Day 3 – Valencia

So despite getting in at daft o clock, spending far too long giggling and not sleeping regarding the lift sagar, I was up too early again the next morning.

I think I was running on fresh air and excitement! I actually blame the bloody church bells. They started at 7am and rang every half an hour until about 10. At 9 I think the bell ringers decided to have a laugh at our expense; I swear they rang the dam things non-stop for a full half an hour.

Not for the first time this weekend we thought the King had died. He hadn’t. How the rest of the ‘house’ slept through them I’ll never know.

I decided I’d make breakfast. Hey don’t get giddy; by make I mean fetch.

I like pastry first thing in the morning. Basically I just like cakes and pastry at any time of the day. When people started to emerge I ran down the full 5 flights of stairs [I wasn’t getting in that lift] and raided the coffee house which was ideally situated bang opposite our apartments.

After buying all the Croissants, Pan au Chocolate’s and other fancies available, we were sorted. I ran back up to the apartment ,almost collapsing at the top [note to self – get fit] lit some candles – what can I say I was feeling romantic!


Washed down with a strong coffee.

Jobs a good un… Or rather ‘oh la la !’

Suitably set up for the day we decided that today we would explore Valencia; head towards the city centre and then go down some little back wacks to see where we ended up…

He really is a beauty.

photo 1-26

photo 5-15

photo 5-13

photo 2-22

photo 3-12

photo 4-12

photo 5-12

photo 2-19

photo 1-30



photo 2-21

photo 3-24 - Copy


photo 1-17

photo 4-16


Of course theres always food and drink involved!

photo 3-22 - Copy

photo 5-23

photo 1-25



photo 4-20After a day exploring, and as it was our last night out we decided to go out alittle earlier than we had been doing.

The plan was to have a drink, grab some delicious food and then find somewhere to dance!

I don’t think we dance enough…

I managed to grab a few pics of some of the girls before we headed out.

Rach’s dress is vintage; she has no idea where its from. Her sexy lace high heels however are Next. She could hardly walk in them but hey thats just little details!

phRACHoto 4-12

Jo’s beautiful flowery number is by Oasis from ASOS.


Im surprisingly still stood up after serious lack of sleep over the last few nights … I’m wearing Missguided. Never too tired for a ‘toilet selfie!’








We drank far, far too much.

I’m happy to advise that we danced – like ours lives depended on it … Followed by an eventful walk home.


photo 1-29

photo 5-27

The streets were deserted, apart from us.

It had been raining leaving the air still and smelling gloriously fresh.

The buildings were lit up magnifying their splendour and beauty.

Mr Valencia was looking rather dashing….

Then there were us 5 stumbling home. Disturbing the peace with our laughter as we played the ‘1,2,3,4 and on 5 turn and pose game

Come on let’s be honest who wants to grow up…?

Until next time, Tracey x

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