S E V I L L E • the wander to Macarena

We woke up on the Friday of our stay and decided to venture to Macarena for the morning.

Macarena is one of the 11 districts that makes up Seville, and it’s the place where Spanish Parliament resides in the 16th century Hospital de Las Cinco Llagos. We were drawn by the promise of Baroque architecture, convents [ I have this weird fascination with nuns ] and more churches. According to our map it wasn’t that far away ; a 20 minute walk from where we were staying.

The first photo  – though nothing grand – sums up Seville. Beautiful architecture,  a bar, a coffee shop , colourful houses, lots of character. Church upon church scattered in amongst it all … all within eyes view.

It was a lovely wander in the opposite direction to that of Seville Cathedral. Walking away from the more touristy spots . Ironically speaking as a tourist – I don’t like tourists! I prefer to be off the beaten track amongst the locals.

We mouched down narrow, colourful, cobbled streets that opened up into quaint little squares. Taking in our surroundings and dodging the odd car, or two. I got on everyone’s nerves singing ” Hey Macarena

We drank strong 1€ coffee with the locals; a beautiful church as our backdrop.

While some of us munched on toast with tomatoes drizzled in oil, the rest of us ventured inside and lit candles for loved ones no longer with us – in my case my mum and Mrs O Malley, Leighs mum.

The church looked nothing grand from the outside but when we ventured inside – WOW –  absolutely stunning.

Before we knew it we arrived at the gate of Macarena.

But as we had taken so long to get there it was time to head back home. It was getting decidly hot and we had a boat trip lined up for the afternoon. Its an excuse to go back one day and discover the covent.

Don’t they say it’s not always the destination but the adventure and excitement of finding it that’s the fun part. . .

I have to agree.

Tracey x

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