L I F E • lest we forget

I  D R E A M T • about mum last night. Strange dreams that made no sense, but we were together and happy . I’ve Just woken up to that horrible realisation that it was just that – a dream –  and she is still dead. This happens a lot , wishful thinking that I welcome but that also unsettle me.

I can imagine that today I will be more emotional than usual. My BF likes to make sense of things and has whittled it down to a combination of the booster jab, flu jab [ which I had Friday ] my iron tablets and HRT, bless him. He reckons combined it’s sent my already over active imagination into overdrive? I don’t think everything has to make sense and put it down to just missing my Mum, which was heightened with today being Remembrance Day. Before bed last night I got thinking about her Dad; one of my favourite people ever – my Grandad Clarke. 

It is so important that we do remember; that we keep our loved ones alive by talking about them. By sharing their stories; EVERY day but today especially. As you know I talk about my mum a lot, but today I’m going to talk about my Grandad.  

My Grandad died at home surrounded by his family when I was only 9 years old. To me he was just my beloved Grandad Clarke ,who smoked a pipe, always wore a shirt and tie and had the kindest eyes I ever did see. I only learnt about his military service as I grew older and discovered his collection of photographs. Through conversations with my mum and dad I learnt that my Grandad had spent the majority of his life serving his country as a solider in the British Army. 

Grandad Clarke was in fact ‘Lieutenant [Quarter Master] Edwin Clarke Corps of the Royal Engineers. A crack shot and keen photographer. I’m sharing some of his photos today …

Wear your poppy with pride, keep talking, keep sharing …in a world where filters, followers and likes takes precedence  over most sane things it’s the reality check we sometimes need to realise what’s important and what’s not. It is SO important that we don’t forget the sacrifice young men and women made in order that we get to live the life we do today.

Lest we forget x

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