M U S I N G S • escaping Sheffield for the Spa

Tomorrow I am being set free. For the first time in what seems forever I am sleeping in a bed … and it’s not bloody mine ! 

Sunday is Spa day with my closest  friends to celebrate Rachs 50th birthday. I CANNOT  wait. A non-event 50th of my own in December [ due to being on FULL lockdown] a cancelled trip to Lisbon combined with a rather dull last few months has me slathering at the mouth , like a rabid dog, for a dose of normality, a change of scenery and some much needed fun!

I have false tanned my legs in preparation …for some reason just my legs?

While they look good; a surprisingly even colour for once , I can’t help but think I maybe should have tanned the rest of my body too! I’m not sure what I was thinking , or rather what I wasn’t! 

I have managed to bag myself a swimming costume that I feel ok wearing. It’s a TK Maxx special that I stumbled upon totally unintentionally while looking for MORE makeup and big pants.

I’ve always been more on par with Bridget Jones over say the likes of Kim Kardashian when it comes to my knickers . I can imagine KK wears a tiny, tiny thong that sits perfectly in her perfect crack ! Thongs are the work of the devil. I believe my thong days are well and truly over, its comfort all the way and therefore big pants these days.

So back to the costume. I have quite a long body and have found in the past costumes that either cut me in half, rode up my arse or made me hunch as the straps weren’t long enough, dug into my shoulders and would drag me downwards! This costume thankfully does none of these things which I’m rather chuffed about. It’s got a pattern my nan would probably be at home wearing but I can just about live with it. I think my brown legs, white body will distract from it ! 

We are off to stay at The Olde Bell Spa & Hotel in Retford which is only 40 minutes from Sheffield .

I’m just giggling as I recall one of the last times I frequented a spa. As we drove into the grounds we stopped to watch 2 cows have a fight. I was fascinated as I’d never seen cows fight before … Funny the things you remember isn’t it ?

We’ve never visited this particular spa before but it looks amazing and apart from it’s gorgeous surroundings they have Spa Butlers !

These guys keep the spa area clean and tidy but also take your drinks orders which they bring out to you while you chill on your sun loungers. Not that there’s much sun forecast to chill under! Typically the weather is supposedly going to be shite [ hello May !! ] BUT I’m with my friends and there’s never a dull moment when I’m with them.  Who needs sunshine anyway?! [ Me, me …I do ]

I don’t have a treatment booked. That wasn’t intentional. I was a slack arse and  didn’t book quick enough. It’s typically now fully booked. I will  however be perfectly  happy slipping in and out of the heated pool or detoxing my pores in one of the various steam rooms . Drinking cocktails and putting the world to rights. To be honest I will just be happy to not be here . These 4 walls are slowly driving me insane. 

Life is starting to ease back to some kind of  normality and my white body, brown  legs and I are totally here for it.  

Catch you soon,  

Tracey x

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