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Y O U K N O W • when I hear “New Year, New You ” my eyes roll ; I don’t know whether to gip up, or punch the perpetrator in the face. NOT that I would ever be that person – be that violent .The last person I punched was Darren Scrachard in Drama class. I was 14. I also threw a chair at him. I had temper issues.

Anyway I’m digressing. For months now we have been actively encouraged to go big [for Christmas] or go home – buy/eat /inhale all the indulgent food & drink #after-the-year-we-have-had-we-bloody-deserve-it !

JUST a few days later we are then made to feel guilt because we overindulged; the powers that be want us to buy into a healthier lifestyle. Ditch the pie, pastries,alcohol ;workout like a woman possessed [ in Sweaty Betty of course darlings which you remortgaged the house for ] God forbid we might have actually enjoyed ourselves & put on a few extra pounds during Christmas!

Nah it’s all bollocks

It’s the same every year.You can bet by mid January there are Easter Eggs on the shelves sat alongside fitness videos filmed by some ‘Z Lister’ [ got a new baby / habit / horse to feed.] You want to rock that beach body, right? You eat the eggs = you need to exercise those bad boys off. Playing on those insecurities.

Listen,you don’t need Jan1st to make changes to your life.Yes the new year is seen as a good time to rethink stuff BUT be frivolous & do it on say the 14th March.There are no hard or fast rules.Eat Easter eggs like your life depended on it because without sounding like an insta cliche “everybody is a beach body”

You don’t need to make any changes,unless YOU want to.You don’t need to make New Year resolutions, unless YOU want to. It’s all about choice. Don’t feel guilt tripped into doing anything you don’t want; especially resolutions you know you’ll break within 3 days & then beat yourself up about.

The only thing I’m promising

At midnight tonight I will be drinking a glass of fizz with some fabulous friends. I intend to see the new year in rat arsed, dancing like my dad, telling everyone that I love them. Lateral Flow testing negative of course

Happy New Year you Crazy Bunch.
See you in 20-fecking-22…

Tracey x

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