you could throw your stick at.

It’s where I would choose to live if fate hadn’t plonked me in my beloved Sheffield. Valencia or St Tropez, I’m not fussy.

It’s the only holiday I was getting this year, so I intended to make the most of it. After-all 3 days is better than nothing.

photo 1-23

I think I probably did everybodies heads in for weeks. I’m that annoying 43 year old who gets giddier than a 10 year old at the mere mention of the word holiday.

A few days before ‘take-off’ I applied myself a false tan.It ended up in disaster and I don’t think I slept with excitement on the run-up. Nothing however was going to spoil my few days of fun. Not even dark under-eye circles and bright orange feet and hands!

We were staying at La Paz apartments near the Cathedral Quarter in the Old Town. It really was an ideal spot with everything we needed with-in walking distance. Apart from the beach which was a good 10 minute taxi drive away.

This is the view from the roof … Not bad eh?!

photo 2-29

photo 4-28

photo 5-14

photo 2-30

photo 2-25

photo 3-14 - Copy


photo 3-21 - Copy

photo 5-28

photo 3-20 - Copy

Above : My Bedroom.

As the one who hardly sleeps, it was ideal as it had it’s own little doorway to the patio and pool area.

photo 1-18

The grand entrance to the apartment …

photo 2-27

After cuddles and a catch-up with Leigh and Nicola who we’ve not seen in person for 2 years!! We dropped our bags and headed out to explore.

We got as far as the square…

photo 4-21




photo 1-22



Beer and Nachos…in the sunshine. Perfect.


photo 5-21

photo 3-17 - Copy

We talked, ate and drank before eventually taking a stroll. I have to admit I was a bit wobbly from consuming too many beers.

But hey isn’t thats what holidays are for.

photo 2-23

photo 3-19

photo 1-25

photo 5-12

photo 5-22

photo 2-21



photo 3-23 - Copy

photo 5-24

photo 2-28

We mooched around happily taking in the sights and enjoying the sun on our backs.

We a found a little shop and bought supplies before heading back to the apartment.

We drank some more, chilled out on the terrace and then like a military operation one by one started to get ready for the night ahead. Excited at the prospect of a new city to explore – more alcohol , food and dancing that was to come.

photo 5-20

photo 1-21

photo 5-16

photo 4-19

Below : My first nights outfit. I bought this months ago but I’ve never got around to wearing it.

Its from Oh My Love London, a fab little website.

photo 5-19



We had a great first night, spoilt only by Joanne’s phone being stolen.

Its a big city and like most big cities you have to be careful and keep a safe eye on your belongings. Despite re-tracking our every move (and then some) we never found the phone. Gutting, especially for Jo.

Un-surprisingly it put a downer on the night; luckily (in the broadest sense of the word) it was quite late on.

The majority went home but a few of us stayed out… keen to make the most of our precious 3 nights.

We ended up in a cheesy club – dragged there by a Swedish lady who told us it was good for old people “because there were places to sit down!!”  You had to admire her cheek.

We drank dodgy vodka and danced the night away to crappy euro pop.

This dress even with-stood the 3.00am  ‘bounce up and down like a nutter test’ Basically I did what the title says. I bounced up and down like a nutter and the dress stayed up!

Yah !

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

When the Spanish started clapping (out of sync) to every song that came on, we decided it was time to leave – a good night had by all.

Hey and we didn’t even have to sit down!

There’s loads more to share but I’ll save that for my next post.

Until next time – Tracey x


12 thoughts on “Viva La Valencia Photo Diary Day 1 – A Sheffield Girls Guide

  1. Mainy says:

    Great post and looks like you had an amazing time with friends. Good to know that there are dresses to withstand a crazy dance:)


    Visiting from thirty plus

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Mainy, you can’t beat a weekend away with the girls. I’m off to Marbella next Thursday for 4 nights with the girls. 11 of us !! I will be doing a blog of the weekend 🙂 Tracey

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