B E A U T Y – Byonik Facial. Gifted Experience

Yesterday morning as it blew a gale outside and poured down with rain I made my way across Sheffield to visit Rebecca Elsdon Advanced Skincare. The prospect of a skin consultation and a treatment called Byonik Cellular Treatment cheering me on.

Weather god’s please note ;I enjoy sunny crisp Autumn days. I do not enjoy soak you to the bones , turn Tracey’s hair to frizz Autumn days.

The traffic was horrendous. Ecclesall Road especially ; it was like a bun fight. I think drivers in general are in a rage about petrol, or lack of. There were a lot of maniacs out. I’m surprised I arrived in one piece, but I did and just in the nick of time.

After a quick chat I was put under the Observe camera ; this looked at and assessed my skin under different light. It showed in detail any sun damage, areas of congestion and texture. Sun damage was not too bad to say I used to slather myself in oil and then fry as a teenager . I don’t think SPF existed back then! Congestion was as I expected – around my nose and cheeks . Texture is something I definitely need to work on. It is very interesting especially with my skin in its current condition – breakouts and areas of redness – very informative.

It was then time for the Byonik.

Byonik is like no other rejuvenating treatment on the market today. It is the worlds first pulse triggered laser facial that repairs the skin on a cellular level, takes down inflammation and intensively hydrates. There is no skin wounding or down time; it delivers results using its patented system.

It might blow your mind just like it did mine but each and every skin cell is ‘powered up’ maximising the skins rejuvenation capability. Skin cells are activated, collagen and elastin production stimulated and Hyaluronic acid is infused deep into the skin, making it feel hydrated and plump.

As well as its anti-ageing benefits the Byonik is great for all skin conditions, especially inflammatory skin issues such as rosacea and acne.

Photo taken from Rebecca Elsdon

I found the treatment extremely relaxing .

Serums are applied using brushes which feel amazing as they are worked around the skin. A mask is put over the eyes to shield from the lazers, which are then moved around but do not actually touch the skin. There are 3 rounds of Lazer. The skin felt ever so slightly warm in a pleasant way. I was so relaxed I swear I snorted at one point !

Photos were taken before treatment and after treatment and the difference was evident , if only slightly. My skin looked more plump especially around the eyes filling out any fine lines. My skin in general despite the stubborn spots felt amazing and looked brighter

Today my skin still feels brighter. My spots do not seem as red and prominent .The BF says I have what resembles ‘a glow’. Praise indeed, I could shave my head and I swear he wouldn’t notice.

I enjoyed the experience so much I’ve booked in for another treatment in a few weeks time.

I can thoroughly recommend a visit to Rebecca Elsdon Advanced Skincare if you live in or around Sheffield but do NOT fear if you do not. She also offers an online consultation service that can be undertaken anywhere . A skincare plan is especially compiled for you which includes regular follow ups and support.

She has clients is areas as far reaching as Scotland and Cornwall! The initial cost is just £40.00. You will receive a full write up and plan.

For more information on treatments, costs and how to book please click // HERE or pop across to Rebecca Elsdon Advanced Skincare on Instagram.

Thankyou for having me, the sun was even shining as I left.

Tracey x

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