M U S I N G S • Life is like a box of chocolates

Like is like a box of chocolates – sometimes it’s a chocolate truffle [yum] and other times a piece of liquorice [yuck]

Saying goodbye to my mum was THE hardest thing I’ve EVER had to do.

Leaving my husband after 7 years was the worst thing I’ve ever had to do to somebody else .

Having an MRI scan was one of the scariest procedures I’ve ever had, mainly because I didn’t know what they would discover.

Passing my driving test for the first time when everyone thought I’d fail was one of my proudest moments.

Being promoted from Receptionist to Office Manager was another big, proud moment. Not calling out my sexist pig of a boss who offered to pay me for sex is one of my biggest regrets. I obviously said NO and he went on to make me conveniently redundant a few months later. Sending him an email telling him exactly what I thought about him and his antics and copying into various members of his staff AFTER I’d received my redundancy money [ thankyou ] was one of the most satisfying moments of my life.

Life is to coin ‘lovely Ronan’ a roller coaster . It’s up and down, up and down … it’s about riding the rough with the smooth. It’s about taking everything you’ve experienced , taking every hand you’ve been dealt, everything you have learnt and using these to navigate through your best life.

I’ve packed a lot into my 50 years.

Would I change anything?

Hell yes !

Hindsight is a great thing. I would have most definitely kissed less frogs because most of them didn’t turn into Princes; they remained slimy disappointing frogs.

I would have asked Richard Bennet with his blonde floppy fringe and his red suede shoes to dance at the school disco.

I’d have taken the design practice receptionist job in London and said yes to more things that scared me.

BUT I don’t believe in beating yourself up over the things you can’t change. It’s not ‘Back to the Future’ ; we can’t jump in our time machine and travel back to make things better. You just have to make sure you – do it next time / don’t do it again / you do it better next time. [ Insert as necessary] I am a firm believer in what’s meant for you won’t pass you by…

Bradley Cooper…did someone say Bradley Cooper.😁 … a girl can dream too.

Have a lovely weekend

Tracey x

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