L I F E • I’m dreaming of …

• A White Christmas

• Making spontaneous plans that don’t require reservations, deposits and allocated time slots.

• Watching a beautiful sunset somewhere other than my back garden in Sheffield.

• Dancing in hot sweaty pubs. Skin touching strangers’ skin without a care in the world. NOT having to reach for the antibacterial spray or run to the door to breath fresh ‘safe’ air every time somebody looks your way…

• Hugging random people who aren’t my family, group of 6, or whatever the rules are on any god given day.

• Wearing red lipstick safe in the knowledge that it will not be smudged all over my face and I resemble the chuffing ‘Joker’ whenever I take my mask off.

• Bradley Cooper ❤️

• James Bond ‘No Time to Die’ had a different ending. Still can’t believe they did THAT !!

• A comb for Boris – somebody please brush that fecking hair ! If I’d turned up to work like a dishevelled mess I’d have been told to go home and sort myself out.

• Booking a long overdue holiday and not feeling anxious it will get cancelled or that I can’t go because I have tested positive for Covid and had to isolate etc etc

• Carefree Living that doesn’t involve having to overthink absolutely everything.

• That tomorrow the diet plans, rediscover your body shite and Easter eggs didn’t start getting advertised!

• That you all have a Truly Wonderful Christmas with your friends and family ❤️

Merry Christmas!

It’s been one weird ride this year. More stopping than starting, with a lot of stalling. BUT hopefully in the New Year we will see things pick up a gear; start to run smoother. A glimpse of our old life maybe?

Saying that who really knows ? I said similar at the end of 2020 and look where we are. We can but hope.

We can dream …
Tracey x x

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